Sunday, February 24, 2013


There's this ice cream parlor near my apartment that has tons of flavors. Probably about 20. Fun ones, like green apple, brownie batter, and lemon raspberry. The flavors get changed out every so often so new ones can come in. And yet there's this one flavor that never gets taken out. And every week I get that same flavor. Every week. You'd think with all those flavors, and new one always getting rotated in I'd branch out. But nope, I am a creature of habit. I know you are dying to know what this amaaaazing flavor is. Well, it is  Red Velvet. I guess I'm not entirely sure what makes red velvet so much better than any of the other flavors, but it is. Well, probably. I can't actually say for sure because I haven't actually tried many of the others. But then wouldn't you know it, I even found Red Velvet poptarts? Yeup. I had to buy them. I can't be the only one obsessed with red velvet.

Do you ever get really excited for something, and your anticipation gets all built up, and then you go and are let down? Well, Nathan and I went and saw the movie Identity Thief. I was so excited to see it! The previews made it look so hilarious! I had been wanting to see it way before it was even released to theatres. Then we went and saw it on Friday, and  I think I really only laughed like once during the whole movie. I was a little disappointed! I really wanted to have a movie that rivaled Pitch Perfect!  Nathan on the other hand really liked it. He also liked Ted though, and well, I was far from liking that one. So maybe it was like prom. You know, like you expect sooo much from it, and then once it's over you realize the best part was the actual getting ready for it?

My little sister had her 21st birthday last week. Um, what? She can legally buy booze? Damn. How did that happen?  That makes me feel old. That means I've been legally buying booze for four years. Wow. I am old. Gross. Good thing I've been using anti wrinkle cream. I better still be lookin' young when my sister is this age!

Lately I've been wanting to get a manicure. So bad. I think I've only had two in my whole life. Once with my friends Cory and Erika in high school, and once for my senior prom. This time I'd want shellac. In a coral-y color. Or maybe mint. Or a cool ombre effect. Ok, I don't actually know what I'd choose, let's be honest. But I've been told shellac is bad for your real nail, which is exactly what I don't need considering my real nails are weak and peeling. Seriously, I can peel the top layer off of my nail. What does that even mean? I don't know, but my aunt tells me I need to eat more jello to fix it. Anyway, back to shellac, it sure would be nice to have pretty painted nails for two weeks without having to worry about it.

Last weekend Nathan and I went out Friday night. We went dancing and he even found $60 dollars! Just laying in the middle of the floor, where nobody was around. It was like it was a present waiting there for us. But we better have had good luck at that bar, because when we were walking in, we saw a bunch of police and an ambulance.  We didn't really think much of it, because we were too busy celebrating our anniversary. (My bartender friend even gave us 4 free shots!) Back to all the action, so the next day we woke up to a text from one of Nate's friends who is an EMT. He wrote  "You should probably pick somewhere safer to go from now on, you know,  like somewhere you two won't get stabbed." Ohhh, so that's what was going on. Awesome. I know, I know, happenings like that in a city aren't really uncommon. But I'm a small town girl where stuff like that makes front page new and is the town gossip for the next two years.

Last Saturday, we went shopping. The thing about us though is that neither of us have any patience. Pretty much none. It's a toss up as to who has less of it.  It was a busy day for the city, as there was an event going on bringing lots of extra people in. So when we were shopping, and we found something we wanted to buy and went to the line...nope. Not happening. That line was ridiculously long. Like, wal-mart long. So we put our stuff down and instead we went out to a mexican restaurant, and had free lunch. Why free? Well, duh, Nathan found $60 dollars the night before!

That night we met up with Nathans friends, another couple. I love going out with that couple because they are just hilarious together. I need more girlfriends in this city. I'm hoping to make her one of them! I'm sure I'd have plenty of hilarious stories on here if I hung out with her more often. I did invite her to get manicures with me! So that's something.

This weekend, was the opposite of last weekend. Last weekend Nathan and I did pretty much everything, and were busy all weekend long. This weekend we did nothing. Literally nothing except see that movie and on Saturday we went and had lunch with my friend who moved away to Kentucky. (This is the same girl who got us a speeding ticket on a road trip, the same girl who was teaching me to cook, the same girl and lead me into the men's bathroom at a gay bar, and the same girl who I went baby supply shopping with) I was so glad to see her, I've missed her so much! I had almost forgotten how hilarious she was! She had a baby girl a few months ago so I got to play and hold her lil girl. I may be biased as she is my friend and all, but her little girl is absolutely adorable!

 But other than those two things, we did nothing. We slept, a lot. An embarrassing amount.  Have you ever noticed that sleeping all day makes you more tired? Because now it's Sunday and I'm just exhausted. From what!! NOTHING!

This was probably the most poorly written, disorganized blog entry I've ever written. My bad.

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