Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The House That Came With A Dog.

Our house came with an adopted dog. The family that lived there before us cannot get him to move! They tried, and he wants nothing to do with it. They own all the farm land around our house and they are out in their fields and with their livestock all the time, so it's not as if the dog was abandoned by them. They still feed him and see him and play with him. He's just so used to them living in this house though, that he comes over practically everyday. Unless there is rain. Ain't nobody got time for that!
He's slowly turning into my lil buddy. Ok, not so lil. And ok ok, not so slowly. It was love at first sight. We grilled out twice last weekend. Guess who has us both wrapped around his paw so much that he got his own burger each time? Yeup, we will be THOSE people.  Meet Hauss.

PS. Notice how he likes to put up his left paw when he sits. What a nerd. A cute one, but a nerd. Aw, love him already!

Petting each other. Presh!

I think he loves me too.

Home Is Where Your Heart Is.

Beau. well, I think it's safe to say he will be around awhile, so I guess I can start referring him to his real name, which is Jake. Or Jacob. Or Tex. Whatever I feel like at that exact moment in time. So, why am I so convinced he will be around? Well, we got a house together. And let me tell you what, having a house is a lot of work! BUT! I am not complaining.

It's a big ole farm house, out on a gravel road with grain elevators right in our front yard. And this ain't no petite lil cottage. Oh no! On the main floor we have the normal rooms. The kitchen and dining room, the bathroom, and the living room, as well as the guest bedroom and a second living room. Right now we plan on using this second living room as Jake's painting room. I mean, the guy can draw. Like, amazing he's sold his work for lots-o-moolah good.

Upstairs we have Jake and I's bedroom as well as another little living room, which we are turning into my little cozy reading room. It's the smallest out of all the living rooms in this house, which you will soon learn, there are a lot of those.

In our (finished) basement we have our second bathroom, two store rooms, and two more GIGANTIC living rooms. One we are going to use as another living room (or "man cave" Jake says) and hopefully put a bar and a TV down there for when football season arrives. Then the other living room is going to be Jake's at home gym since the man spends hours there a day.

So yeah, I'd say it's a pretty nice sized house. It's big enough that the people that lived there before us had five children living in. So there were 7 of them.

I'm going to put up pictures of our house, but right now we have been spending most of our time getting it ready before we move in. Cleaning, painting, adding new trim, changing the ceiling tiles, etc.  I wish I would have taken more before and after pictures so I could share the transformation. However, even though we have been working on it for so long, we still have a lot to do. So I have plenty of rooms left to take before pictures of. Don't you worry!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tony Lama

The past few weekends in a row, I've gone to my hometown. This past weekend, as much as I wanted to go home, I knew Mom wouldn't want me there because she had just started her chemo. She wasn't sure how she'd be feeling and didn't want us around if she was going to be sick, which she did end up being.

 Meanwhile, Beau had mentioned he had never been to Minnesota. Beau, being the southern gentleman he is, said since I wouldn't be going home again this weekend he didn't want me sitting at home worrying about my mother. That we needed to go out and do something. So...we went to Minneapolis. The mini roadtrip was exactly what the doctor ordered. It was one of the best weekends I'd had in awhile. Seriously, that man is easily my new best friend. In a completely different realm than lil Miss Nathlie! Just to put that out there!

We walked around downtown. Everywhere. All day. We wore our cowboy boots. Did I ever even mention I finally got some? Yeup, sure did. Cutest boots ever. We went to the Toby Keith bar. We went to the Mall of America. We accidentally got lost, a lot. We drove the wrong way down a one way street. We got stuck in an elevator. We accidentally paid for a free breakfast. We got hit by a snowball by a truck in front of us on the way there. We finger painted at a modern art museum. I warded off predators with a Chris Brown CD. We talked so much we forgot there was a world around us. We, ok...I, drank a lot of weeds and waters at the bar.  And sometimes we just needed a McChicken. He learned what muskmelon is, and that his mother also knew. Silly Texan.

Yellow Stitching. Pretty toe. Love!

We decided we were going to make my mom a care package and go visit her sometime. I can't tell you what all is in this care package, because she reads this. But it's going to be a good one. And part of it is going to be hilarious.

Seriously, between Nathalie and Beau, I have the two best friends. So happy and lucky to have them. Not to mention, the best family a girl could ask for. I'm just amazed by how lucky I am to have such great people in my life. 

Gone Gone Gone

I haven't written on here in awhile. And man has my life changed since the last time I wrote. It's funny how one doctor appointment can change your life. I guess I can just start from the beginning. Let me start off by saying, this is REALLY hard for me to write, but since I like to consider this an online diary...i'm going to put it all out here.

I've been having a rough time making friends out in this city. I had a ton of friends out here when I first got here. But slowly, they've all moved away. To the point where all I had left was Nathan and Nathalie. Nathan and I started having problems. Nathan is independent. VERY independent. And there's nothing wrong with that. I, however, am not. I'm not "not-independent" in that I can't do things on my own, I just really like to do things together. Nathan was on a completely different lifestyle than I was. I wake up early, go to bed early. He worked overnights. It was work trying to make time for each other. Except for Friday nights and Saturdays. But even then, it was hard to do something just him and I. I felt like we were slipping apart. The distance of never getting the chance to do things with just him, my life was going by and he wasn't really in it anymore. It was difficult.

Then I decided I needed to make more friends with people from work. I"m the only girl at my job, but I honestly didn't think much of it. I've always had friends who were male and thought nothing of it. I started hanging out with some of the guys from work. One in particular and I quickly clicked and became best friends. In fact, I've talked about him even on here. He's the one I was talking about accents with, the Southern boy. We talked about everything. All day long. We both wake up obnoxiously early to go to work, and would start talking first thing in the morning. Never anything big, just "I hate Mondays, why isn't it Friday yet". But nonetheless, we'd be talking from 7 AM until we fell asleep. When I started feeling like Nathan was slipping away from me, I called him crying. He probably saved our relationship for a few weeks. Explaining to me that relationships were hard, but if I thought he was worth it, I had to keep working on it. So I did.

Then, cancer. It's not really something you ever think about until you get that phone call. At least I know I didn't. And in that moment, things changed. I'm an emotional person, and I took the news pretty hard. I mean someone in my immediate family was going to have to start chemo. That's not something that was easy to say outloud. I was a wreck. On top of that I learned some other news that I took pretty hard as well. It was just a big sloppy mess, that all hit me like a freight train in the night.

It literally hit me all on the same day. The day before Nate was to leave for a bachelor party. Since he was going to be gone in Vegas, I had planned a weekend with my two friends that I do have here, including the boy from work. So, basically Nathalie and "Beau". One of the news that day dealt with Nathalie, so she wouldn't be around to help support me through my rough time. Which, I completely understood. That left Beau. Beau also had something come up, which was fine. I was going to be home alone while in a completely wrecked state of mind. I begged Nathan to stay. To take me home to see my family, to just be with me. I needed him. He told me that he had everything paid for, it was a once in a lifetime oppourtunity, and that whether or not he got on that plane wouldn't change what happened with my family member having cancer. He wasn't going to put his life on hold for me when it wasn't going to make a difference. I begged him once again to stay. He told me I needed to stop being dramatic. I told him if he got on that plane, I couldn't guarantee he'd have a girlfriend when he came home. He looked at me and told me "I'll calm down eventually", he got on that plane, and he flew away, leaving me home alone like a wreck.

Meanwhile, Beau, knowing I'd be upset checked in on me at work every few hours, making sure I was ok. He checked the weather forecast for me in my hometown and helped me decide I could drive myself home and be back by a certain day before the expected snow storm hit. He even planned out what time I should leave my town in order to make it back without dealing with any snow. He promised to be at my apartment by the time I got home so that I wouldn't have to be back home alone. And he did.

I went home and visited my family. I spent an amazing time with them. We got manicures, went shopping, watched movies, and just talked. It was probably one of the best weekends I have had. It made me realize how much I love my family and how much you can take someone for granted. I just started thinking of all these things I want to do with my mom and dad and my sister. I started thinking of that book, with the two sisters and one had cancer. And everybody paid attention to the sister with the cancer, not knowing what was going to happen to her. She ended up being fine and living a happy life, but the sister who was never sick, ended up dying in a car accident. And it just had me thinking how easy it is to just take everybody for granted.

So anyway, I was driving back home from Southern Iowa, I left the time Beau told me to leave without hitting any snow, and a song came on the radio. Gone, Gone, Gone.

When life leaves you high and dry  
I'll be at your door tonight 
if you need help, if you need help  
I'll shut down the city lights, 
I'll lie, cheat, I'll beg and bribe to make you well, to make you well  
When enemies are at your door 
I'll carry you way from more 
If you need help, if you need help 
Your hope dangling by a string 
Ill share in your suffering to make you well, to make you well
Give me reasons to believe that you would do the same for me
And I would do it for you, for you

That's when it hit me. This song wasn't about Nathan and I. At all. I felt as though I was abandoned by the one person who I should have been able to lean on for support. And instead I was leaning on my best friend, Beau. The song was about Beau and I. I realized, here is this guy standing right in front of me for the past months, months, and I hadn't noticed how he had always been there for me, no matter the situation. I called my Mom, telling her I think I had somehow fallen for a guy and hadn't even known it. I didn't know what to do.

When I got back to my apartment, there he was. With margaritas, my favorite. He comes up to me and says "there's something I have to tell you...that thing I told you came up? I lied. Nothing came up. I just knew if I didn't tell you that I was doing something, you'd never go home to see your mom, and I knew you really needed to go." He did that, and I was pushed over the edge. It's horrible for me to admit this, and I feel so guilty, I do. But I was gone. Beau however, didn't know anything had changed with how I felt with him. He just acted like normal ole Beau, being my new best friend with his southern accent.

Nathan came home the next day and I picked him up at the airport. Instead of checking in on how I was doing after leaving me home alone in a wrecked state alone (he had no idea everything I had done over the weekend) his first words were "I'm hungry, can we stop for food?". I told him it was way past my bedtime, which it was for how early I wake up. He said "fine, whatever. Why are you being like this? Are you still mad because I left?" I told him that I was, and that I would probably be mad for awhile. He told me I was just being ridiculous. That's when I knew things could never go back. We broke up two days later. 

To be honest, I was so exhausted emotionally already that I was upset about my decision to end things with him for about....three hours. Maybe five. Naturally the first person I called right after I did it was Beau. He told me he was sorry for what had happend with me and him, then sent me a picture of a lab puppy and told me "maybe chelsea could cheer me up". 
That's the mess that is my life.  It's not exactly a story I'm proud to tell by any means. And it's not like I was out there looking for somebody. To be honest, that fact that I fell for a guy who was my best friend came as a complete surprise. Listening to that gone gone gone song, I seriously said to myself, outloud alone in my car..."oh my God, it's Beau".

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What's Wrong With People These Days?

I like how I went and watched a comedy movie about a guy who goes after the woman who steals his credit card information and spends all his money....and then the same thing happened to me.
Except I didn't go after the douche.
Except I got my money back.
Except this dude and I aren't going to be bffs now.
In other words, some asshole had the nerve to use my debit card information to, I assume get his car fixed, since it was ran for pretty much everything in my account at an auto body shop. Good job bank for catching that! Thank you!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chelsea Vs. Finn

Poor Natey was so sick this weekend, we did a bunch of nothing. I even arranged for a bunch of people to meet us at the country bar. Which they did! But then we had to leave because he got sick. The man was literally awake for probably 14 hours total between Friday afternoon and this evening before he went to work. Poor guy.

I dropped my phone in the toilet. I'd like to admit that it happened because I was white girl wasted. That however would be a lie. I'm just bad luck. I did learn my lesson though, DONT keep your phone in your back pocket. Did you write that down?

I'm getting really impatient waiting for this new dog of mine to come into my life. I've decided to pull back the reigns a little bit. Nathan doesn't seem too thrilled about a chocolate lab. My lil miss Chelsea Mae. Sooo I guess I could also go with a Red Merle Australian Shepard puppy. A male. Name him Finn. That's as far as my compromise goes.


Or Finn?


Or Chelsea??
Ok, ok. I'll get Chelsea. Nathan can get Finn. Good thinkin'!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

What Jersey Shore And Jillian Michaels Have In Common.

I just want to make one thing clear. I do not like the show Jersey Shore. I can honestly say I've probably watched less than 10 episodes, and I just didn't understand the fuss. But even though I don't watch it, it's still easy to pick up on the stuff they do. Like fist pump. Or wear the shirt under the shirt. Orrr GTL. Gym. Tan. Laundry.

Stop right there! I agree with them.GTL'ing is pretty much awesome. I mean, let's be honest, who doesn't feel awesome after tanning, working out, and putting on clean, fresh smelling clothes? Pshh, I know I do! I'm pretty sure it's practically impossible to not feel like a million bucks.

Know who else I don't like, but think they have amazing ideas? Jillian Michaels. I'm not her biggest fan on the show The Biggest Loser (I've also watched only a handful of that show too) but daaaamn, the results she gets? Amazing. Don't even get me started on the 30 day shred. Or for that matter No More Trouble Zones. Ok, ok, get me started. For about a year I was running. Every day. Counting calories too. Do you want to know the changes I saw in myself? Obviously my endurance was up, I was sleeping better, felt more energized, all that good jazz. But as for looking in the mirror and being like "girl, you fiiiine" I'd be more like "what the hell?". 

So I got the 30 Day Shred. I got the No More Trouble Zones. And I got kicked in the ass. You think your endurance is high? Ha. You ain't scared of a lil 18 minute workout? Ha. I worked out 4 days a week, some weeks 5 if I was super motivated. Rotating days between the 30 day shred and No More Trouble Zones. I lost two sizes in about 2 months. It was ridiculous. I lost 20 pounds like a piece of cake. (Haha, that's funny, I didn't even mean to use the word cake while talking about losing weight, but I think I'll keep it there). I vote you do it. Bikini season is almost upon us again. And I have some cute bikinis in my dresser drawer just dying to get out!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How I Talk.

 So I have this new friend, and he's from down south. We're talking the dirty south. We have been talking a lot about accents. Tell me, are these words said the same to you?

  1. Don Vs. Dawn
  2. Cot Vs. Caught
  3. Mary Vs. Merry Vs. Marry
  4. Pin Vs. Pen
  5. Beg Vs. Bag
  6. Ant Vs. Aunt
1. Yes, I think Don and Dawn are said the same. My Dad tells me that growing up in Iowa I am missing a vowel sound. I have no idea what he means. He says these names are said differently. "Don. Dawn. Hear the difference?" Um, no, actually I don't. He can sit there and say them "differently" all day long, and yet I don't hear the difference.

2.  Ditto to #1. I say them the exact same. My dad? No. He says he says them different. I still don't get it.

3. Yep, still all the same.

4. Um, no. These actually sound very different. Although my new southern friend would disagree. Pin rhymes with in. Pen sounds like en from end.

5. This one is a tough one. I say them the same. I say "beg" for both. However, I'm in the minority. I know this because people make fun of me for it a lot. It's bag. Yes, I know. I can hear the difference. But do I say it "beg" and "bag"? No. No I do not.

6. This one is kinda tricky too. Dad used to always say "an ant is something you stomp on with your shoe" when I'd say "ANT Karen".  It is aUnt. I hear the difference. I was raised with one parent always saying "aunt" and one always saying "ant". I got so sick of my dad lecturing that now I just have my own blend. I say "I have an AUNT Karen." But I won't say "she's my AUNT". I only use the word AUNT if it come right before a name. Otherwise, it's the word ant.

I also get made fun of for how I say the words egg and Meg. I say them with the actual letter "A" in them. A-Guh. MAY-Guh. Apparently that's wrong? It's MEHg and EHg. You get what I'm trying to say here?

What about that meal at the end of the day? I call it supper. I personally don't use the word dinner. When other people use the word dinner, I assume it means what I call lunch. The meal at noon. So the other day, when Nathan's parents invited us over for dinner...I didn't understand why we weren't going over until the afternoon. I thought they wanted us to join them for lunch. Not supper. Nathan and his family call the meal at the end of the day dinner.

So I eat breakfast, then lunch/dinner, then supper
Nathan eats breakfast, then lunch, then dinner. He just makes fun of people who use the "hillbilly supper word".

Really, please tell me your thoughts on this.

Summer Lovin'

I miss summer! Especially on days like today where I just want to curl up with a hot cup of tea and watch movies. Here's all the things I want to do this summer.
  • Go Camping
  • Go Swimming
  • Ride My Bike With Nathan
  • Go Mini-Golfing. Just Once.
  • Go To An Amusement Park And/Or Water Park
  • Swim. As Much As Possible
  • Go Fishing
  • Walk Around The Lakes
  • Bonfires
  • Fall Asleep In The Bed Of Nathan's Truck While Looking At The Stars
  • Roadtrip
  • Finally Move In With Nathan (July...Here We Come!!)
  • Go To Outdoor Concerts
  • Get A Nice Golden Bronze
  • Drink Booze Out Of a Hallowed Out Watermelon
  • Highlight My Blonde Hair Blonder Than It's Been In A LONG Time 
  • Sleep With My Windows Open
  • Get A Dog (I doubt this one will happen, but a girl can dream)
Seriously, Summer, where the heck are you? I miss you, please come back!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oven Fire.

Nathan caught my oven on fire today.
I did not catch the oven on fire today.
I did however shut the oven and think it would put itself out.
Apparently that's not how you fix an oven fire?
Nathan threw flour on it.
Apparently that's how you put an oven fire out.

Actually, I just googled it, we both were right.

What started the fire was a little "pourover" from an earlier attempt at baking.
It's Nathan's fault though because he turned on the oven.
Well, he asked me to preheat the oven.
So I turned on the oven.
For my pizza.
But he did the actual putting the pizza in the oven.
And he did the actual noticing of the fire.
So, that means he started the fire, right? Not me?
No. No, that's not right, is it?
Shit, I started another oven fire.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


There's this ice cream parlor near my apartment that has tons of flavors. Probably about 20. Fun ones, like green apple, brownie batter, and lemon raspberry. The flavors get changed out every so often so new ones can come in. And yet there's this one flavor that never gets taken out. And every week I get that same flavor. Every week. You'd think with all those flavors, and new one always getting rotated in I'd branch out. But nope, I am a creature of habit. I know you are dying to know what this amaaaazing flavor is. Well, it is  Red Velvet. I guess I'm not entirely sure what makes red velvet so much better than any of the other flavors, but it is. Well, probably. I can't actually say for sure because I haven't actually tried many of the others. But then wouldn't you know it, I even found Red Velvet poptarts? Yeup. I had to buy them. I can't be the only one obsessed with red velvet.

Do you ever get really excited for something, and your anticipation gets all built up, and then you go and are let down? Well, Nathan and I went and saw the movie Identity Thief. I was so excited to see it! The previews made it look so hilarious! I had been wanting to see it way before it was even released to theatres. Then we went and saw it on Friday, and  I think I really only laughed like once during the whole movie. I was a little disappointed! I really wanted to have a movie that rivaled Pitch Perfect!  Nathan on the other hand really liked it. He also liked Ted though, and well, I was far from liking that one. So maybe it was like prom. You know, like you expect sooo much from it, and then once it's over you realize the best part was the actual getting ready for it?

My little sister had her 21st birthday last week. Um, what? She can legally buy booze? Damn. How did that happen?  That makes me feel old. That means I've been legally buying booze for four years. Wow. I am old. Gross. Good thing I've been using anti wrinkle cream. I better still be lookin' young when my sister is this age!

Lately I've been wanting to get a manicure. So bad. I think I've only had two in my whole life. Once with my friends Cory and Erika in high school, and once for my senior prom. This time I'd want shellac. In a coral-y color. Or maybe mint. Or a cool ombre effect. Ok, I don't actually know what I'd choose, let's be honest. But I've been told shellac is bad for your real nail, which is exactly what I don't need considering my real nails are weak and peeling. Seriously, I can peel the top layer off of my nail. What does that even mean? I don't know, but my aunt tells me I need to eat more jello to fix it. Anyway, back to shellac, it sure would be nice to have pretty painted nails for two weeks without having to worry about it.

Last weekend Nathan and I went out Friday night. We went dancing and he even found $60 dollars! Just laying in the middle of the floor, where nobody was around. It was like it was a present waiting there for us. But we better have had good luck at that bar, because when we were walking in, we saw a bunch of police and an ambulance.  We didn't really think much of it, because we were too busy celebrating our anniversary. (My bartender friend even gave us 4 free shots!) Back to all the action, so the next day we woke up to a text from one of Nate's friends who is an EMT. He wrote  "You should probably pick somewhere safer to go from now on, you know,  like somewhere you two won't get stabbed." Ohhh, so that's what was going on. Awesome. I know, I know, happenings like that in a city aren't really uncommon. But I'm a small town girl where stuff like that makes front page new and is the town gossip for the next two years.

Last Saturday, we went shopping. The thing about us though is that neither of us have any patience. Pretty much none. It's a toss up as to who has less of it.  It was a busy day for the city, as there was an event going on bringing lots of extra people in. So when we were shopping, and we found something we wanted to buy and went to the line...nope. Not happening. That line was ridiculously long. Like, wal-mart long. So we put our stuff down and instead we went out to a mexican restaurant, and had free lunch. Why free? Well, duh, Nathan found $60 dollars the night before!

That night we met up with Nathans friends, another couple. I love going out with that couple because they are just hilarious together. I need more girlfriends in this city. I'm hoping to make her one of them! I'm sure I'd have plenty of hilarious stories on here if I hung out with her more often. I did invite her to get manicures with me! So that's something.

This weekend, was the opposite of last weekend. Last weekend Nathan and I did pretty much everything, and were busy all weekend long. This weekend we did nothing. Literally nothing except see that movie and on Saturday we went and had lunch with my friend who moved away to Kentucky. (This is the same girl who got us a speeding ticket on a road trip, the same girl who was teaching me to cook, the same girl and lead me into the men's bathroom at a gay bar, and the same girl who I went baby supply shopping with) I was so glad to see her, I've missed her so much! I had almost forgotten how hilarious she was! She had a baby girl a few months ago so I got to play and hold her lil girl. I may be biased as she is my friend and all, but her little girl is absolutely adorable!

 But other than those two things, we did nothing. We slept, a lot. An embarrassing amount.  Have you ever noticed that sleeping all day makes you more tired? Because now it's Sunday and I'm just exhausted. From what!! NOTHING!

This was probably the most poorly written, disorganized blog entry I've ever written. My bad.

Disco Flowers.

For our one year anniversary Nathan, took Sunday off. I thought that was just the sweetest thing since that was our actual one year. All in all it was a normal Sunday for us. We slept in, did some house shopping, got some ice cream, the usual. Then, that night we went out to eat where we had our first "real" date, and wouldn't you know it they even put us at the same table! We even ordered the same appetizer. It was pretty 'awww, that's the cutest thing ever'.

Monday I came home from work and was greeted by Nathan with a bouquet of flowers. He told me this big long story on how he had a nice fancy bouquet picked out, and then he saw the one he got me. He literally "had picked out a $40 bouquet, and put it back for a $9.99 bouquet because he knew I'd like it more".

He was right! I did love those flowers! I'm a little obsessed with bright colors. He even told me he picked out the bundle that had the least amount of blue. Aw, seriously. He made me want to cry.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

What Is Love?

Happy Valentines Day! <3
Nathan and I didn't do anything big for Valentines day. It was our first one together though. Our last first-holiday together. I say that because Nathan and I have been together just shy of a year. Can you believe that?! I can't.  Anyway, so we didn't do much mainly because neither of us are big fans of the holiday, and also because I think Sunday should be a bigger deal. Sunday is our official one year. So for Valentines day we just grabbed supper when I got off work and before he left for work. Then we came home and watched youtube videos of different exhausts for his new truck. It was pretty romantic. Probably the best Valentines Day I ever had. That's the truth, I can be doing something as silly as that with him and still love it. I should point out that he made me a card. It was the sweetest thing and I absolutely loved it! He even drew a picture of him and I holding hands on the front. "Card Ella" even got flowers for the special day. Aw.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Curious George.

I figured out why I wasn't sleeping well. Too much sleep. Yep, if I sleep more than 8 hours...I'm tired. Then I'm tired and I take a nap...which leads to sleeping more than 8 hours.  Which leads to being tired, so a cycle started. I broke that cycle. Now I'm good.

Snow. One of my least favorite things. Pretty much ever.

Remember those leather pants I told you about Nathan wearing to his friend's 80s themed party? Well, one of his friends captured that moment I was trying to tight roll them for him. Check out that beauty.

Yeah, he's pretty sexy.
Seriously, Florida Georgia Line is addicting. I've downloaded their whole album. Love it. It's been a long time since I've loved somebody's whole CD. Probably since Eric Church. Sounds like he has a run for his money.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

At Least I'm Still Getting ID'ed.

When people think of me they think of a neat-freak. A person who lives off of making lists. Somebody who once has her mind made up, there's no changing it. Type A. But lately, I've noticed some of my habits changing and it has me thinking "Who the hell am I?"

For example, I did laundry on Sunday. Usually, it's folded and hung up right away. You know, hung up in my perfectly straightened closet. But right now there is a laundry basket full of clean clothes chillin' in my closet. My not-so-perfectly straightened closet. I have a big pile of jewelry not put on my jewelry tree (which, by the way is also sorted by metal color within the necklace, bracelet, and earrings sections). I have a big pile of dirty clothes lying in the middle of my walk-in closet. Heaven forbid I put them in the dirty clothes basket, which is two feet to the left. I have three winter coats hanging off of the back of my chair. The rug on my floor is bunched up, and my trash needs emptied. Um, what?

I've always prided myself on being one of those people where as soon as I lay down in my bed at night I'm out cold until my alarm goes off. Nope. I mean I still fall asleep faster than a snowflake in the summer, but now I wake up a few times every night, no fail. Huh?

I have gift certficiates from my birthday and Christmas. SCORE! I mean, that's what I said back in November. Now even when I try, literally go to the store and try things on, I'm just not into shopping. I'm not even spending my own money. They are flippin' gift certificates! I'm so confused, why is this so difficult!?

Another thing! I get hangovers. Bad ones. By drinking less than I did a few years ago, and didn't get hungover. I blame that one on getting older.

All I can say is, I need to snap out of this. I don't like it. I feel like I look in the mirror and can't even recognize myself! What is going on?  Is this what getting old is like? Don't sign me up!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Typical Weekend.

Wedding dress shopping. I'm maid of honor in my sister's wedding, and therefore got to go wedding dress shopping with her, our mother, and her future mother-in-law last weekend. Nathan and I made the trip down there after work on Friday, and then Saturday afternoon the four of us girls went dress shopping while Nathan and my sister's fiance went and bought carpet for the house they just bought.

My sister had no idea what kind of wedding dress she wanted. Strapless. That's all she had us going by. White or off white? I don't know. Whatever. Sweetheart neckline or straight across? Huh? Ballgown? No, tight. Lace? Maybe? I don't know? Then I found a dress that I, personally, thought was absolutely gorgeous. I told her to please try it. She murmured something about us having completely opposite styles (true) and her trying it on just to get me to shut up. Three dresses in, she tries on the dress I love. She loves it. It helped her to answer the questions we were asking, as she could finally picture in her head exactly what she wanted. I'm not going to answer those questions because I don't want Seth to have any sort of access to that information. But believe me, the dress she is in love with is gorgeous and just as unique as you'd expect from my sister, yet somehow surprisingly classic at the same time.

Bently and her hat.

When we arrived back to my sister and her fiance's place she put a hat on her dog and started chasing her (barefoot) around on the unfinished wood floor. Remember, the guys had just gone to buy carpet that same day. Next thing we know, she's lying on the floor grabbing her foot and yelling in pain. Nathan and Seth just kinda look at her and laugh, making snide remarks about her being a dumbass. Mom goes over and asks her what is wrong. That's when we see a chunk of wood about the length of a toothpick and a 1/4 of an inch wide dug way down deep into the bottom of her foot. Oh, it's fine. Sounds just like a big splinter, pull that sucka' out! Errr, wrong. The woman had to go to the emergency room. And seth had to piggy back ride her to his truck bc she couldn't walk, obviously.

Yep, leave it to my sister to start a day wedding dress shopping and end it in the emergency room. I bet she's super excited for that carpet now.

Later that night Nathan and I went to a surprise birthday party for his best friend's fiance's 30th birthday. It wasn't a "surprise" party like Lyn's when she planned it herself. It was a real one, except it was planned on facebook, and somebody invited her to it. Sooo, it wasn't really a surprise. Anyway, it was 80s themed. Nathan and I didn't have time to get dressed up for it since we got into town so late. Once we got to the party though, one of his friends had brought an extra pair of leather pants. Why? I'm not sure, but he did. So Nathan wore them. Sexy.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Love Lists.

Things I Think:

Ice Cream Places Should Deliver, Especially Orange Leaf.

Jimmy Johns Should Bring Back Alfalfa Sprouts.

Things Nobody Likes To Buy Should Be Free. Like Tampons.

Weekends Should Be 3 Days Long, But Paychecks Remain The Same. 

Pitch Perfect Should Be a TV Series.

Early Mornings Shouldn't Come So...Early. 

Good Friends Shouldn't Live So Far Away.

Smartphone Batteries Shouldn't Die So Fast.

Facebook Should NOT Be As Addicting As It Is.

Ditto, Pinterest.

Falling Asleep With Your Head On The Chest Of  The One You Love Is Perfection.

Guys Who Wear Camo And Cowboy Boots, Listen To Country Music, And Drive Pickup Trucks Are Hands Down The Sexiest.

Yellow Highlighters Should Not Exist. Still.

People Who Sit At Traffic Lights For FOREVER After They Turn Green Deserve A Severe Honking To.

I Need A Chocolate Lab. Like Now.

Good Books Shouldn't End.

Catching Fire Should Come To Theatres Sooner!

Eric Church Is My Future Ex-Husband.

I Want To Learn To Cook.

Packing Shouldn't Be Stressful.

The Ocean Should Be Closer To Where I live!

Reading Before Bed Is The Greatest End To A Day.

I Hate Jillian Michaels. Yet Love What She Does To Me. Especially Come Bikini Season. Bring It!    

Mustard Yellow Is Beautiful.

My Future Home Will Have A "Country" / "American" / "Rustic" Look. 

I Have The Best Family.

It Is My Bedtime. I'm Not Packed For Our Trip Tomorrow. Shit. 

Smoothie Proportion Drama.

Such fake smiles. I know. It's called both of us being annoyed. See those smoothies? Who knew making smoothies could be so complicated! I like drinkable smoothies. I dont like them so thick you need a damn spoon. Nate wants a damn spoon to eat his. But figuring out how much of a banana you need, the amount of liquid, the amount of fruit, the amount of yogurt to get your smoothie to your specifications is difficult! Four bags of frozen fruit and a large container of yogurt were our victims this night. Don't get me wrong, I very much enjoyed eating all those smoothies. But I'm determined to figure out the perfect proportions for this! I'm pretty sure I've ate more fruit these past few weeks than I did all last year combined. I've also learned that apples and oranges are disgusting in smoothies. I'm not a fan. I've learned I like the little seeds of texture raspberries give to smoothies. I've learned bananas sure do thicken up smoothies with hardly no taste. Vanilla yogurt thickens up smoothies to a creamier consistency and a creamier flavor. Big fan. Next I want to make spinach smoothies. Or avacado!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

With You, I Can Feel Again.

Wow, I totally suck at this blogging thing. I think I've started most of my posts with that lately. Not a good habit I'm forming.

Nathan told me he's in love with another girl. I guess I should have seen it coming. He kept leaving me to "go to the store". We are talking multiple times a day, and he'd come home with a gallon of milk one time, a mountain dew the next, etc. Never anything important. He has lots of pictures of her on his phone, talks about her in front of me all the time, and even had the nerve to ask me to go with him to pick her up. I won't lie though, she IS gorgeous. She's a tall ginger, and her name is Nancy. Now is when I should probably clarify that Nancy is Nate's new Chevy truck. Haha. Major sexy points awarded to Nathan.

I have been using that magic bullet blender my mom got me for Christmas like no other. In the few days I've had it, I've gone through 4 bags of frozen raspberries, two of those giant containers of vanilla yogurt, 2 containers of blueberries, a can of pineapples, around 10 bananans, a ton of ice, etc. I'm averaging 2 smoothies a day. Not including the margaritas/mixed drinks Sarah and I made for New Years Eve. Or all of the smoothies Nathan has made.

Speaking of New Years Eve, Nathan and I met up with the couple that set us up. We haven't went out with those two in far too long! We went out to a little karaoke bar in town and met up with 3 other couples. Sarah (the girl who introduced me to Nathan) and I wanted to get all (excuse me, Grandma) "whored" up. I'm not the type of girl to wear heals and a short sequin skirt out to the bars. But this time, I wanted to! SO BAD! So Sarah and I go shopping. Sarah finds the outfit I was looking for...and what do I find. An outfit that she describes as a "going to the library" outfit. Dammit! Fail.

I'm not big on new years resolutions, but I think if I were to do one this year it would be to write on here more. So maybe I'll try that. I'll think of it as a goal though. Nathan made a new years resolution for both of us. Eat less candy. That will be a lot easier for me than him. That man has a sweet tooth! He also made ours to save more money and get our credit scores high so we can get to house shopping. Which, by the way. That house we were in love with? Sold. He wasn't going to tell me because he knew I'd be upset. Then I asked if we could drive by it again, for fun. He says to me "Remember how bathrooms not having closets is a pet peeve of yours? Yeah, we shouldn't ignore that this house had a hallway closet, not a bathroom closet". I asked him why he was avoiding driving past the house. "It's sold. I'm sorry honey, I didn't want to tell you!". He's so cute. Aw.