Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm Lookin' At An Angel.

I feel bad for not writing for a few tonight I'll write two posts! Lucky youu! But I'm not creative enough to think of enough entries for every other day...let alone two in one day. You all know the drill when I'm blank. Questions. So today's question is:

If you were to select a moment when you were convinced an angel was watching over you, when would it have been?

Now, nobody think I'm weird for this. Because I've only told one, maybe two people, in my entire life about this. But I even have entries in my diary about this. It's not really going to answer the question I selected, but I read this question off my list  that I have for these days...and instantly thought of what I'm about to tell you. So just go with it. 

Ever since I was in 8th grade I've been getting these dreams about this guy named Marc. (Marc with a "C" is what he always tells me). And in these dreams he tells me a little bit more about his life each time. And it's weird, because it's always the same guy in these dreams, and they aren't ever they aren't on nights when I'm super tired, or have done "x" before bed. They just randomly happen with no rhyme or reason. And it's been happening for years. Around 10 years or so (jeez, that just made me feel really old...). But anyways, he tells me about his family. Like he was the middle child with an older brother named Matt and a younger sister named...well, I can't remember, but she's an M too. And he died doing something stupid that his parents always got after him to not do or he'd get hurt, but he says he's always too embarrassed to tell me. He says he wasn't supposed to die and that my life and his were supposed to eventually cross paths, but he screwed that up by dying, so now it's his job or duty or whatever to look over me.

In my dreams I learn other random details about him, but nothing too major. Just that he was in 11th grade when he died. That he wasn't from Iowa, and had never been to Iowa. 

I know it's just a dream and  my brain doing who knows what while I sleep, but I still always wake up in the morning after these dreams and wonder why I've been having these "Marc" dreams for such a long time now. 

So, no, it's not an exact moment in time where I thought there was an angel watching over me. But for ten years my dreams have been telling me about my own personal guardian angel...Marc. And so that's how I'm going to answer that. 

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