Monday, September 17, 2012

I Belong With You.

I'm in love with my new desk job. I think all the guys I work with are HILARIOUS. Time goes so fast. Plus I'm done with work before 3 PM.

I'm not in love with moving. In fact I am doing pretty much everything except being productive and packing.

Nathan is really good at beer darts. I learned this tailgating last weekend. The things you still learn after dating for seven months...

I may not have a ton of friends here in this city, but the few I have are amazing. We always have fun. I'm excited to add this new roommate to that list. We already have plans for next weekend.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Getting Dressed VS. Packing

I hate all of my clothes. I will stand in front of my closet every morning trying to find something to wear while whining "I need to go shopping! I hate all of my clothes. They are all ugly"! I do this enough that sometimes I get out of the shower and before I make it to my closet, Nathan will be standing there, will stomp him foot and start whining "I hate everything! I have nothing to wear!"

But then I need to pack to go somewhere, and suddenly I have a million cute outfits lined up on my bed. Enough that I pack at least two outfits for every day, just so I have options.

Then I found these and thought, yep, so true.


Spaghetti Bread.

Do you like carbs? Then this recipe is for you! Enjoy!

It's bread, stuffed with spaghetti. Nathan and I made this for supper last night. Well, Nathan made it for supper last night. I just kinda helped. We modified the recipe a little by adding ground turkey to ours. It was so delicious! It looked simple enough as well. I could probably have done it on my own. Nathan likes to cook though, and really wanted to try he kinda took over. I guess so there was no chance of us ruining it. Haha. But seriously, you should all try it. Yum Yum!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

First World Problem

I like doing laundry. I know, weird right? I like doing laundry for the same reason that I am obsessed with candles,  bath and body works, and perfume. I love the way it smells. So naturally, I have a new obsession when I do my laundry.

I'm sure you know what these are. But if you've been living under a rock, they add a scented boost to your laundry. So it smells better. Really, though? I need to stop getting them. SUCH a waste of money. Yeah, my laundry smells amazing hanging in my closet. But it's not like my clothes smell like them after I wear the clothes for awhile. And good, it shouldn't. That's what I wear perfume for. It's nice on towels, that's for sure. And amazing on bedsheets. Just for that first night after sleeping on them, but then you can't smell it anymore, and that's sad. I want to smell it every night! But I don't want to do my laundry every night! First World Problems. Sure makes folding laundry a lot more enjoyable when your nose is so happy though!

Boys Vs. Girls

My new job is a desk job. A Monday to Friday 6:45 to 2:45 one. I'm pretty pumped because it's completely different from anything I've ever done. Not just because it's not in the human services field. Now I'm that girl at the front desk who you collects your information to get your oil changed. Only it's for semis. But that's not the main difference. The main difference is that I went from working with all being the only girl. And here's what I've learned...OH.MY.GOSH

Two COMPLETELY different environments, based on that fact alone. I think I'll start a quote book or something while I am there, because the things that come out of their mouths are just...ridiculous. In a good, funny way.  One of the guys has also decided that I need to learn how to drive the semi into the bays and back out when they are done. Ummm, I was excited that I could drive a 16 passenger van. And that was automatic! Good luck with that.

Bracelet Obsession.

Lately I've been obsessed with making bracelets. I'd like to thank my friend Kait for that. Now, I've only made two, but let me tell you what. My "DIY To-Do List" is getting awfully long. I just need to make a quick trip to Michaels to buy the rest of the supplies.
That pearl bracelet is very similar to the two I've made already. It's so simple and totally cute!!

Here are some of what's next.

This bracelet looks so cute! I'd pick a different color scheme, and tweak it a little to make it my own pattern, but the general idea is here

. I bought all the supplies to make these bracelets last weekend. Then I got home and realized, oh hey, I don't have metal clippers or whatever. So I've sent Nathan on a mission to get them for me because I'm the most excited for these! How cute!!

I used to spend hours just sitting in front of the TV and making the simple embroidery thread bracelets. I still have a billion things of string in my craft box. These are such a cute, fashionable, simple, and more modern way to wear them! I can't wait to make these!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fingers Crossed!

Younkers sells this bedset. The picture doesn't do it justice. I'm in love. That's what I'm thinking for my new bedroom. But dangit the sale on it just ended! Grrr.  The comforter is nice and thick. As comfy as Nathans? I don't know because I've never slept on it. But it feels thick and cozy! So that's a major plus.

Bed Bath and Beyond sells this shower curtain. I love it! This is what I'm thinking for my bathroom. The colors would be so fun to work with! Not to mention it sorta matches the bed set I like. Now if only I had an unlimited budget!