Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Nathan and I went house hunting last weekend. We toured this one ranch styled home. It had many things that I loved, and many that I didn't. The few things that were awesome though were SO awesome that it's totally worth it. Except for the fact that it is out of our price range. Daaaang. But let me share them with you.

That's a built in oven....and it's teal!
the countertop stove is also the same color!
Nathan and I really really like the neighborhood these houses are in. And we wanted to get an idea of the houses in the area. So we thought we should check this one out. In the picture it looks disgusting. I know. But in person it is so cool! How many people can say they have original retro oven and stovetops. and they are in mint condition. You can tell the elderly couple who lived here really loved their home.

I'm not much of a cook though. I'm more of a "primper". I could spend hours in the bathroom getting ready. So naturally the biggest thing to me is looking at the bathroom. This one had a beautiful black and grey tile and countertop. Then a pink sink, tub, and toilet. The pink would have to go. It's not classy. Then I found this. I saw it and literally yelled "Naaaathan!!! Come here! NOW!" He came running in like I was falling off a cliff dying. Probably thought I found something horrid. Nope I found this baby:

That's a toilet paper roll holder.
With a built in radio tuner/volume control
Genius? Awkward? Both.
Still awesome.

Lastly it had two kitchens. One upstairs and one downstairs. Downstairs we'd have to add a bar. Not just because we like our booze, but also so I can host Thanksgiving. Have to have somewhere to spread out all of those dishes! I'm pretty dead set on hosting. Nathan's even been helping me learn to cook so I'm ready! I cooked a lot of yummy foods last week. Even made myself a frozen pizza tonight, with no help. And it turned out perfect. Anyway, yes, this house had two kitchens.

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