Sunday, January 29, 2012

What A Piece Of Shit!

I am playing this prank on Nick as we speak. He is not home. I can't wait until he is! Lil and I were standing in our bathroom making it and even Maddie was excited. We could tell because she was barking. Which I mean, yeah, she does that all the time anyways but this was a different type of bark. Anyways, we put it on his toilet seat. Hahaha. Now we are (not so) patiently waiting for him to come home.

Monday, January 16, 2012

1, 2, 3, Like A Bird I Sing

Know what's ironic? Being obsessed with bird decorations. Why's that ironic? Because I'm terrified of birds, that's why. But they just look so sweet as decorations. That's what is kind of taking over my room, slowly and surely. Aside from the grey and yellow color scheme.

I have a similar jewelry stand, in silver
I have wall art like this too, only in silver

I have this figurine in white
These decorations look surprisingly well with my yellow and grey colors! Not to brag or anything, but it's pretty much the cutest room ever. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I used to be so good at sticking to a budget. I had three bank accounts: one for bills, one for saving money (on top of my savings account), and then one for stuff for me. But now, all my bank accounts are empty except one and I use it for everything. And I'll be honest, I'll buy things I want and don't neccessarily need before I'll pay on my student loans. It's pretty bad. But I've sat down, and written out my new budget and hope to get back into the swing of things.

I think I'm going to start applying for a new job though. I need to buckle down and get serious. I need to figure stuff out. Like, do I really want to go back to school? Do I really want to go and get my RN? Or should I go to graduate school and get my masters in psychology? Can I find a  job in psychology with my bachelors and work my way up? These are all questions that I don't know the answer to, and have been stressing me out. I feel like I'm too old to be having these thoughts. I think I'd love being a nurse, but it's SO MUCH liability. I don't want to have to have a poor work schedule. I'm scared someday I'll be a nurse, have children, and then miss their first Christmas or something because I'd have to work. Are these legitimate concerns? Or what if I get my masters in psychology and then still can't find a job? I guess I don't understand why it's hard for me to find a job with the education I have.

Jacob was here earlier this week. It was nice having him here when I got home from work. Always put a smile on my face. Plus he fixed things around my room for me. He also fixed my computer! Here I thought it was being a P.O.S, when really I don't know what he did but it was acting amazing. Then he left and now my computer is messed up again. Literally two hours after he left. I told him that and he asked how I "fucked it up already". I had no answer for him. He just laughed and said he'd fix it again for me next time he sees me. He wasn't here too long, just two days. I worked both of those days as well, so really we only had two evenings together. One evening we just hung out me and him, watched movies all night and I attempted to make him supper. ATTEMPTED. After that embarrassment and a burnt smell throughout the apartment we went for chinese. The next night we met up with his best friend and spent a night on the town. He has the best friends! He really does. I think they talk to me just about as much as Jacob does.

I worked all weekend, so nothing too exciting about this weekend. I did learn however that my friend got a promotion at work! So we went out to supper to celebrate. Other than that my weekend consisted Exciting.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Young, Wild, and FREE!

 So what we get drunk?
So what we don't sleep?
(The real lyrics are "we smoke weed", but I don' radio edit!)
We're just havin' fun.
We don't care who sees.
So what we go out?
That's how it's supposed to be
Living young and wild and free!

A real weekend?! What's that! You mean those days when you have two days in a row off from work and don't have a mile long to do list? Whoa! I almost forgot those existed! If I had a "real weekend" what would I do? Probably some of this.


Friday I would go out to eat at a Mexican restaurant downtown with Nick, Shawna, and Amanda. And by going out to eat I mean we would get guacamole and have margaritas. Good ones.  Strong ones. Blended. With sugar (because naturally I'd get the raspberry flavor). We would talk about things we have in common and laugh about all the stupid stuff we've done in our life. Once we've overstayed our welcome at that restaurant/bar, Nick and Shawna would probably want to go home since they have to work early on Saturday morning.

So then Amanda and I would probably walk to a nearby a low key bar for some martinis. I'd probably laugh at Amanda for making eyes across the bar all night at a certain guy. I'd probably laugh even harder when she accomplished her goal, the guy comes over to us (er, her really), and she realizes he's one of those dudes that looks better from a distance. So then she has to "go to the bathroom". By this time Amanda and I would be feeling pretty good and ready for the big league! REAL downtown bars!

We'd meet up with some more of our friends: Stephanie, Laura, Justin, and Chris and head to a busy bar with lots of   dancing. Justin, who loves dancing, would probably start taking off his shirt and dancing on top of a table. Laura and Stephanie would be tearing up the dance floor, and Chris, Amanda, and I (the non-dancers unless we are feeling EVEN better) would probably sit at a table and laugh at our dancing friends. During a bathroom break, we'd probably get lost by the poor layout of this particular bar and accidentally walk into the men's bathroom thinking it was a hallway to the bathrooms. They probably should put up signs or doors or something.

By this time Jacob's friends that also live here would probably start texting me asking me if I was downtown. Why, yes! Yes I would be! Stephanie, Laura, Justin, and Chris would probably decide to stay at their current bar while Amanda and I walked over to meet Matt and Luke. We'd probably get Jager and rootbeer shots. Matt and I always get those! They are SO good! Amanda would probably get a text from her man at this point telling her to meet him at another nearby bar downtown.

Matt, Luke, and I would probably then go to another nearby bar. It'd probably be a country bar. Matt would probably hate it while Luke and I would love it! Then Luke and I would probably country dance with the twirls and all! We'd dance and sing, and eventually Matt would too, until the lights came on.

Luke would decide to sleep in his car for the night, drunk driving is bad kids! Matt and I, being not tired would decide to head back to my place to make a pizza and watch movie. Not only would we make pizza but we would also make cheese balls! Then, Matt being Jacob's best friend and me being Jacob's girl, and us knowing Jacob's poor sleep schedule due to working night shift during the week would have the great idea to call Jacob. You know to remind him we miss him. We would also tell him to visit us on Tuesday. He'd probably agree. I'd probably be super giddy and smiley after that and Matt would probably make fun of me. :)


 Saturday morning I'd probably end up waking up unnaturally early for how late I was up. I'm guessing it'd be around 8 AM or so. Matt and his roommate Jake would probably start texting me about this restaurant that has bottomless mimosas for 7 dollars. I'm not a champ like Jacob's friends though and therefore turn down their offer. They'd call me a "fucking pussy", out of love of course.

Instead I'd go on a two mile hike with Amanda and share stories about our nights after we split up. Afterwards, I would decide it'd be a good time to bond with the roomie. So Lilly and I would go shopping, especially to Bath and Body works,  with our friend Val. We'd grab some supper and continue shopping.

Then Lilly and I would go on home and come home to Nick's cousin and her new baby. Oh my goodness, would that make me want one! Anybody who says "mommy fever" isn't a true thing is probably not a woman my age. Every time I see a baby I just want one. Bad, and soon.

Jake would then text me asking for advice with a girl he's having problems getting rid of.  I'd tell him in order to get rid of her, he needs to be nice to her. That's the only reason I'm bringing this up. Woman like men who are mean to them. I don't know why, but we do. Nice guys finish last? True. He says that sounds backwards and is going to continue being a douche to her. SURPRISE! It doesn't work. (Disclaimer: I am no longer one of those stupid women who go after douche bag guys, Jacob is legitimately a good guy, y'all!)

Since I would be running on 3 hours of sleep, I'd probably pass out around 11.


I would probably start feeling lazy and want to do something productive. So I'd clean the apartment. I'd take down the Christmas tree (don't even get me started on how annoying Christmas lights are and how they mysteriously get tangled even though you haven't touched them in a month! GRRR!). With my OCD tendencies, that would take up a majority of the day.  Then I'd go grab some supper with Lilly and Nick at Perkins and then go shopping for things to make my room look more "homey". It'd be looking pretty adorable by the end of the night, I'm positive. I'd promise to post pictures of my room since y'all haven't seen it since I painted!

And THATS what I would do if I had a whole real weekend. :)

So now it's Monday, meaning tomorrow is Tuesday, the day Jacob will be in town. Look at him driving almost four hours just to see me (and Matt) in the middle of the week. Aw, shucks.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Red Light

Just got done working out/going on a run. I can't wait until Zumba starts back up, I've been missing it!
Anyways, today I want to talk about my dream world. In it, I own two cars. My lovely Sulley, of course, along with this car that I was driving home next to. When I was car shopping I was so close to getting one of these, SO CLOSE, yet I went with the soul instead. I'm not saying I regret getting my car, because I don't at all, I'm just saying I love this car as well. Yesterday I got stopped at a red light next to one and I just kept staring. I love this car. So much. You are probably all thinking it's going to be some fancy  car. But nope. I am talking about the Scion tC. And not the newer models.I'm not as big of a fan of them as I am the older models.They have the cool circle tail lights, and not the newer "squared ones". I'm not even sure why I'm so obsessed with these cars, but I just am. I just LOVE them. I love how they look. I think I'd want a white one.


Love those tail lights!

Love the headlights too!

I also think it's sexy as hell when dudes drive pickups. Especially navy blue Chevys. But mainly trucks in general. The big ones, not the little ones. But not the "in your face" big trucks. I don't even care if they are all worn and rusted up and not  that shiny anymore. There's just "something bout a truck".  Thanks for that song by the way, Kip Moore. (Country music sure has a song for every thing I ever think and feel. Good job Nashville! Country music capitol of the world!)

Oh hello, sexy truck you got there

Sunday, January 1, 2012

"EVERYBODY celebrates my birthday!!"

Just got home and unpacked for my trip up to Jacob's for his birthday/New Years Eve. And let me tell you what, it is windy as all hell outside. I was talking to my mom before I left his house to come back home and she told me it was really windy in Iowa too. So that means it must be windy everywhere. It was kinda scary how windy it was! I got a radar detector for Christmas, because apparently my mother thinks I've turned into a lead foot, and I didn't even get a chance to use it because it was so windy I was going under the speed limit!

New Year's Eve/Jacob's birthday was a lot of fun! My friend who is dating Jacob's best friend wasn't going to be there this weekend so it was just me and all his friends. I was a little sad because it would have been nice to have another girl around because when these guys get together they always get so rowdy, or try to start bar fights, but are always fun nonetheless. Anyways, so I left straight after work at 3:30 and got to his house around 7 PM. Then we met up with all of his friends in a town a few miles away to watch an ice hockey game (i know, weird right?! They like ice hockey too!).  We arrived to the game pretty late, and by that I mean we got there in time to watch them lose in overtime. Then the six of us went out to grab a bite to eat before we went out to the bars. At the bars we met up with many more of his friends and had a good time. Jacob danced of course, only this time he did not convince him to join me. Instead I sat up at the bar with a few of his friends and had a good time. Then another "what a small world!" moments happened. One of his friends, who I hadn't met prior to last night, came up to me and said

"So, Jake is always talking about you, so I was looking you up on facebook. It came up and said we had about 12 mutual friends. Most of them were Jake and his gang, but then two other names caught my eye. How do you know Corey and Alex?"

So I explain to him that I'm cousins with Corey, and that Alex and I have been friends for literally forever. Turns out he was originally from Iowa as well and went to Iraq with the both of them. See what I mean? Small world!

Then another one of his friends, who I had met before, were talking about jobs. And I didn't know this until last night, but he works with teenage criminals like I used to. We were talking about the different Mandt restraints we've had to use and the little stunts those kids pull and how we both have gotten beat up at work. The difference was that he still liked his job and I hated that job and quit. His friends are awesome and I love them all and before we left the bar they were already asking when they can all come visit me or the next time I'll be in town. Haha, they are so sweet.

The bars here are open til 3 instead of 2 like in Iowa. But I could not last til 3. Around...130 I was extremely tired. In my defense I'm used to going to bed around 10 because I have to work so early. Jacob on the other hand works night shift, so he's in his prime around that time. But being the perfect gentleman that he always is we left and went to bed. I fell asleep probably 5 seconds after I laid down. Jacob laid in bed awake until our alarm went off at 9. Why'd we have the alarm set?

And finally the big news. I thought this wouldn't happen because I've been putting it off. But I finally did it. I met the parents. Not gonna lie, I was so nervous because his friends are always telling me horror stories about them. But we met them at their house (which is HUGE and brick and beautiful...) and then went out to breakfast. Jacob and his dad ordered the exact same meal. You know how breakfast meals always have a million questions like : bacon or sausage? how do you want your eggs? want cheese on those? breakfast potatoes or hashbrowns? white, wheat, or rye toast? blah blah blah. Well, Jacob and his dad ordered the exact same meal. Down to the drink. It was pretty funny. We talked about our complete horror of roller coasters but how we both ride them anyways. We talked about how his mom and I were complete neat freaks. We talked about how his dad has two whole bedrooms in their house dedicated to his rock collection (which was actually really neat). 

No complaints from this girl about this weekend!