Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Nathan and I went house hunting last weekend. We toured this one ranch styled home. It had many things that I loved, and many that I didn't. The few things that were awesome though were SO awesome that it's totally worth it. Except for the fact that it is out of our price range. Daaaang. But let me share them with you.

That's a built in oven....and it's teal!
the countertop stove is also the same color!
Nathan and I really really like the neighborhood these houses are in. And we wanted to get an idea of the houses in the area. So we thought we should check this one out. In the picture it looks disgusting. I know. But in person it is so cool! How many people can say they have original retro oven and stovetops. and they are in mint condition. You can tell the elderly couple who lived here really loved their home.

I'm not much of a cook though. I'm more of a "primper". I could spend hours in the bathroom getting ready. So naturally the biggest thing to me is looking at the bathroom. This one had a beautiful black and grey tile and countertop. Then a pink sink, tub, and toilet. The pink would have to go. It's not classy. Then I found this. I saw it and literally yelled "Naaaathan!!! Come here! NOW!" He came running in like I was falling off a cliff dying. Probably thought I found something horrid. Nope I found this baby:

That's a toilet paper roll holder.
With a built in radio tuner/volume control
Genius? Awkward? Both.
Still awesome.

Lastly it had two kitchens. One upstairs and one downstairs. Downstairs we'd have to add a bar. Not just because we like our booze, but also so I can host Thanksgiving. Have to have somewhere to spread out all of those dishes! I'm pretty dead set on hosting. Nathan's even been helping me learn to cook so I'm ready! I cooked a lot of yummy foods last week. Even made myself a frozen pizza tonight, with no help. And it turned out perfect. Anyway, yes, this house had two kitchens.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Just Call Us Match Makers.

I've noticed I won't blog for awhile and then BAM! in one night I'll write like 10 posts. I'm not sure why I do it this way. Doesn't seem very logical to me. Then again, "Logical" has never been accused of being my middle name either though, sooooo...yeah.

Friday Nathan and I went to an ugly sweater party. We met up with Nathalie and Derek, who is Nathan's best friend from high school. Turns out Nathalie and Derek have some chemistry! Ow ow! They were dancin' and mackin' on each other all night long!

Saturday, Nathan and I woke up to a text message that I'm still laughing about:

"remember that time I went out with you and ended up making out with your girlfriend's best friend? yeah, that was awesome".

Maybe Nate and I can add superstar matchmakers to our ever-growing list of stuff we rock at.

Guys Like Me - Eric Church

Have I told you guys how awesome of a boyfriend I have? Oh, I have? A lot? Get over it. That's because he's the best. I got my Christmas present from him a little early. I'm pretty sure it's the most amazing thing ever. First, I need to tell you all that three of my all time favorite country songs are as follows: Even If It Breaks Your Heart by Eli Young Band, You and Tequila by Kenny Chesney, and Springsteen by none other than my very favorite singer Eric Church. Turns out all three of them are preforming a concert together. And Nathan got us tickets! As if that wasn't perfect enough we have floor tickets! Saaaay whaaatttt!! But I'm not done yet! In order to get there we have to do one of my favorite things we do together. ROADTRIP!! And really good friend that moved away to the west coast is flying in, going to the concert with us, and then going out with us afterwards! He knows me so well!

Nathan and I have a lot of  "our" songs. But the majority of them are Eric Church songs. Let's take this one for example.

I wear a greasy ball cap   Greasy hardly covers it
I like my shirt untucked   True.
I spend Saturdays working on my truck Yeup, he sure does. No fail.
I don't like to fight Uh huh. But I ain't scared to bleed Nope.
Most don't mess with a guy like me Badass.

'Cause guys like me drink too many beers on Friday after work If it's Friday, just assume I'm DD
Our best blue jeans have skoal rings Which I findly oddly attractive
We wear our boots to church Him and his damn boots. He thinks he needs another pair, by the way.
So rough around the edges
It's hard to believe
That girls like you
Love guys like me Awww, yes I do.
Your daddy worked at the bank Mom, actually. Mine worked on cars Well, ok, not so much this line.
You went to college
Sure did.
I pulled graveyards He sure does You must have had your pick
Of all the trust fund types
But you came back to me and only God knows why Because I love you

[Repeat Chorus]

Now there's a lot of guys like me out there
In a lot of little towns
And tellin' all our buddies, we won't ever settle down He did say that before he knew me. Was 6 years strong into it too!
We say thats just the way we are and the way we'll always be You mean, until I came along.
So God sends girls like you for guys like me
Thank God there's girls like you, for guys like me AWWW

Monday, December 3, 2012

Do You Have a Five?

So I was pretty sick this Sunday.
I had a drunk night downtown.
Which turned into not wanting to be done at 2 AM.
So Nate and I came home, continued drinking.
Strip go fish.

Unless you are my parents or grandparents.
In which case:

So I was pretty sick this Sunday.
I had a calm night in reading a book.
Which turned into not wanting the book to end.
So Nate and I bought the book, continued reading.
Footed pajamas and turtle necks.
Hot Apple Cider.

In either version, I slept until 2 PM. Nathan bought me my favorite candy and flavored water. How he didn't get hungover the flu is beyond me. I seriously was only out of bed yesterday to either A) throw up B) get more water C)Shower D) Make soup. I didn't even get out of bed to tell Nathan goodbye when he left for work that evening. Yeup. Class act. Good thing the whole world knows it now too.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nate, Kait, and Ella. I Want To Rhyme Too!

He was totally into chick flick day. Or sleeping. Whatev.

Sexy glasses Natey-baby!

These are the pictures after a drunk wine night. With Will Ferrell movies. It was going to be a girl's night with me and the bestie. But Nathan called. He missed me. He missed Kait. I missed him. Kait missed him. And then next thing we knew girls night was crashed. That was ok though. He was the only way we got our wine bottles open after we were trashed. That's the video Miss Kait is supposed to be sending! All of your lives will be complete once you see it. Plus he bribed us with pizza and breadsticks and candy. Dammit, he knows us too well.

Check back often! I'm waiting for a bunch of photo booth pictures of the three of us and our drunk videos! They are pretty entertaining. Like SNL only real life people.


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
You get to spend time all together with your family.
Without the stress of presents.
I think too many people focus on presents, and not enough on the joys of the others presence.
Did you see what I did there?
Yeah, I'm crafty like that.

I had a nice long vacation away from work for this holiday. It started around 2:30 PM Wednesday and didn't end until Monday around 6:30 AM. Technically.

After work on Wednesday, I had a killer long "to-do" list. It consisted of VERY important tasks such as tanning, painting my nails, deep moisturizing my hair, facebooking, working out, plucking my eyebrows, avoiding packing at all costs, etc. Then I had to move onto the less important taks. Such as: actually pack (You know, 8 outfits for 4 days, plus "loungewear", plus pajamas, plus five pairs of shoes, plus pretty much my entire wardrobe...I'm obviously not a light packer). I had to run buy the food so I could cook. Then I had to do the actual cooking. Tough cooking too! Cranberry salad and pumpkin pie flavored chex mix. I mean, jeez, could I have picked a bigger challenge?

Nathan's mom sent me the recipe for the cranberry salad. It's his favorite Thanksgiving day food. She emailed it, and I kid you not she wrote: "Serving Size: 1/8 cup, unless you are Nathan. Nathan's serving is 1/2 cup." I almost died laughing. He has his own serving size? What a weirdo. Then Nathan emailed me back "Joella, if you mess this up, you will ruin my  Thanksgiving. Good luck!". Jerk! Let the records show though that I did a pretty good job! Minus the "slicing" of the dried apricots part. I can't even describe to you what I did. It was pretty bad.

I like how I can pretty much make cranberry salad, but I somehow manage to burn chex mix. Literally burn. We are talking crispy black and smoky pieces. I didn't even do it the fancy way in the oven. Nope. Microwaved it. I used my Cornell degree and picked out all the burnt pieces. Clever, eh? Yeah I thought so. Nobody will ever know. Until now.

Since Nathan worked overnight that night, we left super early Thursday morning. Most people would probably still consider it night time really.  I didn't mind. I was just oh so excited to go home! I was expecting Nate to sleep the entire way to the boondocks, which  I sometimes refer to as my hometown, but  nope he stayed awake pretty  and kept me company singing our favorite Eric Church songs the whole way home! All you gotta do is put a drink in my hand!!  I was impressed, too much energy for how many hours he had been awake. Which was going on 26 hours by that point in time.

When we finally got to my hometown we did my favorite Thanksgiving day tradition! SEX!  Haha, just kidding. PG blog here, folks. We watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.  Correction: I watched it. He slept. Around noon my aunt called and asked where I was! They wanted to eat! Psh...We needed to hurry up and get there so we could eat!

Waking Nathan up is never a fun task. It takes like 15 minutes. It's probably the most frustrating thing about him. I get so annoyed because my alarm goes off and I'm that freak everybody hates who just pops out of bed and is instantly energized. Now imagine the exact opposite of that. The guy who lays in bed for an hour before being coherent enough to roll out of bed and slump into the shower. That's Nathan. On a good day.

Anyway, finally after what felt like 100 years, we headed over to my grandmothers house. We ate too much. Turkey. Mashed potatoes. Sweet potato casserole! Green bean casserole! Apple Nachos! (google them, delicious!) Stuffing. Cranberries. And after spending the day talking with my family and playing with my little cousin Mason, who is about a year and a half now; such a fun age, Nathan and I went to my Dad's house. We were loaded down with booze. Fancy expensive beer and cheap Hawkeye Vodka. Good combo, I know. But Dad and Nathan had big plans to drink together. Again. Nothing good came out of this the first time. But that was the agenda. Luckily for me they both agreed sleep was better. Although I was disappointed I missed out on my Blood Marys. I even brought pickles over.

Friday we got up early and made the journey to his parents house. And repeated the cycle. I had a good time because I got to meet a bunch of his family I hadn't met before. At the end of the night Nathan, his sister, and I went into the basement and watched my favorite movie, Elf. I learned that his sister has an unnatural addiction to the Christmas movie How The Grinch Stole Christmas that is eerily similar to my Elf addiction. She said she also watches it all year round. Haha. See, I'm not the only one!

Saturday morning I woke up and Nathan's mom was telling me about this place in town that had just opened up. It's a place where new businesses can rent out slots until they get enough money to buy their own shop. She said it's like a market. That there were fresh meats and fresh cheese stands. Mexican breakfast burrito stands. Smoothie stands. Homemade ice cream stands. Floral shops. All kinds of cool stuff like that! I told her it sounded like a good idea, and she asked if we should go wake Nathan and his sister up and go there for breakfast. Of course I said yes. And it was so cool! I got a bacon egg and cheese burrito and banana smoothie. Delicious!

That evening we went to a hockey game! And by "we" I mean my sister and her fiance, my dad and his girlfriend, Nathan and I, Nathan's parents, and Nathan's aunt and uncle. I was having a great time! Even if I was a little, ok a lot, nervous since it was a giant outing with both sides of our extended families meeting. They all got along and talked to each other the whole time.

I may not understand the rules to ice hockey, but let me tell you what. It's by far my favorite sport to watch! So here I've been watching ice hockey games for years, and here is Nathan who doesn't really watch it. Ever. And yet he somehow knows the rules. I ask him how he knows more rules than I do when I actually, you know, watch it.
"Because I'm a dude. We know this stuff. It comes natural. Never trust a man who doesn't understand sports. Remember that"
I don't think Nathan's family enjoy hockey as much as my family and I do though. His parents and aunt and uncle left after the 2nd period. They didn't miss much really, because we lost. Sad day.

Afterwards Dad, his girlfriend, my sister and her fiance, Nate and I went out to my favorite restaurant. Texas Roadhouse! I looove their green beans. And loaded sweet potato! Then we said our goodbyes and headed back to Nathan's parent's house.

Sunday morning I tried to let Nathan sleep as long as I could, so we could leave at a reasonable time for him to get back to work overnight. I wake up early. It's a curse. So I laid on the couch with his mom, it's a it's not like we were cuddling! and we watched episodes of NCIS. I like that show. Then she made Nathan wake up and fed  us cranberry french toast, scrambled eggs, toast, and sausage. She packed us up with Izze sodas for the ride home and new bedsheets for both of our beds, random. You had to be there. And we made the journey home. Without hitting a deer this time.

As Long As I'm Living, My Baby You'll Be.

I picked my first tattoo.
Now I just need to pick where.
And the font.
I was thinking right underneath where my bra ends.
Under my arm, on my side.
In a pretty, but not too frilly font.
I love it. 
Click on her link.

Happy Birthday, Me!!

Haha, funny story. So a few months before my birthday I set an alarm on Nathan's iPad to go off at midnight and say "Happy Birthday Joella!" and so when it went off on my birthday, I was the first person to wish myself a happy birthday. What a lame-ass!

So on my birthday I walked into work and the guys from work had gotten me:
Snickerdoodle cookies
Chocolate cupcakes
Dried Cranberries (I have a bad habit of snacking on them all day long)
They had them all stacked up on my desk. It was the sweetest thing. Along with a funny card they had all signed "from the lube centa' gang$tas". Haha. It was so funny!

Then all the lights in the building went out. I started looking around when all five of them, including my boss came in singing happy birthday with a little homemade brownie they had stuck a candle in. After singing it, and me blowing it out, one of them reminded me to "not get used to them serenading me".  They were delicious brownies!

I was doing my paperwork and had to go up to the main office, which is located on the other side of the campus I work on. I get up there and they had somehow gotten me bags of the best potato chips ever! Sterzings! This is awesome because down in my little hometown of Iowa everybody knows what they are. But here? Nobodys heard of them. Then one of the office guys asked me how old I was turning.
"How old are you guessing?"
"Seriously? Damn. I was thinking you were fresh out of high school"
My day was getting better and better!

Then while at work, the guy who shares the front desk with me's mother came in and gave me a beautiful boquet of colorful daisys. She loves me because I told her "when people think of mothers, they think of people like you". She's just your classic mother. Loving, sweet, funny, smiling, cooking, everything.

When I got off work Nathan came over and sang to me. I love when he sings to me. Then he dedicated a song to me. Which he's done plenty of times, with this same song, plenty of times since then. But this was the first day he did it. 

Then he handed me a gift certificate and said he knew I loved shopping and had noticed everytime I went recently I never came home with much. Then he said "plus you always do this" and stood up stomped his feel on the floor and whined "I have nothing to wear! I hate everythiiing in my closet". He said he knew it was because I felt guilty buying stuff for myself when we were saving for that house we both love (did I tell y'all we found one!?) and now I wouldn't have to! Awww. He's the best. I asked him if he was going to shop with me and he said "um, yeahhh, I kinda assumed that would be like a girl-day thing you'd do with Nathalie". His parents also got me a gift certificate! So now I have some major shopping to do for myself.

What sucks about having a birthday in November is that I just want to use those gift certificates to buy other people's Christmas presents. Usually I do. But nope. Not this time. Me!

Anway, then my roommate got me bloody mary mix and a pink rose!

The whole day was filled with receiving cards (thank you mom, dad, and grandma and grandpa!), facebook messages, text messages, phone calls, everything! It was by far the best birthday I'd had in awhile. I even cried tears of happiness! Such a good day!


Welp, had my first Raynauds attack of the season yesterday. Welcome back, winter. It's been awhile since I'd had one, you know, since I haven't had a real winter in awhile.

In case you don't know what Raynauds is I'll tell you. A  Raynauds attack happens when I get cold. Too cold, which isn't hard since my sensitivity to the cold is obnoxious, low? Or would it be high? I'm highly sensitive. when my blood vessels narrow themselves so much that blood can't get to my skins surface. My fingers turn white, literally white, get flat, and hurt. Hurt really really bad. I can't feel much once it gets to a certain point. No "touch" sensations I should say. I can't tell you if something I'm touching is rough or soft. But what I can tell you is that it hurts like a bitch. I can also tell you that running them under hot water at this point is a very bad idea. Learned that one the hard way. I can also tell you that having somebody try to warm up my hands by putting them in between their own and rubbing them feels like I'm being stabbed. Thanks for that lesson, Mom. Haha, no offense. But seriously, were your hands laced with razors that day? Eventually they warm back up, round back up, and turn normal colored again...all on their own. But until then I'm in pain, I'm freezing cold, and when it happens in my fingers I swear my fingernails are hanging on my nothing. It seriously feels like if I bump them they are just going to fall off.

Yep, looks about right.
I have a picture pretty much identical to this saved on my phone. Unfortuenly for all of you, my phone is lying beside me almost dead. And I refuse to use the battery up for anything besides a phone call that I'm expecting either from Kait or Nate. (I'm never getting over their rhyming names). Isn't that crazy and/or creepy how you can see exactly where the vessels are affected? Hurts my poor lil fingers just lookin' at the picture!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rambling to Avoid Productivity/Bed

Have you seen Pitch Perfect yet? I told y'all to go see it! I went and saw it, again. Made that man-o-mine go too. He hated it. Said I owed him inappropriate-things-for-the-parents/grandparents-ears for "forcing" him to watch it. Funny because I specifically remember offering him two other choices of movie that night but nooooo, we went to Pitch Perfect. Not that I'm complaining, you twig bitches.

We finally got our Thanksgiving plans all made. Whew, just in time since it's only a week and a half away. Sounds like we will be doing a lot of driving! Got a lot of family to see in a short four days. Nathan has somehow convinced my grandmother we need beer at our Thanksgiving. You know that same grandmother that told me "only whores go to bars" when she asked if I was going to a bar on my 21st birthday. How did he convince her of this? I'm not sure. She must like him. But she better like me more. Or else.

Speaking of my Grandmother, and Grandpa, I have a really cute Christmas idea for them. Can't tell you what though because sometimes she gets a crazy hair and read this here blog. Don't worry though, it's cheap!

I've seriously been sitting in front of my computer looking at paint colors, and how to stain furniture, and cheap remodeling ideas all afternoon. I have house brain. I think it got rid of my baby brain. Although we were discussing our opinions on how to raise our future children.

Did I tell you we now have two guns, with a third on the way? Yeup. That dang concealed weapons permit takin' up all our moneys. He just got us another one, hence the two. A big one. A rifle. I'm not sure of the specifics. But it's big and scary looking. Because we are badasses.

That reminds me. His christmas present, also badass. A cannon. A mini one. From pocketartillery. I'm excited for Christmas to get here so we can shoot it. Between this cannon and all of our guns, this is why we can't have nice things. Dangit.

Ok, Ella, it's late. Well, not too late, but late for you because you act like a Grandmother. Get to bed. Niiiight!

House Hunters.

Nathan and I did such grown up things today. Well, if you ignore the sleeping in until 1 PM thing. That was him, not me, by the way. I got up at 8. Cleaned. Watched a movie (A Christmas one). Had breakfast. Showered. Etc etc. Hey now, don't judge him! The man works overnights and so he sleeps weird hours. Anyway, grown up things. Right. Ok.

House Shopping! That's what we did today! We went around town and looked at a few open houses. And we each fell in love with one. Weird because we only looked at a few houses. Not only that, but it was the same house! We don't have much in common when it comes to styles of houses, but this one...we both loved.

It had two living rooms upstairs, a formal one and then one where you would put a television. A cute eat in kitchen. Two huge bedrooms. A nice sized bathroom. Hardwood floors. Huge windows. A bar in the downstairs living room area. (Yep, for a total of three living rooms). The only bad part? A one car garage. Between the both of us we have three vehicles. One car, one truck, and a crossover. I think my car should get the garage, he says his truck should. Guess we will have to learn how to take turns.

I'm excited. Keep tuned to find out more!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Chocolate Labs. Again.

Seriously, I'm obsessed with chocolate labs. Bet you couldn't tell from all the posts I have about them, eh? I can't wait until we get our house so I can have one. That was the deal we made. I'll stay in this city if I can get my Chelsea.  Him and his best friend are already talking about how his puppy and Chelsea are going to be best-dog-friends and play together and go on walks and car rides together. It's pretty cute.

Feel free to have a few "Awww moments".

I WILL cry when this day comes to me. There is no doubt in my mind. I will be that girl.

And I can't wait to train her and teach her things and walk her and love her.

You can't NOT love them. It's just impossible. Look at that face. PLAY WITH ME!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012


I won't even sugarcoat it. I'll just come right out and say it. I was pretty lazy this weekend. And by pretty lazy, I mean I did absolutely nothing. Ever. All weekend.  And I had such big plans! I was thinking this was going to be a jam packed, fun, exciting, weekend. That I would be exhausted and have so many good and fun stories to tell you all about on Monday. But here I am on Sunday, writing a post about everything that I DIDN'T do this weekend.

Let's start off by me telling you what was supposed to go down this weekend. Pretty much every minute of this weekend was planned out. I left work about 30 minutes early on Friday, just because the weekend was so jammed full, I needed that extra 30 minutes to fit everything in. I'm not even exaggerating here. I needed to run home after work and shower, get all dolled up, and pack for this busy weekend. I knew I wouldn't be back to my place again until Sunday night. I had to get all cute because I was going to be going to a concert on Friday night with Nathan and two of his best friends. But we also were going to be getting up balls early Saturday morning so we could tailgate before the morning game. So that meant before the concert, we had to get everything for the game prepared before the concert. Like making food, and more importantly, jello shots. So, obviously, Saturdays plans were getting up, tailgating, then going to a football game. That night we were going to go see a movie. Not all of us, just Nate and I. Have a little bit of "date time" in this weekend. Sunday we had planned on making chilli for my chilli contest at work and just hanging out with his friends in a more relaxed way as we were going to be exhausted from the day before.Whew! Eventful, right?

Errrr. Wrong.

Here's what I ended up doing.

The weekend started off as planned. After work I ran home and showered and packed for the weekend. I showered and got dolled up in record time. In what would usually take me 2 hours, I got done it 35 minutes. I was a woman on a mission! I didn't even know I was capable of getting that "hottie-fied" is such a short time frame! So anyway, Once I had done all of that jazz I went over to Nate's best friend's house and we started to make jello shots for the tailgate. Nathan makes a mean apple pie. And not the baking kind. The everclear kind. Can you see where I am going from here? That's right, we invented the apple pie jello shot. Maybe not invented it, because I'm sure somebody has done it before, but we had never heard of it. So we invented it. We even cut up real apples and put them in there to make it more interesting than just a plain ol' jello shot! We were pretty pumped to try them!

Then the four of us went to the concert. the weekend was still on track. It wasn't  any type of music I was at all interested in, so I wasn't expecting to really enjoy myself. I mean, hell, the only reason I went was because it was something to do, and I knew it was Nate's favorite band. And what kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn't go see his favorite band with him with his favorite friends? A bad one. So we went to the concert, and had a good time. I wasn't drinking at all, but let me tell ya. Most people were. And drunk people and dancing and concerts are HILARIOUS when you are 100% sober.  After the concert, I had planned on going back to Nathan's friend's house for the night since we were leaving at 5 AM in the morning to get to the game. This is where we started to get off track. I was outnumbered by the guys, who decided sleep was for the weak, and instead we needed to go to the bar "for one drink". Well, that turned into staying until close.

So we get to his best friends house shortly after 2 AM and I decide at that point, I was going to bed. won't lie, I was a little grumpy at this point. Here I was sober and extremely tired since I usually wake up around 5 AM for work. The guys were all drunk and loud and obnoxious and I was just irritated. So while the guys were all upstairs so I went down to the basement and went to sleep on the couch. Nathan, like a good boyfriend, came down as soon as he realized I was done for the night. I'm not sure how late the other two were up, but that isn't important.

The alarm goes off at 4:00 AM. Shit. I am beyond tired. I peel off the couch and go do my makeup and put on layer over layer over layer of clothes. Gotta keep warm! Then I attempt to get Nathan up. "Babe, let's just cuddle a little bit longer. I have an alarm set, it's fine".  Lie. He actually didn't have an alarm set. We wake up around...ohhhh 9 AM to his friend saying "shit, we slept in!" and then all of us falling back asleep. So, needless to say we didn't make it to the game.

People decided they would just come over to  Nathan's friend's house to watch the game and drink beer and eat all of our tailgate food. We literally watched football and drank beer on the couch all day. Am I forgetting those jello shots we made? Nope, we ignored those apple pie jello shots. I guess there is a reason they haven't been invented. They were disgusting. Not a "oh, these are gross but they are strong so I'll manage" disgusting. A legitimate "nobody can even choke these down, despite the good amount of booze in them" disgusting.

 Around 7 PM Nathalie asked what I was doing. I told her how "productive" I had been that day laying on the couch. She suggested going out. Yes. Please. I needed some female in my life. Afterall, I had been the only one at work  all week, and so far that weekend. So I convinced all the guys to get their butts off the couch and  we went out to eat. Then we went out for a couple of drinks. Nathan and his friends are a riot. I don't even have words to explain them. They danced. They sang. They attempted to pick up chicks. You name it, they did it. However, once again I was the sober one because we took my car. It holds the most people. I convinced them we needed to go back to the house so I could drink as well. That turned into me dropping them off and Nathan and I going back to my place for the night.

Nathan and I didn't wake up until noon. Which really is 1 PM since we fell back last night. I guess that whole day of doing nothing really wore us down! I had been craving some ice cream like no other, plus it was Sunday so we went and  got some orange leaf (which is delicious, by the way!). Nathan ate a half pound of froyo by himself. He was a hungry man! He's also a lactose intolerant man! So the car ride back over to his friend's house afterwards...oh my. I thought I was going to die. I love that man, I do. But whew-wee! Smelly.

Then we made some chilli. By we I mean Nathan and his friend. They said I can have full credit for making it for the chilli contest. Thank you, boys! Then we watched more football and napped on the couch.

And that was my weekend.

Cool story, bro.

Lazy, eh?

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


In celebration of tomorrow being the first day of my birth month, I decided to read up on the personality traits of my astrological sign: Scorpio. Here's what I found:

Scorpios are deeply emotional people. They feel all kinds of emotions, whether positive or negative, with great intensity. Scorpios are supposed to be extremely jealous and bitter about their rivals and enemies. As far as their loved ones are concerned, Scorpios love deeply and passionately.
I am a very emotional person. Either very happy or very mad or very sad. There's rarely any in between. That makes me sound bipolar. 

A peculiarity of a Scorpio personality is that they hide their real motives and agendas from other people. They also have an inherent need to be in control, all the time.
I am a control freak.
Mysteries, paranormal, occult, deeply interest the Scorpios. This is because by nature, Scorpios like to invest and probe until they find out all the answers.
True. Ask my mom. Playing with Ouija boards, ghost hunting. UFOs. Watching Unsolved Mysteries all the time.
Another personality trait of a Scorpio is that they understand the human mind very well. They almost instantly know why a person is talking or acting in a particular way.
Um, hello, psych major.

Scorpios are very independent people who are happy being on their own. They are not very social and are even quite capable of staying alone.
 Yeahhhh, I'm kinda a homebody.  And by kinda I mean...I really only like being social on Friday nights and Saturdays. The rest of the time I actually like being home alone more.

Scorpios are highly ambitious people. They are power-hungry too. They can work relentlessly, without a break in order to achieve what they want. They are quite flexible when it comes to work. If they feel a certain way of doing things is not working for them, they opt for a different approach.
Mehhh, I don't know about this one.
A Scorpio will neither forgive nor forget, if her trust has been broken. She might go to the extreme of harming the person who has wronged him in some way.
Key word: might. Because I would never do that. But it's true. I don't forgive and I don't forget. I'm still holding grudges against people for things they did to me way back in high school. It's true.

Scorpios as lovers are all about passion, sensuality, possessiveness and mystery. A Scorpio woman is flirtatious and seductive but at the same time very committed and affectionate when in deep relationships. A Scorpio woman is very demanding, at the same time very fascinating woman. She likes to be in full control in her relationship. 
Talk to Nathan.
 A little creepy, eh?  Seriously people, what do you think? Don't just read this. Look yours up and tell me if it matches your personality! I'm a little interested in this, I want to know! I never really thought much about. I mean I'll read my horoscope in the paper and then get a good chuckle out of it, but never really thought twice about it. It's fun to know though. Now chop chop!! Go on, looks yours up then come back and tell me about it. Please!


Excuse the post-shower hair and lack of makeup.
Well looky what I've got here! Could that be...BY GEORGE IT IS!! That Nathan guy has finally given me "let me borrow" his big comfy feather down comforter! You know, that one where I threatened to marry him if he kept if for forever. And if he thinks he is ever getting it back, he is wrong. (I guess it doesn't really matter if we are buying a house together anyway). My bed is now the most comfortable bed in the world. I'm actually excited to go to bed tonight. Is that weird? Probably. But oh well. I don't care who knows it! I'll scream it at the top of my lungs from the tops of the mountains!  Not only is this comforter really comfortable, it's also comforting when Nate is away because it smells just like him. So I guess I should call it my comfortable, comforting comforter. HA! No wonder English is such a hard language to learn.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Getting Old.

...It is almost November.
Is that even allowed?
It feels like winter outside.
OK, a warm winter.
The correct term for that is autumn.
Or just "cool".
I'm not a fan.
Summer, come back please?

On another note, I need a second job. To make more moo-lah. A lot of it. I also need to cut coupons and pinch pennies. Maybe live off of ramen. Better not turn into a fatty chunkster! Yeahhh, you're right, too risky. Maybe not live off ramen, than. But definitely live cheap. We have 8 months to get saved up. I'm nervous. All a part of growing up, right?

PS - Why are weekends so short and the week so long?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Nathan drags me to tailgates a lot. Like, on this Saturday he will. I've been in a baking mood lately, and by that I mean I've been pinning a bazillion things on pinterest that I have been wanting an excuse to make. Tailgating is that excuse. (Today I made cake batter rice krispie treats, cake batter cookies, and oatmeal vanilla chip cookies)

1. Chex Mixes
Margarita Chex Mix

Backyard BBQ Chex Mix
2. Cookie Bars
3. Nut Bars

I guess none of these are really that impressive. Or real food. But I have to start somewhere! And at least I'm wanting to be in the kitchen. That should count for something!


 I'm not like your normal girl that views shoes as it's own category of porn. Nope I could care less about shoes. In fact, now that it's getting cooler out, all I've been wearing lately is my moccasin slippers shoes. Instead I prefer to go gaga over jackets and coats. And it's getting to be that time of the year!  But this isn't about my jacket "want" fetish. Oh no, this is over my jacket  need fetish.

1. The place where I work is freezing. Freezing as in I wear my coat inside even when I don't need to wear it outside. The one I wear now is a maroon colored fleece. But you can tell it's a been a favorite one for the past few years because it's coming apart at the bottom. In a perfect world I'd love to have an all black fleece or casual jacket to wear to work. Black because I somehow manage to get oil all over me almost every day.

2. Nathan pointed something out to me the other day, and ever since I've been bothered by it. I have a closet full of coats and jackets, yet none of them are to wear going out, such as to the bars or on a date. I have cute sports jackets, and cute pea coats. But no cute going out jackets. There's a super cute mustard colored one at target I've been obsessed with since the day I saw it. I don't know why I don't just get it. (Yes I do, because the black fleece one is higher on my priority list)



Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Have you seen the new iPod Nano? 
What the hell?
I want it.
But I already have one.
But I looove the new ones.

Bluetooth! Like, duh, why'd it take so long for that to come around?
The new earbuds! They may actually fit in my ear without falling out.
The size! I could actually not "fat-finger" click on things I didn't mean to!
The colors! Mint, yellow, rose.


I attempted to cook last night. 
Ramen noodles.

Boil water.
Add noodles.
Boil again.
Drain most of water.
Add flavor packet.

Here's what I did:
Boil water.
Add noodles.
Boil again.
Drain most of water.
Add flavor packet.
Spill extremely hot water all over my jeans.
Have scalding water stuck to my skin because of jeans.
Cry while laying on floor.
Realize I need to cool it off.
Take cool shower for 45 minutes.
Leg still burning.
Add ice to my leg.
Give up.
Go to bed.

That's right. I can even mess up ramen noodles. What is wrong with me. Seriously.  Please help.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Not to brag, but I have the best grandparents in the world. They are always there for me, and are great at keeping up to date on my life. Not to mention they are hilarious. I wish I had more pictures with them so I could put them on here. I guess that's something I'll have to accomplish on the holidays.

This weekend was a busy one. Filled with a ton of time with my girlfriends. And Nathan, of course. Plus a lot of productivity. GO ME!

And right now I think I am getting sick. Sore muscles, fever, and fatigue. I've just been sleeping pretty much all day. This is unlike me. I don't like sleeping in. Really, ask Nate. Remember when we first started dating and I told you he was trying to teach me to "relax"? Yeah, not working, still. But last night  I slept for ten hours, then took a two and a half hour nap,  and will be going to bed after I type this and shower. I think that's what I need though. Lots of sleep.

My apartment is furnished! With real furniture! My room is rearranged! I'm in love with this place now. I just finally got settled into this place and now we are talking about moving already. I'm so ready to just be in a house. Just gotta finish up this lease, then get a place with Nate for a year, save up hardcore that year (work two jobs for me, Nate keep working all his crazy shifts with a crapton of overtime) and then it's buy a starter house time! Thank goodness. I'm sick of all this moving crap.

Anyway, here's a few shots from the weekend. Love these girls.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pitch Perfect

I am in love with this movie. I've never been one of those people who see a movie more than once. Ok, minus Elf, which I watched during the month of December to no fail last year. But other than Elf, nope. Especially seeing the same movie in theatre more than once? Don't make me laugh.

But this movie? A true contender. I had never even heard of this movie until my roommates mother recommended we see it. I was in my good ole' hometown this past weekend and my sister suggested we see it. I agreed after watching the above trailer. I even convinced my mom to go!

I was worried that it was going to be like every other movie where all the good and/or funny in the whole movie were cramped into the trailer, while the rest of the movie was stupid and boring. This movie did not disappoint. It's like Napoleon Dynamite in that the whole movie is quotable. It's like Mean Girls and Glee combined storywise. It's just a movie that I wouldn't mind having in my (very small) DVD collection. And by "wouldn't mind having" I really mean, I will have this movie.

So go see it! It's totally worth it! I'm not sure if dudes will get as much of a kick out of it as my mom, sister, best friend, and I did. But it's worth a shot. I guess I don't have any guys' opinions on this movie, as none I know have seen it. But I haven't met a chick who has watched it and NOT loved it! Seriously, go see it. Skedaddle!


Monday, October 15, 2012


Have you ever just been completely unmotivated? Yeup. That's what I'd like to call myself today. But I did get three loads of laundry done! So that should count as something. I even have a checklist, and I'm so unmotivated that I'm not caring if the things on it get checked off or not. Say whaaat!

*It's taken me an hour to write that paragraph.*

Let's do a question. Haven't done one of them suckas in awhile. Let's go with this one: 
What Pet Scares You?

I'll have nightmares from this picture alone!
Birds scare me. Especially cockatiels. There were two ladies in the nursing home with them. They'd let them just fly around their apartment. Usually they would be good and calm when us girls came into the room to help their owtner. But one time one of the ladie's bird, Kemmy, decided he was going to swoop at me. He must have been mad because I was in the apartment without his owner, who had asked me to run back and grab her a warmer sweater. So anyway, here is this bird swooping at me. You know what I did? I ran, screaming, and shut myself in her closet. I heard Kemmy still flying around like a mad man. Then my pager started going off, telling me more people needed my help. Well, that's just a little too bad, because I needed help. I mean I am TERRIFIED of these things. I'm sitting in the closet having a mini panic attack. My heart is racing, my arms are shaking, I'm just a mess. Over a little bird. Seriously? I had to get on my walkie talkie. This conversation really happened:

"So...I know there are pages going off, but can somebody come to ******'s room please?"

"She's out here in the dining room"

"No, I know. I'm know...trapped in her closet"

**I'd like to point out the I'm now editing out a lot of people, also with walkies, joking with me/making fun of me. Such as: my boss, the girls in the Alzheimer's Unit, residents around other girls with walkies, etc**


"Her bird is out"

"Oh jeez. I'm coming, Ella, you little turd"

Yep, that's how classy I am. I locked myself in a closet, AT WORK, because there was a bird flying around me. Have I shared this story before? I feel like I have!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Friends Like You

 This woman is moving away and leaving me. I'm sure you all recognize her from all the pictures I've taken with her. Melanie. The one I go to those hockey games with, that I go shopping with, that I go out to the bars and concerts with. She just accepted a job out in California as a nurse. She's going to have SO much fun, I just know it. I'm so happy for her, I really am. But at the same time I'm a little sad for me. Does that make me a bad person? We, as in Mel and I, have plans that I'm going to fly out there every Sunday so we can have Blood Marys on the beach. We just informed Nathan of this last night, as his presence is obviously also required. He had to go be all realistic on us and tell us "that may get expensive". Whatta fun hater. lol.

On the bright side, this chica almost left as well. And yet I somehow convinced her to stay. Good, because her and I have too much fun together. This is the girl I can tell absolutely everything to. The one who I'll go to her apartment and we can spend the whole weekend together and just never be bored. She's the one who got me into making my own jewelry (which I got compliments on this weekend, by the way!). Miss Nathalie.

I really don't know how I lucked out and got such great people in my life!

Happy Birthday Nathan!

It's this guy's birthday. It's official. He's old today. 29. Wheeeew. You see all those greys in that picture? Yeah, it's not a very good picture of either one of us. Plus he's holding onto my necklace. Why? I don't know.

This man though, he's the best. I couldn't have asked for a better man. He's  patient with me. I won't lie, I have a temper and I'm over dramatic and freak out on him. Sometimes when it has nothing to do with him at all, and yet I still take it out on him. Nathan never reacts by yelling at me or just walking away. He knows exactly what to say to me to make me calm down. He's smart and is way into politics, something I find extremely attractive, but doesn't judge or put down people who have opinions different from his own. The man is hilarious, I can be on the verge of tears and a second later be cracking up. And his laugh...contagious. Even my mom is in love with his laugh. He's dependable, I know I can always trust him. He's loyal. And he balances out all of my weaknesses with his strengths and vice versa. Nathan is just incredible, and I'm so lucky to have somehow stolen his heart and kept him for as long as I have.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stop, Drop, & Roll

There I was, sitting on my bed watching Netflix when the apartment fire alarm went off. I had just finished a workout not too long ago so I was just in my workout shorts and a sports bra. You know, just hangin' out in my bra watchin' a movie. Totally normal. I peeked out into the hallway to see what was going on. Because that's normal behavior when the fire alarm is going off. Well, I saw smoke rolling out of the laundry room door. Ah, shit. Guess I better get outta here. So I went back inside my apartment, put on a sweatshirt (because it was cold out), put on some shoes, put my most prized possession in my purse (my Molly stuffed dog), grabbed my cell phone and purse and got out of there. By the few minutes it took me to do that, the smoke had gotten down to my end of the hall. The opposite end. I locked my door. In case robbers wanted to break into the burning building and steal Nate's iPad or something? I don't know.

I went outside and practically nobody is out there. So I asked the ones that were why nobody was outside.
"The fire alarms always go off here". -Him
"Oh, well, that sucks, because 3rd floor is actually on fire" -Me
"It is!?" -Him
"Yeah, did anybody call 911?" -Me
"No" -Him
So I called 911. Told them I thought the laundry room was on fire. They were there in about two minutes, flat. Turns out, it wasn't the laundry room. It was the apartment right next to the laundry room. An oven fire. A damn good one too, causing smoke like that to fill an entire hallway length as much as it did. 

Once the firemen turned off the alarm, the guy across the hall poked his head out the door and yelled "about time!", then smelled/saw the smoke, came out into the hallway and said "oh, I guess there really was a fire". Dumbass. That's why there are firealarms. You don't mess with fires, dude.

Anyway, the point of this story is that I didn't cause the fire alarms to go off. It wasn't me. For once. Good job, Ella!!

Dinosaur Mattress

A long time ago, when people had to walk up hills both ways in the snow to get anywhere to do anything, my great aunt and uncle bought a mattress and box springs set. After a good few years, they decided they needed a new mattress, because this one wasn't very comfortable anymore. Out of the goodness of their hearts, they gave it to my loving parents. Who enjoyed the comfort of a free bed in their newly wedded life. Eventually, they too decided they need a new bed, and passed the mattress on to their most beautiful, most smartest (haha, get it?), nicest, sweetest, favorite daughter. Me. I had this lovely dinosaur mattress for 24 years. I agree with the other two previous couples, the mattress just wasn't up to its, assumed, comfort. Not to mention, when I really thought about it, I was probably conceived on this mattress, so sleeping on it every night was a little...a LOT...disturbing. Ew.

Not anymore! This girl has a brand new mattress! My very own! I'm 24 years old and had never had my own mattress! Plus a new bedframe! Say whaaat! Spoiled.

I was a little nervous. I fell asleep so fast my first night on it. Probably because I was so exhausted from moving that day. But the second night. I tossed and turned. I couldn't get comfortable. And I missed my old, uncomfortable mattress. I woke up sore everywhere. And not from my workout. From being on this new mattress. It must have just been my body adjusting to something new though. Because now I fall asleep and stay alseep so much better than ever. I always thought I slept well at night...but now I KNOW I do. It's like heaven!

Plus, remember that "I will marry you right now, if you promise to keep this comforter" comforter of Nates? Well, the man has decided I can have it! So now this bed really will be heaven! I wish he could sleep in it with me, but the poor guy works while I sleep. So I sleep with the next best thing. The hoodie that made me realize he was such a good guy. Have I ever told that story? I don't remember. Maybe some night I will.

Anyway, I love this bed.

Another First World Problem

I've got another 1st world problem for you! My new bedroom is so big, that I don't know how to decorate it! This room seriously bothers my OCD tendencies.  There's so much I want to buy to spruce it up, but I'm actually trying a lot harder to follow my budget. Gotta save for that starter house Nathan and I are planning for in July. And if we don't feel like we've saved enough he wants us to sign a year lease at another apartment. Ugh, no thank you! So I guess my stress now equals a house, hopefully, next year. And then I can really decorate! SCORE!

But sometimes a girls just gotta write down what bothers her. Lets off some steam, you know?

1. My room doesn't have any blinds. Plus it's a huge window and they are expensive.

2. Nathan make-shift fixed it by taking a tension rod and putting it in the window to hold up curtains. It was fine for awhile, but it's been two weeks now, and it looks ghetto as all hell. I need to just put up curtains on a real curtain rod. They are so low right now, I trip over them every morning. OH! and I fell off the bed the other day, onto the heat vent, and pulled down the tension rod which hit me in the head. So I now have purple ass, no exaggeration a HUGE bruise, and had a killer headache. Needless to say, this tension rod and I are not friends. Also, Nathan thought it was the most hilarious thing when I fell off the bed (after checking I was ok) and laughed oh so hard. Jerk.

3. My room is all grey, and my bathroom is yellow and grey, yet I have Lilly's leftover pink bins everywhere. Which is awesome I got free shit, but have you ever seen my closet? Obviously color coding is important to me. Pink really sticks out in grey places. Usually in a good way. Unless, of course, you dont want things to stick out.

4. Nathan promised to build me one of those things that goes behind your toilet and has shelves and such. You know what I'm talking about? So I have one, and it's been sitting, pieces out of the box, and the giant box in my room ever since day one. It looks so stupid. Just build it already! I told him I could get one of the guys from work to come over and do it. But nooooo, he wants to do it. Then I feel bad nagging him about it because I see him very rarely with our new work schedules.

5. My shower was broken. That little lever you pull that takes the water from the lower faucet you use when making a bath, to out of the shower wouldn't stay up. So I had to literally take a shower with one hand so I could use my other hand to hold it up the whole time. I was taking such long showers. It was ridiculous trying to rinse my hair. Oh my jeez. They promised it would be done by Sept. 25, at the latest. They lied. It was fixed today. Only a week and a half late. Whoops.

On the bright side...I have an awesome walk in closet. I shouldn't bitch about my bathroom because I don't share it with anybody. And who complains about having a big room? See, first world problems. Seriously, my biggest complaint right now is not having all grey storage bins? Really. Rough life, eh?

It's Been Awhile...

 Since every day and everything has
Felt this right
And now you turn it all around
And suddenly you're all I need
The reason why
I smile

Avril Lavigne

Welp, I'm all moved into my new place, with my new roommate! You'd probably hope so though, right? I mean it's a week shy of me not having written in a month! Since I haven't written in forever I'm probably stampede my blog with new posts tonight. I'm in a writing mood. Must be the cooler weather (which you can blame this and the rain on my washing my car yesterday. We may be in a drought, but that never fails! Damn, shoulda washed my car a lot more this summer!)

I took a very long hot shower a little bit ago. And you know what I noticed while in this shower (besides being able to use both hands...long story, that's for another post later tonight). Usually when I take long hot showers it's because I'm in there crying, upset. But tonight I took one because I was just enjoying the water and the heat and the music. Instead of standing in the burning water holding my face in tears I was dancing around in the shower, singing to my iPod, and just being happy.

And that's what Nathan makes me. I seriously have no words for how much this man means to me. He's my rock, he makes me feel safe, he's funny, and smart, and opinionated. He's dependable, responsible, respectful, trustworthy. Plus we can't forget that's he's dead sexy. Especially those arms, and his legs (especially that scar on his leg that I witnesses him get..something about that fact makes it so sexy. Like we have a story permanently on his leg), and his eyes, and even his old man grey hairs! (10 days until his birthday, by the way!!)

My mom loves him, my dad loves him, both sets of grandparents love him. My sister loves him, my friends love him. I love him. I have yet to find somebody who doesn't like us together. We even have our whole wedding planned already. And the honeymoon. My dad likes our wedding plans so much that he's already offered to chip in $2,000 even though we've already decided we were going to pay for it all ourselves.

As much as I'd like to give all the credit to him for making me this happy, there are a lot of other factors involved as well. I wont lie, when Nathan didn't jump at the chance to sign a lease with me, I was upset. No, let's be honest, I was pretty pissed at him. But you know what? He was right, like always. I swear this guy knows me better than I know myself. He didn't want to move in together because 1. He had just moved himself and didn't want to have to move again. (ok, legit). 2. He said I wouldn't be happy unless I made more friends on my own and that if him and I lived together I'd lose out on a big opportunity to meet more people. 3. Since he got moved to overnights, living together wouldn't actually mean anything, considering I wouldn't see any more or less of him than if we did live together. and 4. That he wanted to take things slow and not rush into things. (haha, it's funny bc i just wrote how we have our wedding planned).

He was right. I did need to live with another girl my age, and make and spend more time with MY friends. I live with Ashley now. And do you know what? She's hilarious. We have so much fun together. We laugh all the time. We make weekend plans, we go out, we have a good time. Plus, I make more plans with my friends. Like Nathalie and I are spending the whole weekend together this weekend. And I'm excited!

My job also helps me be happy. I seriously have so much fun with all the guys at work. Time goes so fast. I've never had a job like this, and it's taking a while for me to catch the swing of things, but I feel like that's only expected. I'm taking to this desk job WAY more than I ever expected. I LOOOVE it! Not to mention having a weekend every weekend, is awesome! I haven't had that since...well, not even high school, because even then I had school then worked on weekends. So this is awesome!

The Jillian Michaels workouts everyday help too. I've been meaning to get back into running. But then I decided I would try something new, since the job thing worked out so well for me...and nothing else in my life seems to be the same, and it all seems to be working for me. So eff it, let's try workout dvds. She kicks my ass. I wake up sore! But a good sore, not a i-wanna-die sore.

Pretty much I love my life. :)

Yeah, I know, you've seen this picture. I just love it SO much!

Monday, September 17, 2012

I Belong With You.

I'm in love with my new desk job. I think all the guys I work with are HILARIOUS. Time goes so fast. Plus I'm done with work before 3 PM.

I'm not in love with moving. In fact I am doing pretty much everything except being productive and packing.

Nathan is really good at beer darts. I learned this tailgating last weekend. The things you still learn after dating for seven months...

I may not have a ton of friends here in this city, but the few I have are amazing. We always have fun. I'm excited to add this new roommate to that list. We already have plans for next weekend.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Getting Dressed VS. Packing

I hate all of my clothes. I will stand in front of my closet every morning trying to find something to wear while whining "I need to go shopping! I hate all of my clothes. They are all ugly"! I do this enough that sometimes I get out of the shower and before I make it to my closet, Nathan will be standing there, will stomp him foot and start whining "I hate everything! I have nothing to wear!"

But then I need to pack to go somewhere, and suddenly I have a million cute outfits lined up on my bed. Enough that I pack at least two outfits for every day, just so I have options.

Then I found these and thought, yep, so true.


Spaghetti Bread.

Do you like carbs? Then this recipe is for you! Enjoy!

It's bread, stuffed with spaghetti. Nathan and I made this for supper last night. Well, Nathan made it for supper last night. I just kinda helped. We modified the recipe a little by adding ground turkey to ours. It was so delicious! It looked simple enough as well. I could probably have done it on my own. Nathan likes to cook though, and really wanted to try he kinda took over. I guess so there was no chance of us ruining it. Haha. But seriously, you should all try it. Yum Yum!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

First World Problem

I like doing laundry. I know, weird right? I like doing laundry for the same reason that I am obsessed with candles,  bath and body works, and perfume. I love the way it smells. So naturally, I have a new obsession when I do my laundry.

I'm sure you know what these are. But if you've been living under a rock, they add a scented boost to your laundry. So it smells better. Really, though? I need to stop getting them. SUCH a waste of money. Yeah, my laundry smells amazing hanging in my closet. But it's not like my clothes smell like them after I wear the clothes for awhile. And good, it shouldn't. That's what I wear perfume for. It's nice on towels, that's for sure. And amazing on bedsheets. Just for that first night after sleeping on them, but then you can't smell it anymore, and that's sad. I want to smell it every night! But I don't want to do my laundry every night! First World Problems. Sure makes folding laundry a lot more enjoyable when your nose is so happy though!

Boys Vs. Girls

My new job is a desk job. A Monday to Friday 6:45 to 2:45 one. I'm pretty pumped because it's completely different from anything I've ever done. Not just because it's not in the human services field. Now I'm that girl at the front desk who you collects your information to get your oil changed. Only it's for semis. But that's not the main difference. The main difference is that I went from working with all being the only girl. And here's what I've learned...OH.MY.GOSH

Two COMPLETELY different environments, based on that fact alone. I think I'll start a quote book or something while I am there, because the things that come out of their mouths are just...ridiculous. In a good, funny way.  One of the guys has also decided that I need to learn how to drive the semi into the bays and back out when they are done. Ummm, I was excited that I could drive a 16 passenger van. And that was automatic! Good luck with that.

Bracelet Obsession.

Lately I've been obsessed with making bracelets. I'd like to thank my friend Kait for that. Now, I've only made two, but let me tell you what. My "DIY To-Do List" is getting awfully long. I just need to make a quick trip to Michaels to buy the rest of the supplies.
That pearl bracelet is very similar to the two I've made already. It's so simple and totally cute!!

Here are some of what's next.

This bracelet looks so cute! I'd pick a different color scheme, and tweak it a little to make it my own pattern, but the general idea is here

. I bought all the supplies to make these bracelets last weekend. Then I got home and realized, oh hey, I don't have metal clippers or whatever. So I've sent Nathan on a mission to get them for me because I'm the most excited for these! How cute!!

I used to spend hours just sitting in front of the TV and making the simple embroidery thread bracelets. I still have a billion things of string in my craft box. These are such a cute, fashionable, simple, and more modern way to wear them! I can't wait to make these!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fingers Crossed!

Younkers sells this bedset. The picture doesn't do it justice. I'm in love. That's what I'm thinking for my new bedroom. But dangit the sale on it just ended! Grrr.  The comforter is nice and thick. As comfy as Nathans? I don't know because I've never slept on it. But it feels thick and cozy! So that's a major plus.

Bed Bath and Beyond sells this shower curtain. I love it! This is what I'm thinking for my bathroom. The colors would be so fun to work with! Not to mention it sorta matches the bed set I like. Now if only I had an unlimited budget!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Just Call Me Miss Decorator

Y'all just found out I was moving soon, so question is... what was the first thing that came to my mind!  
Ding Ding Ding! 
That's right! How to decorate it!

I don't know what I'd do without pinterest right now! So many good and cheap decorating ideas! I can't wait to get started!! I'm not sure how long this blog post is going to be. So I'm just going to write down and share with you everything I have thought of for decorating my new three spaces: bedroom, walk in closet, and bathroom. Keep in mind, I realize these ideas are not all realistic. Let's just pretend I have an unlimited budget, alright? Hey a girl can dream. If it gets to be too long, I'll have multiple posts for different spaces. Just a fair warning.


As much as I'd love to steal Nathan's bed, he kinda needs it. But, ohhh man! His bed, ahhh, heaven! The pillows, so thick and soft. His mattress, so comfortable. The perfect combination of soft enough to mold to your body but firm enough that if I'm moving Nathan can't feel it. (Unless he's cuddling me, awww)  His soft, soft sheets. His heavy down comforter which is exactly that, comforting. I told him I'd marry him right now if we could keep his bed forever. I'm in looove. So just because of Nathan add the following to my shopping list:
  • A down comforter
  • Higher thread count sheets
  • Fluffy pillows
 There's so much I love about this bedroom. I'll start with the color palette. I love these muted, inviting colors. They don't match, but they flow so well together. I love the white dresser, and how it has that old-country house feel to it that the colors have. I love how the curtain takes up the whole length of the wall rather than just the length of the window. I love how the curtain is draped over one side. I love the giant "headboard". I love the molding around the window. And the pop of brighter color from the flowers. I love the rug. I want this bedroom. However, this is more of a "house" bedroom, not an "apartment"  bedroom.  Nathan did say that we should work on saving our money and sticking to our budget so that when my lease was up we could buy a starter house! Maybe I could convince him that this needs to be our bedroom?

As much as I love the yellow and grey bedroom I have right now, my bed set feels a little young, and cheap. Probably because it is. I'd looove to invest in one of those down comforters Nate has. (Don't any of you say I'm hard to shop for when Christmas come around this year!) Then when I get urges to redo my room all I have to do is replace the cover. And just wash the cover, because damn are comforters a pain and half to wash! I am absolutely in love with this bed set in this picture. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the off blue color though. I'd probably go with a pale yellow or  even a peachy color.

I want to paint the bed frame that I have white. That's one of Nate and I's weekend projects. To paint my bedroom back to white before I have to move, and to also paint my bedframe white. I have this headboard  with shelves and such on it and I hate it. Hate, hate, hate it. It's ugly. I wish I had a bed frame that was just a frame. Then I'd use bedside tables. It is so much more appealing on the eyes.

Aren't these just gorgeous bedframes? Ahhh. I want them both!

I seriously cannot wait until I have my own place, so I have a real reason to invest in nice stuff.

Ok, new job, let's work on this budget so my dream home is even closer!

PS I like how I started this post with the idea of decorating my new apartment and I ended up talking about my bedroom in my dream house.