Monday, November 28, 2011

A Few More

This website is so frustrating sometimes. I don't understand how people put pictures and writing on here. Because all my computer seems to do is freeze up.
She makes work bearable!
Naughty or Nice Santa Hats.
Yeup, def shoulda bought this from Target.

So yeah, if you can't tell, I had a pretty fun weekend. Here's to hoping I have a pretty good rest of my week too. It should be, I do have Zumba on Wednesday! Excited!!

A Few From The Weekend


I think maybe he likes me.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's That Time

So much happened this weekend, I don't know where to even start. I think you'd have to have lived it. But the guy came to visit this weekend so we spent the entire weekend with him and his friends that live in this city. Like I've said, his friends are awesome. It consisted of lots of going out to eat, shopping, playing a board game, watching New Girl, drinking games, bars, karaoke, meeting new people, and lots of laughs. Pictures might be coming soon, if I remember. I actually took quite a bit this weekend.They are all on my phone and currently my phone is in my bedroom, I'm in the living room and honestly I don't feel like getting up.

He taught me the joys of spotify. Now I'll probably play spotify while I pinterest. Spotify, by the way, is pretty much an iTunes collection with every song imaginable on it. Well, that's what they say, but I've already on my first day using it couldn't find two songs that I like on it. Either way, it's nice and I love it.  Speaking of music, I always forget how much I love XM radio until they turn it back on. Which the bitches did for the rest of the month about a week ago. Now I'm addicted to XM radio again and am going to be upset when it gets turned back off.

After Guy left to go back home (he lives 3 1/2 hours away...I guess I never really mentioned that) Nick and I decided to decorate for Christmas. Which, it sure doesn't feel like Christmas weather-wise. At least not that I'm used to! And that is no complaint!

The Living Room

Pretty Tree. :)

This week I will be starting a Zumba class with my friend Meredith. I heard they are fun! I hope so! So now I can do Zumba some days and run on others. My friend Amber and I decided that we were going to make it our personal goals to run 15 miles a week, which really isn't much, but is high enough to keep us motivated to make sure we are running every night after work. We are going to get each other small little gifts when we reach our goals. So glad to have Mere and Amber to keep me motivated!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I'm Thankful...

**For My Family**

Even though I was far from home today they still made sure  that I had a good, warm meal to eat. They made sure to talk to me and wish me a happy thanksgiving and let me know they were thinking of me. But it's not just today that I'm thankful for my family. I'm thankful that my Grandmother, Grandfather, and Mother send me things in the mail just so I have something happy to read. I'm thankful that I receive emails from them updating me on their lives. I'm thankful that I can count on them for everything, from financially to emotional to "how to make a boiled egg" instructions. I'm thankful for my crazy cousins and how lucky that I got some of the best people in the world to be related to.

**To Have Learned How To Become More Independent**

Ohhh, how much things have changed in one year! Last Thanksgiving I was living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I was calling my parents over everything all the time. I was an absolute wreck, not gonna lie, and I dealt with that stress by crying.  I didn't like driving and always had other people driving my car. Now I've learned how to figure things out on my own a lot better. If I don't know how to do them, I can call someone and have them help me figure them out. Now I've learned that crying doesn't help my stress, and it actually just makes the problem seem worse than it is and doesn't help anything at all. So I've started running. And you know what? I love it. It gives me time to think about rational ways with my problems and how to solve them effectively. Not to mention the effects its had on me in general. I drive all the time now, in fact, I prefer driving to riding as a passenger.  I've learned sometimes in order to make new friends you have to step out of your comfort zone and go for it. I've learned it's ok to go shopping at the mall alone, but I've also learned it's ok to ask that girl from work to go with you too. She just may end up being your new best friend. 

**For My Friends**

Nick: Thank you for being such a good roommate and not wanting to kill me everytime I clean up the apartment.  I know that drives you crazy. But I'm glad we are roommates because nobody else would understand my vewy guuud engish. Haha. Or random dance parties in our hallway. Orrr why there are shirts shoved into our front door closet...
Lilly: Thank you for being down with whatever, whenever. You have yet to say "no" to any random plans I come up with, even when I know sometimes you don't want to do them. Like that time I said "hey, let's soak gummy words in vodka, make pudding shots, then put the worms in our pudding shots!". Instead of telling me no absolutely not you drunkass you just gave me the "that's a horrible idea look" then let me do what I want. I'll probably get a "I told you" on Sunday...or maybe I'll get a "that was awesome! NEXT WEEKEND!?"
Pam: You are always so thoughtful and know the exact things to say to make my shitty days better. And when I'm having a good day you always have the sweetest things to say to make my day that much brighter.
Vince: Thank you SO much for always playing handyman for me. :) I know they are stupid little things you always help me with...but they mean a lot to me. Like my room is super cute with those curtains you hung up for me. Looks so homey.
Val: You and I can be doing absolutely nothing and we still have a really fun time. Even if we are watching TV and that's it. 
Lisa: Nobody loves Subway quite as much as we do. Which btw, subway date soon? OH! And Christmas shopping!  And your disapproval of every guy I've been on dates with has helped me start picking winners, obviously. PS- I'm glad you finally approve.
Sarah:  If it wasn't for you I would probably have no hair. Why? I'd have all mine pulled out by now from bitches driving me crazy. Thanks for always calling me down. On the bright side, you are teaching me how to be more bitchy and stand up for myself a lot more! Thank God you are pretty much always my partner at work.

And all my friends back home: Kait, Jacque, Jess, Adam, Kendra, Julyn, Seth, Amanda, Sean, Alex...ALL OF YOU! I miss you all so much! I don't talk to any of you quite as much as I wished and I'm sorry. I'll try to do much better!

Everything happens for a reason, and there's not one experience in my life I'd take back! 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Grenade: Bruno Mars

Had the day off. Still woke up at 6:30, which technically is sleeping in for me. I had made my to do list the night before so I decided that since I'm most productive in the morning I should get started on it. By 10 AM I had ran four miles, and cleaned, and I do mean CLEANED, the apartment, and had completed my to do list. Not gonna lie, I'll probably end up doing the same thing tomorrow too.

So tonight I was trying to put up some curtains in my room. Theres a stupid parking lot light right outside my window and I've never been one to wake up during the middle of the night. Until I moved here. I can not sleep through the whole night, ever. At least not when I stay at my place. But when I stay the night where it's actually dark in the room I can sleep the whole night through. So anyways I'm trying to be independent and put my own blinds up and we cant find Nick's electric screwdriver or whatever. So I'm trying to do it by hand. After 45 minutes all I successfully did was piss myself off and lose one of the screws the rod came with. I called Vince, he'll be here in the morning to help me put it up. At least I can say I tried.

I went to Michael's today to buy supplies for this really cute wall art thing that I found on, wait for it...PINTEREST! They didn't even have half the supplies I needed. I was so sad that I left that store empty-handed. I just want to get my room finished and cute since I'll be living here for over a year. I'm not worried though, I'll probably find other good ideas. Seriously, that website is addicting!

There is no New Girl on tomorrow. So that's upsetting. It's also upsetting that I have to go to a mandatory training tomorrow for work when my to do list for tomorrow is long and it's my "day off". I'm SO looking forward to this weekend! I guess I shouldn't really complain, I only have a three day work week. Well, four if you count Sunday. 

Black, Black, Black and Blue
Beat me til I'm numb
Til the devil I said "hey" when you get back to where you're from

******Oh, and the answer to your question:  Not Me. ******

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The More We Talked, The More We Laughed.

Today I was on pinterest. I know, what a surprise. Anyways, this popped up. It was so funny I started to cry.

I got these from HERE, and there are a bunch more as well! Feel free to check them out for a good laugh. 

So yesterday I got off work and was greeted at my apartment complex by two firetrucks, two cop cars, and all my buildings outside doors propped open. So I found some random dude, who was walking out of my building and asked him if we were allowed to go in. He said yes that they were allowed back in a few minutes earlier. So I walk up all the stairs  and not only is our floor smokey, but it also smells horrible and there are firemen standing in the hall. It was the apartment catty corner from Nick, Lilly, and I's place that caught on fire. Those dudes weren't even home when it started so we don't know what happened. That's kinda scary. And poor Maddie was crying when I got home. She had been home all alone. Poor lil girl. 

So to make up for it, she has a new wardrobe. What a little diva.  Her favorite is a little pink tutu. But she's currently dressed up as an Elf. To celebrate my favorite movie. Don't hate.

Went out to Ihop last night with some friends, (Nick, Lilly, Pam, and Lindsey)  and then out to the bars. Met up with all the girls from work (Lisa, Roxy, Lacy, and Casey),  plus my friend Amanda.  It was a pretty good time. Here are some funny quotes that happened last night. Maybe you had to be there for them to be hilarious, I don't know. I thought they were funny. Don't mind the profanity.

"That bitch just had a baby! I told you she wasn't just fat!"


"I just ate some nachos, so I'm not the freshest bitch in the joint"

I'll be working this week, including Thanksgiving. But I guess I don't really mind. Holiday pay, can't complain. Plus I was just home last weekend. And this weekend? I'm excited for!  Hopefully I'll remember to take pictures this time.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Is addicting.
Someone once described it like "getting a new magazine everyday".
So true. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I couldn't have asked for a better day today for my birthday! All my little old ladies were so sweet to me, giving me hugs all day, singing to me, giving me cards, pinching my cheeks, telling their visiting family members about my day, everything.  Nothing makes me feel more appreciated than these people. I mean I literally get paid to take care of these people, and it's so rewarding. I just love it and on days like today I realize why I have GOT to go back to school and become an RN. My co workers bought me doughnuts (including the maple frosted ones with sprinkles, my favorite!) and sang happy birthday over the walkie talkies. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. My phone and facebook were blowing up all day by people wishing me a happy birthday. Which gives me a good reason to get caught up with everybody who I haven't talked to in ages but always have wondered how they were. I'm sure you all know how that goes. Glee and New Girl were on tonight too, and both were episodes far exceeding previous episodes. And that's hard to do with New Girl.

Card From My Momma
Card From Kathy, A girl from work

Card From My Dad's Girlfriend
"Beautiful Flowers For A Beautiful Girl"

And these flowers! Aren't they beautiful? Yes, I thought so too. I'm thinking maybe he likes me. Maybe? They were accompanied by a "Happy Birthday!"  at midnight. He's good. :) i'm going to try really REALLY hard not to kill them. I also want to learn how to cook at least something nice so I can cook for him. He'd probably really like that. Or be afraid. I'm not sure which it is. I promise to eventually reveal more details about mystery man. I just don't want to jinx things! 

Anyways, I just wanted to say that today I had the most amazing day and I'm so glad to have so many amazing people in my life. I couldn't be any happier than I was today! Love love love!

24 (part 2)

So I just noticed yesterday that it only posted half of my blog! why? Because technology hates me. I'm pretty sure we've had this discussion already.

but anyways, here's my shirt from adam and kendra that matches my awesome room.

Then Sunday morning Adam and I had this conversation:
"Have you ever been to Ikea?" -Adam
"No, but I've always wanted to go!" -Me
"Well, let's go!" -Adam
"Ok! Where is it?" -Me
"The closest one is across the street from the mall.....of america" -Adam
"....." -Me
"It's fine, It's only a 3 1/2 hour drive"   - Adam 

Yep, that's the Minnesota state sign. Guess what we did! I think I have a new favorite store. :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

23 -> 24

Today was my last day being 23. Yep, that's right, tomorrow I'm offically old. I'm afraid I'll wake up, look in the mirror, and see this looking back at me.

But anyways, my trip back home was awesome. I spent a day with my Momma shopping. I pretty much doubled my wardrobe. Most of it all on sale. Let's see, I bought a brown cardigan, a white knit sweater, a golden yellow purse, and two bar shirts: a black lacey with purple underlay halter, and a leopard print cowl neck type halter thing. I also bought a new camelback, a lime green one. Mom bought me some cherry vanilla lotion and bodywash from Bath and Body Works and a black and white plaid vest. She also gave me a cute pair of brown sandals, a brown and a black pair of shoes, and three sweaters that she no longer wanted. Then my Dad and his girlfriend took me out to supper. From them I got a check. The next day my Mom and I got up and went to Libertyville for an Avon sale with my Grandma. I got banana flavored shampoo. I've just been sitting around smelling my hair lately. Delicious! Mmmm. Sunday I went up to Des Moines to visit Adam and Kendra. They got me cake. 
Ok, so they remembered I'm not a huge cake fan. But they knew I was a huge booze fan. So THAT was my "birthday cake". So you know, it's delicious with Vanilla vodka, half and half and grenadine as a shot. Mmmm. They also got me a shirt that just so happened to match my room back home.