Friday, November 4, 2011

no I'M the lucky one

Have you ever just gotten a feeling that you just know something? Like you have no rhyme or reason behind knowing it, but you know that it just is? I know that makes absolutely no sense, but sometimes you just know. I call it my woman's intuition. I've been learning how to trust it a lot more lately, and it's been right every time since I've been listening to it. Usually it leads me depressing situations that make me wish it was incorrect. But this time, this time,  it's good.  :)

It's my 'on' weekend at work, only this weekend I only have 8 hour shifts. No 16 hour shifts, so that will be super nice and I probably won't have a giggling spat and be crazy by the time Sunday night rolls around. Then, I'm supposed to be having movie night with Lisa tomorrow after work. We are going to wear our pajamas, eat pizza, drink beer or smirnoffs (to enjoy, not to get drunk...), talk, laugh, cry, paint our nails, pretend to watch a movie, talk about our men, etc. You know, cover all the basics when two girl friends hang out. Ok, so we probably won't end up doing half of those things. But when we were making our plans all those things were brought up. So I thought I'd mention them here tonight.

Today at work, one of the little old ladies was reading the monthly newsletter that each of the residents receives.  On one of the pages it list all of that month's birthdays of both the residents and the employees and she had noticed my birthday was coming up. She told me she put it on her calendar, wanted to get me a card, sing to me "Happy Birthday" on my big day. Then she told me I deserved good life advice and told me :

"Marry a man who loves you unconditionally. 
You are a beautiful girl with gorgeous eyes, a shining smile, and a warm and loving personality.
Make sure you pick one who will call you "beautiful" every single day.
Make sure you find one who treats you right,
Because with everything you do to help all of us,
Thats what you deserve.
I love you, you little pill"

Then she started crying, kissed me on the cheek, patted my bottom, and said "ohhh...24! Such a good, young innocent age". I'm not really sure what a "little pill" is, but she calls me that everyday. Haha. And sometimes my crazy long hours sucks and the job is stressful, and when one of your favorites dies it's really hard to be that strong girl that the other residents mourn to when you are hurting just as bad on the inside. But knowing I can make that ladies day bright enough that she gets that emotional over my birthday makes it all worth it. 

I have also taught two men how to "pound it" (as in the fist bump)...made a McDonalds fry date with a resident who was complaining he hadn't had it in years...had a singoff contest with a lady to the song "Friends In Low Places"...split a bag of cheese flavored chex mix with a lady while flipping through a magazine pointing out all the "hotties"...taught a lady how to use her lipstick as blush when her blush (or "rouge" as she calls it) is out...and learned some of the most romantic real life love stories ever to have existed. So, do I love my job? Yeah, you could say that. I'm really thinking nursing is what I'm meant to do. 

Life is starting to fall into place.

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