Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
You get to spend time all together with your family.
Without the stress of presents.
I think too many people focus on presents, and not enough on the joys of the others presence.
Did you see what I did there?
Yeah, I'm crafty like that.

I had a nice long vacation away from work for this holiday. It started around 2:30 PM Wednesday and didn't end until Monday around 6:30 AM. Technically.

After work on Wednesday, I had a killer long "to-do" list. It consisted of VERY important tasks such as tanning, painting my nails, deep moisturizing my hair, facebooking, working out, plucking my eyebrows, avoiding packing at all costs, etc. Then I had to move onto the less important taks. Such as: actually pack (You know, 8 outfits for 4 days, plus "loungewear", plus pajamas, plus five pairs of shoes, plus pretty much my entire wardrobe...I'm obviously not a light packer). I had to run buy the food so I could cook. Then I had to do the actual cooking. Tough cooking too! Cranberry salad and pumpkin pie flavored chex mix. I mean, jeez, could I have picked a bigger challenge?

Nathan's mom sent me the recipe for the cranberry salad. It's his favorite Thanksgiving day food. She emailed it, and I kid you not she wrote: "Serving Size: 1/8 cup, unless you are Nathan. Nathan's serving is 1/2 cup." I almost died laughing. He has his own serving size? What a weirdo. Then Nathan emailed me back "Joella, if you mess this up, you will ruin my  Thanksgiving. Good luck!". Jerk! Let the records show though that I did a pretty good job! Minus the "slicing" of the dried apricots part. I can't even describe to you what I did. It was pretty bad.

I like how I can pretty much make cranberry salad, but I somehow manage to burn chex mix. Literally burn. We are talking crispy black and smoky pieces. I didn't even do it the fancy way in the oven. Nope. Microwaved it. I used my Cornell degree and picked out all the burnt pieces. Clever, eh? Yeah I thought so. Nobody will ever know. Until now.

Since Nathan worked overnight that night, we left super early Thursday morning. Most people would probably still consider it night time really.  I didn't mind. I was just oh so excited to go home! I was expecting Nate to sleep the entire way to the boondocks, which  I sometimes refer to as my hometown, but  nope he stayed awake pretty  and kept me company singing our favorite Eric Church songs the whole way home! All you gotta do is put a drink in my hand!!  I was impressed, too much energy for how many hours he had been awake. Which was going on 26 hours by that point in time.

When we finally got to my hometown we did my favorite Thanksgiving day tradition! SEX!  Haha, just kidding. PG blog here, folks. We watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.  Correction: I watched it. He slept. Around noon my aunt called and asked where I was! They wanted to eat! Psh...We needed to hurry up and get there so we could eat!

Waking Nathan up is never a fun task. It takes like 15 minutes. It's probably the most frustrating thing about him. I get so annoyed because my alarm goes off and I'm that freak everybody hates who just pops out of bed and is instantly energized. Now imagine the exact opposite of that. The guy who lays in bed for an hour before being coherent enough to roll out of bed and slump into the shower. That's Nathan. On a good day.

Anyway, finally after what felt like 100 years, we headed over to my grandmothers house. We ate too much. Turkey. Mashed potatoes. Sweet potato casserole! Green bean casserole! Apple Nachos! (google them, delicious!) Stuffing. Cranberries. And after spending the day talking with my family and playing with my little cousin Mason, who is about a year and a half now; such a fun age, Nathan and I went to my Dad's house. We were loaded down with booze. Fancy expensive beer and cheap Hawkeye Vodka. Good combo, I know. But Dad and Nathan had big plans to drink together. Again. Nothing good came out of this the first time. But that was the agenda. Luckily for me they both agreed sleep was better. Although I was disappointed I missed out on my Blood Marys. I even brought pickles over.

Friday we got up early and made the journey to his parents house. And repeated the cycle. I had a good time because I got to meet a bunch of his family I hadn't met before. At the end of the night Nathan, his sister, and I went into the basement and watched my favorite movie, Elf. I learned that his sister has an unnatural addiction to the Christmas movie How The Grinch Stole Christmas that is eerily similar to my Elf addiction. She said she also watches it all year round. Haha. See, I'm not the only one!

Saturday morning I woke up and Nathan's mom was telling me about this place in town that had just opened up. It's a place where new businesses can rent out slots until they get enough money to buy their own shop. She said it's like a market. That there were fresh meats and fresh cheese stands. Mexican breakfast burrito stands. Smoothie stands. Homemade ice cream stands. Floral shops. All kinds of cool stuff like that! I told her it sounded like a good idea, and she asked if we should go wake Nathan and his sister up and go there for breakfast. Of course I said yes. And it was so cool! I got a bacon egg and cheese burrito and banana smoothie. Delicious!

That evening we went to a hockey game! And by "we" I mean my sister and her fiance, my dad and his girlfriend, Nathan and I, Nathan's parents, and Nathan's aunt and uncle. I was having a great time! Even if I was a little, ok a lot, nervous since it was a giant outing with both sides of our extended families meeting. They all got along and talked to each other the whole time.

I may not understand the rules to ice hockey, but let me tell you what. It's by far my favorite sport to watch! So here I've been watching ice hockey games for years, and here is Nathan who doesn't really watch it. Ever. And yet he somehow knows the rules. I ask him how he knows more rules than I do when I actually, you know, watch it.
"Because I'm a dude. We know this stuff. It comes natural. Never trust a man who doesn't understand sports. Remember that"
I don't think Nathan's family enjoy hockey as much as my family and I do though. His parents and aunt and uncle left after the 2nd period. They didn't miss much really, because we lost. Sad day.

Afterwards Dad, his girlfriend, my sister and her fiance, Nate and I went out to my favorite restaurant. Texas Roadhouse! I looove their green beans. And loaded sweet potato! Then we said our goodbyes and headed back to Nathan's parent's house.

Sunday morning I tried to let Nathan sleep as long as I could, so we could leave at a reasonable time for him to get back to work overnight. I wake up early. It's a curse. So I laid on the couch with his mom, it's a it's not like we were cuddling! and we watched episodes of NCIS. I like that show. Then she made Nathan wake up and fed  us cranberry french toast, scrambled eggs, toast, and sausage. She packed us up with Izze sodas for the ride home and new bedsheets for both of our beds, random. You had to be there. And we made the journey home. Without hitting a deer this time.

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