Monday, November 14, 2011

23 -> 24

Today was my last day being 23. Yep, that's right, tomorrow I'm offically old. I'm afraid I'll wake up, look in the mirror, and see this looking back at me.

But anyways, my trip back home was awesome. I spent a day with my Momma shopping. I pretty much doubled my wardrobe. Most of it all on sale. Let's see, I bought a brown cardigan, a white knit sweater, a golden yellow purse, and two bar shirts: a black lacey with purple underlay halter, and a leopard print cowl neck type halter thing. I also bought a new camelback, a lime green one. Mom bought me some cherry vanilla lotion and bodywash from Bath and Body Works and a black and white plaid vest. She also gave me a cute pair of brown sandals, a brown and a black pair of shoes, and three sweaters that she no longer wanted. Then my Dad and his girlfriend took me out to supper. From them I got a check. The next day my Mom and I got up and went to Libertyville for an Avon sale with my Grandma. I got banana flavored shampoo. I've just been sitting around smelling my hair lately. Delicious! Mmmm. Sunday I went up to Des Moines to visit Adam and Kendra. They got me cake. 
Ok, so they remembered I'm not a huge cake fan. But they knew I was a huge booze fan. So THAT was my "birthday cake". So you know, it's delicious with Vanilla vodka, half and half and grenadine as a shot. Mmmm. They also got me a shirt that just so happened to match my room back home. 

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