Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday Sundaes

Sunday is traditionally Nathan and I's date day. We don't see each other much, because I work 1st shift (correction: DID work first shift. I just quit the nursing home to take on my new job full-time) and he works 2nd shift. So when I'm getting off work he's just going in. By the time he comes home from work I'm already asleep. When I leave for work, he's still asleep. And the cycle continues until the weekends. Then I still work every other one and he stays out late, and typically stays at his place those weekends. So we may spend almost every night together, this is true, but as for actually seeing him? Well that happens not very often at all. Our solution? Sunday date days.

This Sunday Nathan paid for me to take a pretty expensive nap. I'd say it was about the price of a movie ticket. If I had to guess, I'd guess it was the same price as a ticket to The Dark Knight Rises. I went because I knew he wanted to go. I personally hate superhero movies. Not to mention I'd never even seen the first two so I knew this movie would mean nothing to me. I tried to stay awake so we could dish about it later, but I couldn't. My eyes. They kept getting heavier and heavier. Next thing I knew he was waking me up. I lasted hour of the three hour long movie.

Then we went home and cooked supper. Well, HE cooked us supper. Me cook? Ha, good one. Remember me telling you how Nathan was forcing to me not be such a picky eater? Well, he did SO good yesterday! I never would have ate any of this if he didn't force me to. We started with a salad. Spinch salad. With peaches and tomatos, red wine vinaigrette, and finished with black pepper. Sound gross? Well it shouldn't because after eating it last night and now thinking about it again right now my mouth is watering. Mmmm.

Then for our main course he whipped up whole wheat pasta with grilled chicken, seared in lemon juice and olive oil and cooked with green peppers and tomatos.  Yuuuum.

Then for dessert we had vanilla ice cream with  peaches he baked on the stove top and smothered in cinnamon. Actually, I just had plain ol' vanilla. But I tried his and it was delicious. I just really like my plain jane vanilla.

Another reason why I'll never let Nathan go: This man can cook! Hot damn!

Then we ate our three courses sitting in front of the TV watching the Olympics and drinking our beers. Rascal's Wild Red Raspberry flavored beer for me. Something Something IPA. AKA Something a little more manly for him. I thought his was disgusting. He thought mine was too fruity.

I'm going to pull a  "Family Guy" and go off in a completely different tangent for a few minutes. A few weekends ago, Nate and a few of his friends and I went to a beer tasting festival. You pay like 20 bucks, go in, get your own tasting cup, and go around to a bunch of different tables set up by local breweries to get unlimited tastes of their beer. They had over 400 kinds to try. That's where I discovered the beauty of Raspberry and Blueberry flavored beers. That's where I discovered I like blonde ales but hate IPAs. I also learned that the brand "Chick Beer" is aaaamazing. Here's our group, stopping for a few pictures in between tastes.

The Girls

The Guys (Yeah...Long Story About Nate and His Friends' Matching Shirts)
Ok, back to the original story. So, I couldn't stay awake for that damn movie. I really did feel bad! I mean, the man watches "Pretty Little Liars" with me every time we are awake together. He doesn't complain. He doesn't fall asleep. He even says "Hey tootsie, let's cuddle in bed, watch the next episode, then go to sleep." Aw, is he perfect or what? I've already seen every episode of this series, I'm just watching it again because I want to figure it out, dagnabbit!!

So the beginning of last week I put in my two weeks notice at the nursing home so I could go full time to my other job. So what did the Nursing home do? Stopped scheduling me...a week early. Awesome. Because my other job doesn't have full time hours, or any hours for that matter for me for another week. So expect an overload of blogs. Because I'll have a lot of free time. I'm not excited. I'm going to call my new job tomorrow and pretty much beg for hours.

Mastered: Fishtail Braid.

Um, yeah, I know this picture was stolen off my own earlier blog post. I just wanted to point out I mastered the fishtail braid. I told y'all I do it! It's a little messy at this point just because it had been through a whole day of drinking, sleeping on it on a car ride, humidity, rain, etc. It's actually pretty simple. Which easy hairstyle should I try next?!

I Love Eric Church.

Please, tell me you know who this is. If you don't know who this is then you lead a sad, sad life. Please google "Eric Church" right now. Let me tell you what. This man is one Bad Ass Mofo. And super sexy. Annnd puts on an amazing show. I'd know.  I was there.

Ruckus would definitely be the word I'd use for this event, too. I went to the concert with a bunch of my friends, including the two I go to every concert with, Melanie and Danielle. Nathan went of course. So did my "partner in crime" Lisa. And two other of my friends. According to Eric Church during a part of his concert it was the largest crowd he's ever played for. An estimated 30,000. To be honest I'm surprised I came out alive.  Here's a list of things that happened.

  • Melanie got a ticket on the way there for not having a license plate. Legitimately, it just fell off when driving one day. She didn't know what to do, so she hasn't done anything...
  • Got kicked in the face by some bitch sitting on her man's shoulders
  • Had that same girl's ass in my face when she started grinding her man's shoulders and her dress raised up
  • Almost witnessed a fight when one of my friends stuck her finger in the girls butt and told her if she didn't want it to happen again, to get the eff down.
  • Got beer thrown on me by some chick because, well, I have yet to figure that out.
  • Saved time in the Kybo by Nathan using the urinal inside and me using the toilet. (They all clapped when we came out, to which Nathan replied "I wish! Just pissin' people!")
  • Danced and sang to Eric Church, A LOT
  • Danced in the rain when it started thunderstorming towards the end of the concert.
  •  Made new friends
  • Helped a friend look for her lost iPhone, did us no good though
  • Drank too much
  • Was jealous of all the girls in cowgirl boots. (I want a particular pair SO BAD! Been saving for forever...or trying to at least)
 I don't have very many pictures to show you. Mainly because they were all taken on the iPhone. You know, the one I just mentioned that we lost. Sad day.


1,000 words. Gahhh, <3 him!

Nathan Be Big Pimpin' With Danielle and I

Only One of Us Is Sober. Hint: It's Not Nate.

The Guys.

Baby Sister? Not quite...

True or False: Little Sisters Are Always Babies.
If you said "True", I agree.
However, you're still wrong. 

This is a picture of my little sister and her best friend (who may as well also be my younger sister...) as I remember them. Innocent little girls that annoyed me every single day of my summer vacations.

Here they are now. All grown up. Not as annoying. Not so innocent. And I'd actually rather enjoy to spend parts of my summer vacations with them, or even get summer vacations for that matter. 

Know what REALLY hits the ball home that she's no longer my little baby sister? She just, get this, graduated from college. Say what! Yep, now she's in the real world. Being a dental assistant. Living with her boyfriend. Adopted a dog together. Paying bills. Making a budget to buy her first very own car (Nissan Juke if you were wondering). Damn, next thing you know I'll be 50. Ew. 

Us Girls With Dad

Sister Love

Her boyfriend and His Mom


Us Girls And Our Grandparents.


Happy Couple

I'm A "Grandpa's Girl" <3

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fishtail Braids.

How gorgeous is her hair? As you all know, probably from Pinterest, her hair braid is called the fishtail braid. I've been trying SO HARD to learn cute new things to do to my hair. I'm hair stupid though because I can never figure it out. Like cooking. Just not my strong suit. I figured out how to french twist my bangs back. I've gotten a ton of compliments on that. But next I want to master this. I'll let you know how it goes.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Love Was Always A Shade Of Grey.

This weekend I drug Nathan and Corey to the beach! Well, the "beach". I am in a landlocked state you know. So by beach I mean we went swimming in a lake, which had a sand beach next to it. Not a real beach, like on the gulf or the ocean or anything. I made the mistake of saying "gahh, I wish we had waves here like a REAL body of water". Then the boys got devilish looks on their faces and both splashed me. Guess I walked into that one, huh.

So I was standing in line at Target the other day, looking at the gum waiting for the slow poke in front of me to take 100 years to write a check. That's when it caught my eye.  This gum. Rootbeer Float flavored. Really? That sounds disgusting. I mean I love me some Root Beer Floats. But a gum? Now that's just a whole new ball field. Well, ok, you've convinced me, I'll buy it. I take it to work and try to give pieces away. Nobody wants to take the bait. I bring it home. Nate says "no way". I tell him nobody will try it with me and say and it's his job as my boyfriend to make me happy. Haha. He rolls his eyes and tries it. He loves me. Turns out he loves this gum too. Corey comes home, he tries. He loves it. So that's 3/3 people. 100%. Pretty good if I do say so myself. Good job, Extra!

Yesterday I went dress shopping because I needed a dress for the concert this weekend, and another for a wedding Nathan and I are going to next month. I found a super cute backless one for the concert. I'll try to force Nate to take a picture with me in it so y'all can see it. But, Nate and pictures doesn't usually go over too well. Something about "I hate pictures, I look stupid when I smile and look angry when I don't". Personally, I think he's sexy either way, but whatev. Then for the wedding I found a cute grey dress and a cute strapless black and white and grey dress. I couldn't decide between the two. I mean the grey one made my boobs like awesome, and that's the most important thing, right? Then the other one was more cool, temperature-wise, which is important. So I bought them both. Three dresses in one store, and it only cost me $40. I'd call that a steal! I bet y'all can take a wild guess which one Nate put his vote in for. yep. The boob one. Didn't see that one coming.

My other new addictions I'd recommend? Ok. Here it is.
  •  TV Show: Jane By Design
  • Book: Hunger Game Series (Although Mockingjay isn't too impressive yet. WAY better than 50 Shades of Grey. What's all the fuss about there?)
  •  Song: The Moment by Goldhouse
  •  Movie I'm Excited To See: Magic Mike and/or Anchorman 2

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Baby Just Hold On

Daaaamn, it's been awhile since I've wrote on here! My bad. I've been busy working on those goals! For real. Well, maybe kinda. Ok, a few of them more than the others.

For example, I've gotten myself a new job. One that uses a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. Finally! Now that Cornell diploma will have a better use than collecting dust! I just want to give a quick shoutout to the people in my life who made this new job possible: Nathan and Jacque!!  If it wasn't for Nate I'd still be coming home bitchin' every night about how I never use my degree but never actually do anything about it. If it wasn't for Jacque I wouldn't have gotten my foot in the door so fast. She's probably just pulled something for me that I'll never be able to repay her for.

I'm pretty excited to get started on this new job. My goal is to work my butt off. To be the best at every part at this job. I want to start at the near-bottom of the totem pole and work my way up. And I want to do it fast. I want to love my job and build a career at the same place and stop doing all this job jumping. Fingers crossed.

I'll be moving soon. As much as I've loved living here on the ghetto side of town for the past year, I'm excited to be going to the WEST SIIIIDE!! I found these absolutely GORGEOUS apartments that my friends Lisa, Melanie, and I want to move into. Washer and dryer in the unit. Free tanning. A resort styled pool and a sauna. Bathrooms, two of them, that are huge. Each bedroom with big walk in closets. Granite countertops. A kitchen with an island. I mean, these apartments are just...amazing.

The 4th of July happened while I was away from this website. Let's see...what did I do that day? Well, I got off work and Nate and I went downtown to my favorite bar. Then we, along with some of his friends, went out to a baseball game. Afterwards we watched the fireworks they set off. I love fireworks. Then back to the bar. My other favorite downtown bar. The country bar!

Not a very exciting blogpost today is it? Hm, maybe next time.