Sunday, September 18, 2011


Males, here are some helpful hints that my friend Lisa and I would like to teach you. These may or may not have been learned first hand this very weekend.

* It's creepy to show up at a female's job because you "knew she got off at 3" when the only way you know her is because you know her father.

* Don't text a female constantly throughout the day, take her home to meet your family, and make plans with her every weekend but then tell her you don't want a girlfriend.

* Don't flop down in the empty seat at a table full of females at the bar and tell them you will "follow them around all night" including waiting outside the bathroom door when they use the restroom and running after their car when they leave.

* Showing a female respect is sexy. Pretty faces are more than something to look at, but sometimes have a great personality and intelligence as well.

* After a good first date, please try to kiss us. We really like when you do that.

* We will read into everything. Even if you say something as simple as "Sorry". We will probably talk with each other trying to figure out what you mean. And it's usually something a lot more than you just meaning "sorry".

* If you call a female "beautiful" when she's fresh out of the shower, wet hair pulled up in a knot, and no makeup on we think it's really sweet. Especially when afterwards you continue to watch your football game and not think you are "getting lucky" because of saying it.

That is all. 


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  1. Addition by Lilly <3
    *DO NOT take us for granted. We work hard to keep you happy, so don't just expect it. Be excited and happy when we do something for you (especially if it's a successfully cooked meal by Ellie) and SHOW us that you appreciate all we do. Sincerely saying thank you and kissing us on the cheek/forehead/lips/ASS (ok not literally. ass to mouth is disgusting) is one of the quickest ways to our hearts. Also jewelery..but that's another story ;)