Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chelsea Vs. Finn

Poor Natey was so sick this weekend, we did a bunch of nothing. I even arranged for a bunch of people to meet us at the country bar. Which they did! But then we had to leave because he got sick. The man was literally awake for probably 14 hours total between Friday afternoon and this evening before he went to work. Poor guy.

I dropped my phone in the toilet. I'd like to admit that it happened because I was white girl wasted. That however would be a lie. I'm just bad luck. I did learn my lesson though, DONT keep your phone in your back pocket. Did you write that down?

I'm getting really impatient waiting for this new dog of mine to come into my life. I've decided to pull back the reigns a little bit. Nathan doesn't seem too thrilled about a chocolate lab. My lil miss Chelsea Mae. Sooo I guess I could also go with a Red Merle Australian Shepard puppy. A male. Name him Finn. That's as far as my compromise goes.


Or Finn?


Or Chelsea??
Ok, ok. I'll get Chelsea. Nathan can get Finn. Good thinkin'!

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