Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I didn't take many pictures of all the painting activities Nick, Lilly, and I had on our new apartment. But I thought I'd share a few.

The living room color, "Asparagus".

Taping up the lines for my room.


Other view of my room. (Note: I think closet doors are annoying, hence the shower curtain as a closet door.)


  1. You are too effing adorable! Adding you to my Friday Faves, yo :)
    xx, Kait

  2. You're room is sooooooo cute Ellie!! Nick's will be awesome once it's done too. I'm super excited for everything to be done!!
    <3 Lilly

  3. Kait, that's going to be such an honor! Now I'll have to make sure my blog is good since more people will probably read it. OH THE PRESSURE!

    and Lil, your room is wayyy adorable too. I'm glad we are roomies. :)