Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm Lookin' At An Angel.

I feel bad for not writing for a few tonight I'll write two posts! Lucky youu! But I'm not creative enough to think of enough entries for every other day...let alone two in one day. You all know the drill when I'm blank. Questions. So today's question is:

If you were to select a moment when you were convinced an angel was watching over you, when would it have been?

Now, nobody think I'm weird for this. Because I've only told one, maybe two people, in my entire life about this. But I even have entries in my diary about this. It's not really going to answer the question I selected, but I read this question off my list  that I have for these days...and instantly thought of what I'm about to tell you. So just go with it. 

Ever since I was in 8th grade I've been getting these dreams about this guy named Marc. (Marc with a "C" is what he always tells me). And in these dreams he tells me a little bit more about his life each time. And it's weird, because it's always the same guy in these dreams, and they aren't ever they aren't on nights when I'm super tired, or have done "x" before bed. They just randomly happen with no rhyme or reason. And it's been happening for years. Around 10 years or so (jeez, that just made me feel really old...). But anyways, he tells me about his family. Like he was the middle child with an older brother named Matt and a younger sister named...well, I can't remember, but she's an M too. And he died doing something stupid that his parents always got after him to not do or he'd get hurt, but he says he's always too embarrassed to tell me. He says he wasn't supposed to die and that my life and his were supposed to eventually cross paths, but he screwed that up by dying, so now it's his job or duty or whatever to look over me.

In my dreams I learn other random details about him, but nothing too major. Just that he was in 11th grade when he died. That he wasn't from Iowa, and had never been to Iowa. 

I know it's just a dream and  my brain doing who knows what while I sleep, but I still always wake up in the morning after these dreams and wonder why I've been having these "Marc" dreams for such a long time now. 

So, no, it's not an exact moment in time where I thought there was an angel watching over me. But for ten years my dreams have been telling me about my own personal guardian angel...Marc. And so that's how I'm going to answer that. 


So I've been having this problem lately, and it's starting to really frustrate me.  I mean they are just downright mean to me in every aspect that I interact with them.  But I've never done anything to them so I'm not quite understanding why this whole situation is going on. Now, I'm not one to use names, usually. But I feel like nobody can help me out here unless they know the WHOLE here it goes.....

that's who it is. that's who's being rude to me! .
Let me share some examples.

My phone just kinda does what it wants. Like, when I plug it into the charger and it feels the need to call my boss...3 times. Or when I'm at unnamed dudes house and I'm not even touching it and it feels the need to call him. It also likes to send my text messages to people other than who I have selected for the inbox. Don't even get me started on how it likes to freeze 24/7, and never find satellite signal on Foursquare so I'm not checked into my friend's house for two weeks straight.

My computer likes to delete things that I've written. I'm pretty sure I write every blog post 3x at least because it decides "hey, that's a pretty poorly written paragraph...why dontchya try that one again?" and POOF it's gone! Or I'll be typing and it thinks to itself  "that sentence sounds better up here" and starts typing in random areas. So I do a lot of playing where's-the-cursor. My computer also does not like to recognize that it has a built in webcam. It's a Dell, which I've never had problems with until it got a virus (which Levi fixed way back in the day by buying me a new hard drive, so that's not the problem), but now it's a piece of shit and their customer service...horrible.

I feel bad about this one, because without my lovely TomTom, heavens knows I'd be lost in this city...and as for finding my way home, it would never happen! but when you have to add in 5 minutes to your travel time just for your GPS to find a satellite's  pathetic. I mean you are a GPS, it's pretty much your only job to find a signal and get me places. So don't take your sweet time looking for one. And then don't lose it halfway through getting to where I'm going so that I have to pull over and wait another five minutes for you to find it again. It makes me so frustrated!

It keeps kicking me off. And I have to keep resetting the router or whatever it is in the living room that gives us our internet. It's making me mad. Grrr. Then it will tell me "Limited Availability", whatever that means.

Ok, this one is a little far fetched, because I'm pretty sure it's more of a kitchen appliance and less of an electronic. But in general people like my horrible experiences in the kitchen. So here's another to add to our collection. The toaster ate my pop-tart. Not kidding. This can't even be considered my fault. Trust me, I'm a pro when it comes to toasting these suckers. I put it in and when it was supposed to pop got sucked under the metal thing that pushes it up. I had to turn the toaster upside down and try to shake it out. It still didn't come out...but a nickel did. So I'm assuming the toaster was paying me off to feed it.

And this folks is only the beginning! I'm only 23 and already this bad at technology? Oh god, what's going to happen when i'm officially old? I'll be that loser that has to page the nurse's aid because she can't figure out how to turn on the TV...oh waaaait. I remember a certain day when I lived in Cedar Rapids when this guy and I were going to watch this movie on TV, and neither one of us could figure out Kendra's confusing television. So we had to go to his apartment instead. It was pretty classy.

Anyways, I'm pretty sure technology and the gnomes that steal my stuff (and then place them in random places throughout the apartment) and teaming up against me. What did I ever do to them!? lol.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dark Blue (TN)

My weekend was pretty awesome, minus the fact that I had to work.  But, what can you do? Oh, that's right...MAKE MONEY! So it was all good.

Friday (Friday, gotta get down on Friday!)
Friday I went to a little get together at Val's apartment when I get a text from Nathalie. "What are you doing tonight? Coming to Oktoberfest? Ok, good!". Meanwhile I'm sitting there thinking...yeah right! I work at 7 in the morning and have a half hour drive to work on top of that! There's no way in hell I'm going over there. Then I get this text a few minutes later from this guy who shall at this point keep remaining anonymous "Hey you, going to Oktoberfest tonight. You should come".  Ughhh, I really shouldn't go. But Nathalie and Dude do not know each other, in fact...Nathalie didn't even know I had been talking to him period. So being invited by two people who don't know each other to the same place on the same night? Destiny. Ok, they've convinced me. So Val lends me some cute clothes and I tell those two I'll meet up with them there.

I have to park a few blocks away in a parking garage and walk to the few blocks they have closed off for the big outdoor party. So there I am walking alone minding my own busisness when all of a sudden, out of nowhere these three drunk off their ass dudes surround me. One on each side and one in front of me walking backwards to face me. 
"I just want to start off by saying: I am NOT a rapist" -Dude
"Gee, thanks, that's comforting" -Me
"But I will say I'm not leaving you alone until you make out with me" -Dude
"Good thing you're so drunk that I can do this then, huh" -Me
Then I simply walked around him. Problem Solved.

So maybe walking those few blocks alone weren't my best decision, especially since my phone battery was on the verge of dead. But, oh well, I did, and I'm alive so life's good. 

Finally I find Nathalie and her boyfriend Cody and it turns out Cody's dad got us in without a cover AND we got free (extra-strength!) beer. SCORE!  So it's me, Nathalie, Cody, and Cody's best friend, who she is not at all trying to hide the fact that I should go out with. And we are drinking, and they are doing a little old lady dance all hunched over like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. It was pretty classy. But my phone started to die, and Unnamed Dude is one of those people that lets hours pass between text messages, so I never got to meet up with him. Until I went home. Granted I went home pretty early compared to how late the party was going on, but five minutes after I walk in the door to my apartment my phone goes off and he's asking where I am so we can meet up. Whoooops. I'm home in bed. I felt bad. I'm sure he'll survive though. 

So I get up and work Saturday morning, and I'm actually feeling just fine. Work went so slow, I thought time was moving backwards instead of forwards. But it wasn't. It was just going that slow. When work finally got over Lisa and I decided to go explore the small shops and such downtown. So we walked around, but learned that everything was closed because it was late Saturday afternoon. So that was kinda a bust. So we went to the mall. Lisa got a really cute outfit for a date she was going on that night with her boyfriend. And I got a cute lace cardigan shirt that was "date appropritate". Which by the way, finding date appropriate clothes for colder weather, after four years of not needing "dating clothes", is hard and frustrating. Anyways, so I got that pretty lace cardigan and some  cute bangle bracelets. They had the coziest Vols zip up hoodie that I wanted soo badly, but then remembered that 75% of my closet was hoodies, and those aren't really "hott girl/going out" clothes so I decided not to. Then Lisa went out and I went home. I went to bed early. Like 9:30/10. It was a pretty boring day.

When I woke up on Sunday after a legitimate amount of sleep, I was more tired than when I was running on no sleep from the day before! Isn't it weird how it works like that? Sunday at work was also very slow. When I got off work Lilly and I went to Target to get curtains for my room, which I ended up not getting. Then we went to subway and came home and watched Bridesmaids. It's a cute movie. It can make you laugh. It can make you cry. It's a total chick flick. After that I went over to Unnamed Dude's house and we watched some television, played with this dog, and just  hung out. Then I came home and went to bed. So Sunday was a pretty chill day as well. 

 I didn't have to work today, so I slept in! I think I didn't wake up until 9:45! Which is BY FAR the latest I've slept in since...idk how long. Then Nick and I went to PetCo to talk to the dog trainers there about Maddie and her bipolar behavior and barking issues and dog training classes. Shits expensive! But it will be worth it. Plus, well, I'm not paying for it, it's Nicks dog. Now I'm doing laundry. So I guess you could say my Mondays been pretty chill too. Can't complain.

This coming week I get to take another class teaching me how to pass meds. It will be my third time taking it, all for different jobs. But I'm sure it won't be anything I haven't learned in my other two classes. But at least I'm getting paid! I've been pulling doubles at work lately, and let me tell you what, that overtime pay and I, we are bff's. So I picked up more shifts this week too. I hope I don't get burnt out! I think if I could have done it so long in CR Iowa without this awesome pay, I can do it here for the awesome pay. I'm not too worried.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Males, here are some helpful hints that my friend Lisa and I would like to teach you. These may or may not have been learned first hand this very weekend.

* It's creepy to show up at a female's job because you "knew she got off at 3" when the only way you know her is because you know her father.

* Don't text a female constantly throughout the day, take her home to meet your family, and make plans with her every weekend but then tell her you don't want a girlfriend.

* Don't flop down in the empty seat at a table full of females at the bar and tell them you will "follow them around all night" including waiting outside the bathroom door when they use the restroom and running after their car when they leave.

* Showing a female respect is sexy. Pretty faces are more than something to look at, but sometimes have a great personality and intelligence as well.

* After a good first date, please try to kiss us. We really like when you do that.

* We will read into everything. Even if you say something as simple as "Sorry". We will probably talk with each other trying to figure out what you mean. And it's usually something a lot more than you just meaning "sorry".

* If you call a female "beautiful" when she's fresh out of the shower, wet hair pulled up in a knot, and no makeup on we think it's really sweet. Especially when afterwards you continue to watch your football game and not think you are "getting lucky" because of saying it.

That is all. 


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Boy You Know I...I...I...

I never claimed to be a five star chef. In fact I never claimed to be a one star chef. But I'm thinking Val and I have taken it to a whole new level. Low level that is. This may have beat the times I caught muffins on fire in home ec class, ruined a blender making a milkshake, or even somehow screwed up jello and koolaid. How? I'm not sure. But nobody should have allowed Val and I in her kitchen today.

It started out like any other day headed for disaster. I didn't work, so natually I woke up at 6 AM anyways. But what does a girl do at 6 in the morning? Nothing. So I made some breakfast and hulu'ed a TV show that I had missed on Monday. Then I slept. Til 11. Then I figured I better do something fun on my day off so I headed across the city to meet up with Val. I told her how I should bake a cake for my roommates. Ok, so their birthdays are pretty much a month apart, but it's in between both of them right now, so whatever. Ummm...bad idea.

Really how hard can a cake mix be? Right? I mean you open the mix, throw in some water and eggs into a mixing bowl, spray the pan, pop it in the oven and WAM BAM! you are done. ohhh wait, did you notice I forgot to mention that you also add oil to the mix? Yeah, well, I also forgot to throw that oil into the mix during the actual making of the cake as well.

The cake turned out ok at that point. It just came out of the oven tasting a little...stale. Like it had been baked a few days ago and left out. Plus it was kinda hard. But, you know...that's ok. So then we frosted it. Yep, right away.


This is what happens to melted frosting.

Who knew?! So Val and I decided to just make it "tie-dyed" with a spoon. Which really just turned it purple-y colored. Then the frosting got so melted it started looking like a liquid, which on the bright side softened the cake up a little. So I guess not much went right with Val and I baking this cake, and I say that as I sit here typing with pink frosting glued in my hair. Classy.

Good thing its the thought that counts. And because I love Nick and Lilly so much, as a gift to them, I won't make them eat it. :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sleepin' With The TV On, Woke Up Dreamin' He Came Home

I should probably learn to start cooking. Because this whole living off of poptarts, apples, salad, yogurt and cereal thing isn't working out too well. Seriously, that's all I've been eating for three months now, and I'm just always hungry. Probably because none of it is real food. I'm still drinking a crap ton of water everyday though. I want to become more independent. I don't want to have to rely on anybody else, for anything. Except maybe help with my car. So learning how to cook for myself is kind of a big step in that direction.

I'm really enjoying my time out here "starting new". I'm loving my new job, my new friends are awesome. I'm being forced to be independent. I'm really hoping to become the adult I've always wanted to be. That book "The Happiness Project" I think has some really good ideas in it. I haven't made too much of a dent on it. But I can already tell it's going to be good.

Two ladies at work today told me they loved me. It was really cute. Another one gave me a hug and then kissed my forehead. I'm starting to think maybe the residents there like me or something.

Val and I want to take Zumba classes. Anybody know if it actually shows results? Is it fun? Worth the money?

Well, Maddie and I are ready for fun. Nick and Lilly have both been gone for the past few days, so the dog and I have been having some major bonding. Like right now, she's curled up beside me with a look like "please can we sleep now?". She's so cute, too bad she's such a lil devil sometimes. Nick should have named her Lucy...short for Lucifer. Ha!

Ok, night y'all!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I don't know anybody who died that day. I don't even know anybody who knows somebody who died that day. But that doesn't mean we weren't affected because of it.

I'm not going to lie, on days like today, I feel both guilty and disgusted. Guilty because, well, I could be a much better American. I could spend more time volunteering to help my fellow Americans. I could watch the news more often and do a much better job of researching candidates before voting time. It's not that I'm not interested in volunteering, I just don't. It's not that I don't watch the news, because I do and I actually enjoy watching it, but right now we don't get any channels, and I haven't been checking out Fox News to keep up with the country and the rest of the world as much as I should. I feel disgusted because I feel like the majority of this country ignores significant dates, or views them as a "vacation". Yesterday my facebook feed was filled with people talking about the Iowa/ Iowa State game. That's fine, it's kinda a big deal. But do you know how many people I saw on there today acknowledging today's date? Four. And of those four I felt that only two of them were really grasping the issue at hand. One status update even told people to stop pretending to be all patriotic just because it's September 11th. I'm not expecting everybody's statuses to be "I <3 America!" 24/7, but I feel like we should all pay our respects for the sacrifices made, not just on these dates, but all year long.

Do you know how many people know what Memorial Day is about? It's not about the "official first day of summer" or having a day off from work. It's about remembering the deceased, traditionally for those who served in the military, but also just for remembering the deceased in general.

I think it's important we don't forget the meaning behind certain events. Like today. Over 3,000 people lost their lives that day and another 6,207 lost their lives in OIF/OEF. Not to mention all those people's friends and families. That's a lot of people only directly affected.

Anyways, I'm at such a loss for this blog post right now. It probably sounds even more sporadic than any of my normal posts. Bascially what I wanted to say was please don't forget the significance of today's date and the sacrifices made not only on that day, but also because of that day. Whether it's somebody going off to war or the families and friends left behind after that tragic day.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Short & Sweet...

Hawkeyes. You lost. Good game though, you had me on the edge of my seat a lot. Gophers. You lost too. Wtf. Grrrr. Vols. You won! Congrats! Thanks for making me feel somewhat better about maybe actually getting into football.

Lia Sophia. Your jewelry is oh so cute, but why so expensive. I ain't made of the cash you know.

Work at 6:55 AM, you really have a way of ruining weekends. Good thing I really like you.

Friends, thank you. For everything. Family, you too. I love you all so much. <3

Friday, September 9, 2011

Iowa. (Pronounced: "I-O-WA" not "I-Wa")

Dear State of Iowa,

Tomorrow is practically a national holiday, but only for you. So I guess that makes it a state holiday. It's your Iowa vs. Iowa State game .So that means if google maps decides to take an aerial picture of you tomorrow all you'll see is black and gold and red because that's what every single one of your residents will be wearing. Now, I'm no big buff football fan and in fact, I hardly understand the rules. But as a born and raised Iowan, I must say that I am excited for tomorrow's game, and am legitimately upset I'll be missing it. Luckily for me, you have some of the nicest residents in all of the places I've ever lived, awww...midwest charm, so I have a few friends who have agreed to keep me updated on the score. Tomorrow is your day, Iowa!


Now for those of you not from Iowa...or have never been to Iowa, or don't know what a hawkeye or a cyclone are, I'll make this simple for you:

Black & Gold > Red & Gold

Now that's the spirit!

It's Like Homework, Only Better

So I started this book the other day. It's called The Happiness Project and it's going to teach me how to be happier. Not that I'm unhappy, because truthfully I'm far from it, but I'm always ok with being a little more happy. So I'll let you know how this book goes, or if it's working maybe my blog posts will become even more exciting and you'll just know it's because I'm reading this book! But let's be honest, I'll probably forget to tell you anything about this book ever again because I have the attention span of a goldfish, which rumor has it is only 2 seconds.

About a month ago I had read a book by that same lady who wrote the Twilight series. Her books really aren't english master pieces or anything (I say as I write my blogs in the same style as I talk and not following any grammar rules), but the story lines are so catchy you almost had to read them. It's like crack in book form, you just get addicted. (No grandma, I'm not on drugs it's just a saying...jeesh) Until the two last books, and then they just kind of got progressively worse, at least I thought. It was like she got bored of writing about stupid Bella and stalker Edward and sexy Jacob halfway through the third book and was like "shit, this has got to stop" and just tried to finish the books off as fast as she could. So then she decided to write about aliens instead. Actually, I made that all up, I don't know what she was thinking when she was writing those books, or even if she wrote The Host after Twilight. But anyways, she wrote another book called The Host, and I borrowed from Lilly. And it's also like crack, I just couldn't put that sucker down. You should all read it. But it was kind of confusing at the beginning, and I had to go back and reread the first few pages once a couple of chapters in. It's one of those books. I was surprised I made it through the book, because usually when I get a book like that I am like "screw this! Why must you F'er intentionally confuse your readers at the very beginning of your book? It's BS. I don't want to think! That's why I'm reading!" But like I said, her writing style is like crack, so I kept on reading it anyways. And it was pretty good. Like twilight good. So read it.

I have a list of books I want to read. Me, make a list? Who woulda thunk it! I have it saved on the notepad on my phone. It looks like this:

*The London Train
*Sing Them Home
*Until Tuesday
*The Lucky One

Do any of you know any other good books that I should put on this list? Because the longer my list, the better. OH! I have another one for you to read once you finish The Host. It's called My War: Killing Time in Iraq. It's pretty hilarious and one of my favorite books. I probably just came off sounding like a giant douche calling this soldier's journal of his time overseas "hilarious", huh. Well, I'm not. So just read that book too and agree with me.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

If You Sing To Your Dog They'll Do Your Hair For You

Today was a weird day. I had the day off, for one, but that's not why it was weird. Here's some reasons why it WAS weird.

1. I was dropping some applications off at one of the many malls around here. Nick came along for moral support, awww, what a sweetheart. Anywho, so I drop off two applications and life is all dandy. (and yes one was to bath and body works). Then we go to the third and have this actual conversation:

Worker Lady: (to Nick) And who are you?
Nick: I'm the roommate?
Worker Lady: ...She's a big girl. Or are you just moral support?
Nick: Umm, yeah
Worker Lady: Well, I need to talk to her. Alone. So go. *shoos him away*
Worker Lady: (to Me) Why are you working on this side of town?
What did you learn in your psychology classes?
Me: *Answers stupid random questions*
Worker Lady: Well, it doesn't really matter because you're pretty useless if you can't work every weekend. So good luck. *shoos me away*


2. Val and I are driving to another mall later that day to pick up some random stuff. (That we forgot to get, by the way). There's a bottle of soda in my car that Nick had left earlier.

Val: I'm really thirsty, can I take a swig of that coke (because in TN it's all coke even when it's a pepsi)
Me: Go for it
Val: Oh wait, is there alcohol in it?
Me: "...seriously?"
Val: "What!?"

Apparently my friends all think i'm an alcoholic. Ok, so if a random stranger looked in our fridge they'd also think that. But a spiked coke in my car? I may drink every other weekend or so...but I draw the line at drinking and driving. I just thought it was funny that that conversation actually took place, like every piece of coke around me is spiked.

3. Random friend of my sister's on facebook on a picture comment.

Random Chick: Wow! R u two twins?
Me: No
Random Chick: It's all in the eyes
Julyn: Nope, not twins.
Random Chick: Haha.

It's like she's trying to convince us that we were actually twins. Like we were just lying about it, or weren't aware that we were twins or something. Idk.

Tomorrow I have another day off and I have all intentions of making this:


Val, her boyfriend Vince, and I went to Vince's Aunt Carrie's house today and she made us supper, with this for dessert. And it was DELICIOUS! You can find the recipe here.

On another note, which I have been talking about a lot lately. I like how when you decide you are taking a break away from dudes to have some "me" time, they all decide to start talking to you. Except, of course, for the one that you may slightly be interested a month or so. In which case that particular guy will start a convo with you over text and call you and even drive a couple hours to visit you and then randomly stop texting you halfway through the day. Overthinking things? Yeah, probably. This whole being single thing sucks. Maybe not the actually being single part, that parts actually pretty awesome. But the whole having to deal with dudes and figure out that awkward "what's he thinking" shit again, well, it sucks. I'm not going to do it. I'm sorry, but I won't. Nope. Sure ain't. At least not until Oct. 1st, or Nov. 1st, or whatever other date I think I'm ready to start dealing with that bullshit again. Why can't some tall, dark, and handsome guy just be plopped into my life with no awkwardness involved? That'd be dreamy. :)

Oh P.S. - Things you need to youtube include: Jenna Marbles, Boys Will Be Girls, and Ultimate Dog Tease. In the words of Jenna Marbles herself "You're Welcome"