Monday, November 21, 2011

Grenade: Bruno Mars

Had the day off. Still woke up at 6:30, which technically is sleeping in for me. I had made my to do list the night before so I decided that since I'm most productive in the morning I should get started on it. By 10 AM I had ran four miles, and cleaned, and I do mean CLEANED, the apartment, and had completed my to do list. Not gonna lie, I'll probably end up doing the same thing tomorrow too.

So tonight I was trying to put up some curtains in my room. Theres a stupid parking lot light right outside my window and I've never been one to wake up during the middle of the night. Until I moved here. I can not sleep through the whole night, ever. At least not when I stay at my place. But when I stay the night where it's actually dark in the room I can sleep the whole night through. So anyways I'm trying to be independent and put my own blinds up and we cant find Nick's electric screwdriver or whatever. So I'm trying to do it by hand. After 45 minutes all I successfully did was piss myself off and lose one of the screws the rod came with. I called Vince, he'll be here in the morning to help me put it up. At least I can say I tried.

I went to Michael's today to buy supplies for this really cute wall art thing that I found on, wait for it...PINTEREST! They didn't even have half the supplies I needed. I was so sad that I left that store empty-handed. I just want to get my room finished and cute since I'll be living here for over a year. I'm not worried though, I'll probably find other good ideas. Seriously, that website is addicting!

There is no New Girl on tomorrow. So that's upsetting. It's also upsetting that I have to go to a mandatory training tomorrow for work when my to do list for tomorrow is long and it's my "day off". I'm SO looking forward to this weekend! I guess I shouldn't really complain, I only have a three day work week. Well, four if you count Sunday. 

Black, Black, Black and Blue
Beat me til I'm numb
Til the devil I said "hey" when you get back to where you're from

******Oh, and the answer to your question:  Not Me. ******

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