Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Boy You Know I...I...I...

I never claimed to be a five star chef. In fact I never claimed to be a one star chef. But I'm thinking Val and I have taken it to a whole new level. Low level that is. This may have beat the times I caught muffins on fire in home ec class, ruined a blender making a milkshake, or even somehow screwed up jello and koolaid. How? I'm not sure. But nobody should have allowed Val and I in her kitchen today.

It started out like any other day headed for disaster. I didn't work, so natually I woke up at 6 AM anyways. But what does a girl do at 6 in the morning? Nothing. So I made some breakfast and hulu'ed a TV show that I had missed on Monday. Then I slept. Til 11. Then I figured I better do something fun on my day off so I headed across the city to meet up with Val. I told her how I should bake a cake for my roommates. Ok, so their birthdays are pretty much a month apart, but it's in between both of them right now, so whatever. Ummm...bad idea.

Really how hard can a cake mix be? Right? I mean you open the mix, throw in some water and eggs into a mixing bowl, spray the pan, pop it in the oven and WAM BAM! you are done. ohhh wait, did you notice I forgot to mention that you also add oil to the mix? Yeah, well, I also forgot to throw that oil into the mix during the actual making of the cake as well.

The cake turned out ok at that point. It just came out of the oven tasting a little...stale. Like it had been baked a few days ago and left out. Plus it was kinda hard. But, you know...that's ok. So then we frosted it. Yep, right away.


This is what happens to melted frosting.

Who knew?! So Val and I decided to just make it "tie-dyed" with a spoon. Which really just turned it purple-y colored. Then the frosting got so melted it started looking like a liquid, which on the bright side softened the cake up a little. So I guess not much went right with Val and I baking this cake, and I say that as I sit here typing with pink frosting glued in my hair. Classy.

Good thing its the thought that counts. And because I love Nick and Lilly so much, as a gift to them, I won't make them eat it. :)

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