Sunday, February 26, 2012

Concert Love

Went with the same group from the Jason Jones concert (pictured here!)

Beer. Does the body good.

Sexy? Yes.

Hey nice view!

beautiful ladies.
The concert...AMAZING!! The place was absolutely packed, but we had a great time! Both guys sounded great, I was so impressed because usually people sound much better on the radio than they do live. But these two? Nope. Sounded great. We had so much fun and amazing seats! We were on the floor just a few rows from where they preformed. We had seats next to fun people. We danced. We sang. We met some new people to stalk us, lol.  I can't even explain how much fun I had! Even though they preformed in Nashville on Friday, we decided to get a hotel room so we could be responsible after having a few drinks and not drive home in all the traffic. It was probably one of our better ideas. And the next morning we got free breakfast too!! Plus Danielle made us new friends, the hotties at the table over.

"The Crew"


Cool dude with seats next to us!

In love?

Look at all the people in the back.


Then the next night us three went out to a hockey game a few towns over, then went out on the town to some fun bars! Danielle did some karaoke.  I did not. Nobody wants to hear me belt that out any more than I already do in the car and shower. Lilly will vouch for that!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sisterly Love

Today my little sister is no longer a teenager! I can't believe she's 20 years old! The older she gets, the closer in age I swear we get. I mean, I know it's always four years apart, but the age difference seems less and less significant. I'm so lucky to have gotten such an awesome girl for my sister. And I can't wait until her next birthday. The big 2-1! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULYN!

The birthday girl!
5 Fun Facts About My Sister

She may look innocent...but she's straight up thug!
Her dog is incredibly spoiled!

You know that song where it goes "you're  my favorite color CAMOUFLAUGE!"?
 That's her.

She's going to school to be a dental assistant.
She has the BEST older sister. :)

My World.

For awhile now I've been promising to show you pictures of my finished room. Well, I keep my word. It's coming together, and I am in love with my room. I've never loved my bedroom as much as I love this one. Except maybe the pink and brown dorm room sophomore through senior years in college. Or my neon dorm room freshmen year. Or my orange and lime green room in high school. Ok, so maybe I pretty much always love my rooms.  I hope you like it as much as I do!

View From The Door
A little to the right
Right Wall
Front Wall
Couldn't resist! Look at that face!
Close up of my bird figurine.  LOVE IT!

My bird jewelry tree.
Birds on my wall.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Drive, Drive, Drive.

Random roadtrip anyone? 

Tampa, FL

I remember when I saw this sign everyday.  Gahh, I miss it! Is it possible to be homesick for a place that you didn't live in very long? I'm so homesick for Tampa, and for Cedar Rapids, Iowa too. But I'll probably never live in either city again. And check out the hood of that sexy blue mustang.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Dance, Dance

Gots myself a date tonight. A late one. A double one with a friend and her man. But he works late, so the date starts late. Here I am sitting all dolled up: makeup on, freshly tanned, cute hair, new clothes, nails painted, the works. I'm excited to go because I love this friend, and hey double dates are fun. Double date sounds corny though. I prefer two couples hanging out together tonight. But that sounds too long. So middle school vocabulary "double dating" it is.

So what am I doing while waiting? Well, before I started getting ready, because obviously while waiting I'm writing a blog. But anways, what did I do? I danced with Mads! Such a spoiled lil fur ball!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blades Of Glory.

When I saw Sunny Sweeney in concert, I fell in love with this song. The lyrics go perfect for a situation one of my friends is going through now. And one that I am familiar with. Trust me, sweetheart, it will get better. You'll have me to help you all the way! It will seem hard at first, but once you are out, and the shock has worn off, you'll begin to realize how much better you deserve, and slowly you'll find happiness and wonder why it was so hard to leave in the first place. Just know that for a few years now, you've been my best friend. I would call you every day crying when I lived in Florida, afraid of what I knew had to happen. Now, roles are reversed, and I'm going to help you as much as you helped me. Because that's what best friends are for. You are smart, pretty, funny, responsible, and the best friend in the world. Don't give him the power to make you forget those things! Love you!

Leaving's me, it's really bad
It'll shake ya, damn-near break ya, it always has
You don't go until you're praying to break even,
Until staying's worse than leaving

God knows we tried everything that we could do
You can keep your pride and blame me if you need to
Even though this freedom feels a lot like treason,
I know staying's worse than leaving

It's gotta get better, it can't get worse
Hope it's a blessing not a curse
I don't care who passes judgement on my reasons
I know staying's worse than leaving

It's gotta get better, it can't get worse
Hope it's a blessing not a curse
I don't care who passes judgement on my reasons
I know staying's worse than leaving

Both our hearts let go a long time ago
Words leave scars and Lord knows they heal slow
Our love died but somehow we are both still breathin'
I just hope someday we'll look back on this grievin'
and say, staying's worse than leaving
Yeah, that staying's worse than leaving

Yeah, that staying's...
...worse than leaving

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2.24.2012 (With Luke B. & Jason A.)

Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan!

NINE DAYS! Only nine more days (not counting the rest of today) until February 24th! That's the day of the Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan concert!!Got my tickets today, and I'm pretty pumped. I didn't think I was going to be able to go. But luckily I was at work today and Melanie came up to me and told me that she had just bought tickets for me, her, and her twin sister to go. I'm going to pay her back, but I'm pretty stoked, needless to say. I've been listening to them on my spotify ever since I've made this discovery of my new tickets.

Songs I'm most excited for:

We also decided we are going to roadtrip all the way to Chicago for St. Patty's day. Why? Because WHY NOT?! It will be me, Melanie, and Lisa. We are all young and love long roadtrips. Watch them dye the river, watch the parade, have a good time! It's only about an 8 hour drive to Chicago from Nashville, so it won't be long like when I went with a few friends to California. Pretty excited for these next few weeks!

Monday, February 13, 2012

This Is The Voice!

Oh my goodness gracious. If you do not know what the show The Voice is, or if you have never watched it....shame on you. You do not know what you are missing! It is hilarious. I'm not gonna lie, it's recording on my TiVo every episode. I'm also not going to lie, as soon as it was over I went to my TiVo and restarted it. So I watched it a row. Maybe that's because I'm in love with Blake Shelton, maybe it's because the show is legitimately good. It's probably a nice mixture of the two.

I'm completely team Blake. Even though CeeLo seems to be getting all the people who I like in the blind auditions. It's going to be a good season! Last season some of the coaches, Christina especially, were choosing people to be on their team who I thought were a waste of team space. But this year, the coaches are all being more picky.

I love watching the coaches argue when more than one coach picks a singer. I like how they try to sell themselves. I like how CeeLo is always randomly holding a cat. And his outfits and how he's always hitting on the girls. He's just ridiculous. And Adam is such an ass that it's hilarious. But Adam is by far the pickiest coach, which is probably why he won last season. Even though Blake had a pretty good team last season with Dia and Xenia. As much as Erin Martin's personality drove me crazy during her interview, her voice is one that I knew Blake could go far with. And if she had watched this show last season, she would have known that as well and gone on his team. But CeeLo and his sweet talking probably got to her. She probably wants to bang him. Did you see how quick he was to press his button after he heard the girl singing was wearing heels.

"I see your legs shaking!"
"You belong to me, don't you agree?"
"You are a lovely creature of a woman"
"It was fate that we met. She was given to me. I deserve her."
-All lines from CeeLo in a short two minute segment
"Even Christina is smiling, and she NEVER smiles"
-Blake Shelton

She's going to be a fun one to watch, even if she didn't go with Blake! So excited for this season!!

I guess it's about that time to make the trek to Memphis again soon. I've been getting crap from Jacob's friends about them not seeing me in awhile. But, I'm not sure. I'm thinking about staying in town. As much as I love his friends to death, it's nice to finally be making some of my own here in town. Plus, it's fun spending time with the roomies every now and again. Right, Lilly?

I've Got My Toes In The Water.

The number one thing that embarasses me about myself is my left foot. My 4th toe is a lot shorter than it should be. So, like any girl who can't find any good movie to watch on her day off, I googled "short 4th toe". Seriously? Who does that? Anyways. These kinds of pictures came up.

This looks eerily similar to my foot. Not very cute, I know. But by clicking around on these pictures, I was happy to learn that this condition actually has a name! Brachymetatarsia. Brachymetatarsia is caused when the growth center of the bone suffers trauma. It can also come from a genetic link, which would be me considering my grandfather's sister had it on both feet. Typically, it occurs in the fourth toe, like mine. And in 72% of cases it happens in both feet, which is unlike mine. However, just because the one toe suffered trauma, the other toes continue to grow normally. The shorter toe can't bear the weight as it should, so it begins to raise higher and the surrounding toes try to move underneath it so as to pick up the slack.

Now, none of the articles I read said anything about having poor balance, but let me tell you what.  When doing my stretches in gym class I was always embarassed. I cannot balance on my left foot. I can't do it. I'd be the girl toppling over all the time. I'd look like a drunkard. Then I'd switch to stretch my left leg, balancing on my right "normal" foot, and it was like I was suddenly sober. Pretty ridiculous, and embarassing.

I can get corrective surgery though. Make it look brand new, like a whole new foot. I could wear real people shoes in the summer and everything!

Sample Before and After
 [Read a lady's blog on this here]

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dealin' With A Heart You Didn't Break

 Thank God For Men Like This :)  (click there for the sweetest song)

So, I guess I am starting to understand why my mom got me a radar detector for Christmas. I may or may not have been in a car pulled over for speeding again this weekend. But it's never me getting pulled over! It's that speed demon of a car, I'm tellin' ya! Plus we were late for a movie! The Vow. You can't be late for a movie like that! I mean it has my favorite actress in it (Rachel McAdams) and my favorite actor in it (Channing Tatum). Plus, every girl wants a love like that. <3

 But aside from a romantic movie comparable to The Notebook and Dear John (who, ironically the two main characters of The Vow are also in) I took a different view from the movie. One that I wish I could have been slapped in the face with around this time last year so I wouldn't have wasted so much time on something I already knew. It shows that you can try to start over and change things...but no matter how hard you try what's meant to be will be. The same situations will arise again and you'll be right back where you started. All I know is that someday I want a man who loves me so truly as Leo loves Paige in this movie.

On another rampage from the whole being pulled over thing, the cop that pulled us over's cell phone started ringing. It was Red Solo Cup. I mean, the cop was hilarious, joking with us the whole time and being super cool about the whole thing. Then when he started trying to get down to business that ringtone went off. We started laughing, I mean it was playing Red Solo Cup for crying out loud. He let us go and told him to grow some balls, getting sucked into going to a movie like that. Haha.

I have found another new food obsession. These are delicious! You should all try them. But warning: they are addicting. Between these and those shaker smoothies, I'm learning I should be a yogurt spokes person. That and the fact that I buy 10 yogurt cups a week and fly through them!

I cleaned the apartment today. Hardcore. Like, down on my knees scrubbing on the floor. Like, emptying the fridge and scrubbing down the walls with hot soapy water. Lilly helped me. We made it more fun by drinking some beer and sweet tea flavored vodka. Not that I need that to make cleaning fun, because I strangely find cleaning relaxing and enjoy it, but booze helps. Our apartment smells like hotel. You know how you walk into a hotel and they all smell the same? Like a mixture of chlorine and cleaning products? Yeah, that's our apartment. I'm not sure where the chlorine smell is coming from though. No indoor pool here, sadly.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Southerners Say The Darndest Things

Go Go Go!! That was my motto today. I had the day off and decided it was about time to knock off a bunch of stuff from my ever growing to do list.

  1.  Get an in state license
  2. Change my mailing address
  3. Return my library books
  4. Return my scrubs
  5. Grocery shop
  6. Apply for new jobs
  7. File my taxes
  8. Make up my lunches for the rest of the week
  9. Meet up with Nathalie for lunch
  10. Deep clean the apartment

Do you see all that? Holy moly! What a busy day!

I am no longer an official resident of Florida. Let me tell you, I'm sick of becoming a new resident of a state. First of all, it cost a lot more than just renewing your license. Second of all you can't use your old state's ID as a form of ID. Then you have to bring in mail and proof of residency, and all this crap that I'm just lugging around in my purse pleading that nobody decides today is the day to mug me because my whole life is literally in my purse. I figured I'd be at the DMV all day today, because in Tampa I was there for a whole four hours. Not today. I was in and out of there with my new license within thirty minutes. I also got my official mailing address changed today too! So I really do live here now!

I had to take that cute pair of scrubs back that I was talking about the other day on here. They changed our dress code to "appropriately colored" scrubs. Whatever that means. I took that as meaning no bright obnoxious colors. Apparently it means no fun colors, period. I didn't think it was an inappropriate color, but my opinion has no say.

Nice color? Or inappropriate?

Then Lilly and I went grocery shopping. I'm SO bad at it. Seriously. I don't know how I'm alive. I never eat a real meal. Ever. Unless somebody else is cooking. After that we met up with Nathalie at Panera while she was on her lunch break from work. I wanted to get a smoothie so bad! Lilly too.
"What's with y'all and your damn smoothies?" -Nathalie
Ok, so she totally didn't say that, but she did say I didn't need a smoothie. And she's probably right. I drink them all the time. In fact, this has nothing to do with my day but Val showed me these amazing lil boogers at the store.
Main ingredient: crack?
All you do is add fruit juice to the fill line, shake it for 30 seconds and viola! A perfect smoothie! No blender, no mess to clean up, nada! A chef with my talent can't even mess these up! It's perfect. But seriously, they are like crack. I just chug them so fast that it's gone before I even realize it!

I got my taxes all filed today, can't wait for my tax return! Applied for some jobs, a few that I hope I get more than some others. Y'all are probably wondering why I'm applying for a new job again. Well, I realized that I can't go anywhere with the job that I'm working right now. I want to find a job where I can grow with the company. I don't want to be stuck in the same position years from now. And as for nursing school? I'm not so sure anymore. Yes, I'd love the job. But I'm already paying for an education in a field that I love. I should really pursue that, and ACTUALLY try to find something. So I'm trying to buckle down and work harder at building a career, which my current job is not. If that doesn't pan out after a real effort, back to school and my nursing degree it will be. 


On a completely different note, here are some random things I've heard. Some (most) of which more than once.

Well how 'bout that?
How's y'all family in I-wa?
I'm fixin to go out tonight.
What kinda coke y'all want?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Damn, here come the lights! Dammit, dammit, dammit!"

Went on a roadtrip this weekend with some friends. Went into three different states. It was a good time. I learned some new games, spent some time at the pool, watched some movies, annnd sat in the front seat as we got pulled over for speeding. It was a good trip, until that last part.

I went to Walmart today for a radio for my room so I can sleep at night. I came home with 60 dollars worth of stuff. In my defense I needed half the stuff I got home with. Like new scrub bottoms. Navy ones. I need yet another pair though, so tomorrow I'm going scrub shopping with Val.

I still have not solved the iPod problem. But I did buy blank CDs at walmart, so that should help my trip to work and back some. I only got a five pack. I'll fill them easy. Ever since Jacob put that thing on my computer that lets me turn any youtube video into an mp3 file my iTunes have been TOE UP! TOE UP!! 

Anybody have a favorite commercial for the superbowl?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Not Just For Hicks.

My iPod is broken. 
This is a serious dilemma. 
RIP iPod

My commute to work and back home is no longer any fun. And it's not exactly a short drive. Not a long drive, but not exactly a trip down the street neither.

And running? Forget about it! I'll be running along, get bored, and am sure I've been running for 30/45 minutes. Look down at my watch, two minutes.

I used to play my iPod in the shower and think, ok...I need to be shampooed/conditioned/shaved/body washed/ face washed/dried off/ teeth brush/etc etc etc in three songs length. Now I have nothing to motivate me! I bet our water bill is sky high!

 I have had a playlist on my iPod called "Hit The Lights" that I played while I was sleeping. It helps me fall asleep. Now I still fall asleep .5 seconds after I lay down, but that half a second just isn't the same without my music!

Getting up in the morning, doing my hair and makeup before work? I'm just not as peppy without jamming out to my beloved Eric Church. I don't wake up as fast.

I mean, I've always known I was addicted to music, but I feel like I can't even function without my iPod. Nick tells me I'm being ridiculous. Maybe it's true. But I can't possibly be the only one addicted to music, can I?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Paradise: everytime she closed her eyes

So, Nathalie and I had McDonalds for breakfast the other day, and they forgot my hashbrown! Um, isn't that kind of the point of having McDonalds breakfast, the greasy clogging-my-arteries potato goodness? Anyways, after eating a week's worth of calories all before 10 AM, I helped Nathalie clean out her apartment. Apparently she thinks I'm good at cleaning? Who would have guessed it! Either that or she thought her ADD butt wasn't focused enough to accomplish it without me yelling at her to "pick all that crap up", or "ew! dust that off!". Once her apartment was spic-n-span I left her apartment to go to my other friend Stephanie's.

Stephanie and I had a busy afternoon shopping for baby supplies. Well, not shopping per se, more of comparing prices, getting ideas for things, etc. Strollers, car seats, cribs, diapers, clothes, diaper bags, and the list just goes on and on and on. We walked around looking at the cute things (little lions for a boy...adorable!) wondering if we were shopping for a little princess or a handsome lil guy. We got some snickerdoodle cookies and sweet tea and talked about the birthing process (you can tell we both work in the medical field since we were eating AND discussing those types of lovely topics).

After awhile we went and picked up her son from daycare. I'm her son's girlfriend, it's true. You can ask him. "You es my guwlfwend!"  he'll say, and then I'll  have a little man sitting on my lap the rest of the evening, Aside from the times when he's running to the bathroom and filling up his squirt gun  just to drink from it like a cup. Haha. He's precious.

Stephanie has taken it upon herself to teach me how to cook. We started with her forcing me to cook supper under her watchful eye. We I made enchiladas. They turned out perfect. No house fires, nothing burnt, no inuries, nothing. Her husband scarfed them down and said they were the best he's ever had. He may have been saying that to be nice, but I'm not complaining! Never had anybody say that about something I've made before!

I was feeling like a five star chef when I got home because I decided to cook on my own. Guess who made some kickass jello? THIS GIRL! I know, it's just jello...but when I lived in Florida I even messed up jello somehow. Let's not even get started on that one!