Friday, August 31, 2012

Just Call Me Miss Decorator

Y'all just found out I was moving soon, so question is... what was the first thing that came to my mind!  
Ding Ding Ding! 
That's right! How to decorate it!

I don't know what I'd do without pinterest right now! So many good and cheap decorating ideas! I can't wait to get started!! I'm not sure how long this blog post is going to be. So I'm just going to write down and share with you everything I have thought of for decorating my new three spaces: bedroom, walk in closet, and bathroom. Keep in mind, I realize these ideas are not all realistic. Let's just pretend I have an unlimited budget, alright? Hey a girl can dream. If it gets to be too long, I'll have multiple posts for different spaces. Just a fair warning.


As much as I'd love to steal Nathan's bed, he kinda needs it. But, ohhh man! His bed, ahhh, heaven! The pillows, so thick and soft. His mattress, so comfortable. The perfect combination of soft enough to mold to your body but firm enough that if I'm moving Nathan can't feel it. (Unless he's cuddling me, awww)  His soft, soft sheets. His heavy down comforter which is exactly that, comforting. I told him I'd marry him right now if we could keep his bed forever. I'm in looove. So just because of Nathan add the following to my shopping list:
  • A down comforter
  • Higher thread count sheets
  • Fluffy pillows
 There's so much I love about this bedroom. I'll start with the color palette. I love these muted, inviting colors. They don't match, but they flow so well together. I love the white dresser, and how it has that old-country house feel to it that the colors have. I love how the curtain takes up the whole length of the wall rather than just the length of the window. I love how the curtain is draped over one side. I love the giant "headboard". I love the molding around the window. And the pop of brighter color from the flowers. I love the rug. I want this bedroom. However, this is more of a "house" bedroom, not an "apartment"  bedroom.  Nathan did say that we should work on saving our money and sticking to our budget so that when my lease was up we could buy a starter house! Maybe I could convince him that this needs to be our bedroom?

As much as I love the yellow and grey bedroom I have right now, my bed set feels a little young, and cheap. Probably because it is. I'd looove to invest in one of those down comforters Nate has. (Don't any of you say I'm hard to shop for when Christmas come around this year!) Then when I get urges to redo my room all I have to do is replace the cover. And just wash the cover, because damn are comforters a pain and half to wash! I am absolutely in love with this bed set in this picture. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the off blue color though. I'd probably go with a pale yellow or  even a peachy color.

I want to paint the bed frame that I have white. That's one of Nate and I's weekend projects. To paint my bedroom back to white before I have to move, and to also paint my bedframe white. I have this headboard  with shelves and such on it and I hate it. Hate, hate, hate it. It's ugly. I wish I had a bed frame that was just a frame. Then I'd use bedside tables. It is so much more appealing on the eyes.

Aren't these just gorgeous bedframes? Ahhh. I want them both!

I seriously cannot wait until I have my own place, so I have a real reason to invest in nice stuff.

Ok, new job, let's work on this budget so my dream home is even closer!

PS I like how I started this post with the idea of decorating my new apartment and I ended up talking about my bedroom in my dream house.

Hearts, Stars, Horseshoes, Diamonds, & Blue Moons

I don't know what happened since I wrote that life stressors blog...but my luck sure has turned around.
Such as... I only have 10 more days working that job I hate. And nooo, not because I'm getting fired! Because  I got a new job, folks! A desk one! A 9-5, no weekends one! (And by 9-5 I mean 6:45-2:45). One with better pay! No weekends! No  helping people! I take part of that back, I mean, yeahhh, I'll be helping people but not like helping helping people. Ya follow?  This job is 6 miles away and not a mini journey to the neighboring town 18 miles away. So not only am I getting higher pay but I'll also have to use less gas! Say whaaat! Plus, my new boss specifically told me I'd need to be a "smartass". Direct quote. Yeah, um, hi...that's me.

Or how about this one...I gots myself a new apartment! That's right, I am not homeless. I repeat, I am not homeless. So I guess this city is stuck with me for another year. I'll have my very own master suite! My own huge bedroom. My own huge walk in closet. My own bathroom!

I feel like a gigantic weight has been lifted off of my shoulder! Ahh, I can breathe! I feel like it's almost going to be a brand new life. I owe my grandparents, and my parents, for that. They all lent me money. But hopefully with this new job and new apartment I can get my budget all reworked out. Maybe pick up another part time job? One without weekends, since I finally got a job where I don't have to work them! I don't know what kinda place would let me do that, but I feel like with a much more consistent work schedule, I could handle picking up a few extra hours somewhere. Who knows, let's not get ahead of ourselves quite yet!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Life Stressors/Ranting.

I feel like my life is a complete and total wreck right now!

I'm stuck in a rut. There's not much in my life right now I can say I'm happy with. Or even satisfied with for that matter. Let's see...

  • I hate my job. I hate having a degree and not getting paid shit for it. You actually need a psych degree for this job, and yet I still don't get paid nearly enough. Not to mention I feel like the person I work with all day just yells and is unappreciative for what I do. I am done with the mental health and health fields. Done. Remember how I said I wanted a desk job about a year ago? Yep. Still do. I never thought lil-miss-people-person-joella would hate people. But I do. I hate people now.
  • So, like I said I'm working a job that requires a psychology degree. Right? Right. Ok, yet with this paycheck I'm getting I still can't pay for my degree. You'd think since you need the degree, they'd pay for the degree. Nope. If I were to pay all my student loan payments, plus my rent, plus my car payment, gas and groceries each month like a normal person does I'd come out in the red. I realized it's called a budget and that practically everyone is on one. But I legitimately cannot pay all my bills. It's not possible, even with a budget. And that's a horrible feeling. And my blood pressure and heart rate are rising right now thinking about it. 
  • I'm going to be homeless I'm pretty sure. I have a horrible credit score from not being able to pay my student loans. But my lease is up. So now I have to find a place that is going to run a credit report on me and hope they understand.
  • Did I mention I know nobody here whose lease is up for me to live with? Yep. That's fun. Oh, but forget being able to afford a place on my own. I definitely can't! So I'm looking for a roommate on Craigslist. I think I found one. But then again, I have to get approved  with my credit score first.
  • Oh yeah, then when I move I'll have no furniture. Which is weird because I remember buying furniture for my apartment in Tampa. Lucky me, I got to leave practically my whole life behind when I ran. I only took my clothes and pictures and school books. So all that furniture I've bought? Lost it. All of those dishes and silverwear my grandmother gave me? Gone. 
I realize I'm ranting and I'm probably being a bit dramatic. But I just feel as if I can't catch a break. For the past two years it's been one thing after another. I was cheated on and beaten on by a boy who I thought loved me, which obviously wasn't the case. Which forced me to run away to a city I never had intentions of moving to. So now I'm struggling to find a place to live in, in a city I never wanted to live in, because of a job that I hate going to, which requires a degree, but doesn't pay enough to help  make student loan payments. I feel like the biggest failure at life right now.

Look At That Smile...Makes Me Melt.
On that note, I have to say that at least there's Nathan. He's amazing. Him and I can seriously be doing nothing and still just be laying on the couch together cracking up. He makes the simple things like even running to the grocery store an adventure in itself. I'm obviously stressed to the max and then he does something  like take his break at 10 (when he gets off at 11) because he knows I'll be driving home from work and need some cheering up. He's helping me look for roommates on Craigslist, and researching what apartments these people are in to help rule some out. He's helping me look for new jobs by teaching me the importance of using my (and his) contacts. I can't give him credit for helping my budget, because, well, he needs help with that too.  I'm pretty sure I'd be lost without him. He's by far the best thing a girl could ask for.

Friday, August 24, 2012

I Think My Mirror Is Broken!

So recently I've been playing with the split ends in my hair a lot. Ladies, you know what that means: it's time for a haircut. Actually, it was time for a haircut before it got to this point. I go in for a trim. And I'm sitting there as she's asking me what I want done to my hair. And the next thing I know, I'm telling her I want five inches cut off. Ugh, what? That's what I've been thinking since I got home. I've been trying to grow out my hair for forever, and I finally get it to about where I want it and I chop it off! Welp, while I'm at it, I might as well ruin the blonde hair I've finally gotten back to blonde after having had it dyed dark brown for god knows how long. So yep, then I dye my hair brown. I miss the old me. See what happens when you are stressed out? You look in the mirror and find a new person!

Oh hey, do I know you? You don't look familiar!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Olly Murs

Is sexy. 

I got that picture for you to oogle.
And a catchy song for you to listen to.
You're welcome.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Nathan and I went to a wedding last weekend. Had a nice little roadtrip to get there. Got a hotel room right next to a casino, and had a good time. However, at the wedding we looked like total wedding crashers. To be honest I'm not sure how we got invited. I mean, we were practically the only people there that weren't family members but Nathan and the groom are really good friends, so there we were. (These were his friends that we went and visited down in Texas.)

The invite for the wedding said there would be two shuttles to the wedding from our hotel. So we got picked up by a shuttle bus...and were the only ones on it. So that was were the awkwardness started. Then the driver started following signs on the road for another wedding. Nathan was worried we'd have to call the groom and say "Sorry we didn't make it to your wedding, we got on the wrong shuttle from the hotel". Haha. Luckily, it was the right one.

The ceremony was small and intimate. Only, like I said earlier, family and a few close friends. The bride in her dress looked beautiful. They had their programs printed on fans since it was an outdoor wedding at a beautiful vineyard. T'hen on the flags they had printed a word find with the wedding partys' names.

At the reception we had a whole table to ourselves. Nobody was talking to us, nobody was sitting with us, it was awkward to say the least. Then the drinks started flowing and people started loosening up. That didn't take long, considering it was an open bar. Nate danced, I got dragged onto the dance floor by the groom telling me the bride wanted to see me. They had a photo booth (FUN!). We made some friends, heard some good stories, and it was a good time.

Then since we helped close the reception, along with a few other people, we went to the casino. And by we I mean, me, Nathan, a few other people we met at the reception, and then the bride and groom... in their wedding gear. She's such a fun and sweet girl! Random and full of life and sass. Walking around a casino after midnight in her wedding dress. That's a night I'm sure they'll never forget. I wish those two the best. They are adorable.


Congratulations Julyn and Seth!!

Guess who is getting a new brother in law? That's right! This girl! I'm so excited to be welcoming him into our family! I'm excited to be playing maid of honor and helping my sister plan her big day!