Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I've Loved You Since The Very First Day Baby

I should be packing. I hate packing. I like making lists though, so I've made my list of stuff that I should be packing. I'm not a light packer, and having a limit on how much space I have to put stuff in is seriously cramping my style. I'm leaving tomorrow, so I should probably get back to packing, but here I sit, avoiding it. That's what Cornell taught me you know. How to procrastinate and yet still get things done in a short amount of time. I sure paid a lot to learn that!

My week has been on both ends of the "extreme emotion" scale. On one end of the scale I'm stressed so much that I've been crying. Every where, over everything. So thats been classy. My boss at work even sat me down and had to talk with me because I've been so stressed out that I almost had a meltdown at work. I, I just dont even want to get into it. But then again, on the other end I've been extremely smiley and happy. I've been told I'm "glowing".  :) I don't want to get to into this one with much detail either. I guess it's been pretty random going between the two extremes of the scale, and less of anything in between. But all you really need to know is that yes, I'm pretty excited. Yes, I'm extremely stressed out. And yes, I'm scared shitless. 

The "key to my heart" broke the other day. I wasn't even doing anything to it. I wasn't even wearing it. Clean cut broken. I told Amber, Lilly,  and my mother about it later that day. All three know the entire situation...and they all three had the same general  thing to say. "I think that's a sign".

Things aren't built like they used to be. Working at a nursing home, I know. These little old ladies all have these old things (everything from jewelry boxes to their men) that have lasted through all these years and are still in absolutely great shape. And these days people don't care about quality, they just rush into things and then wonder why they don't last. Maybe because you did it the cheap way?  I once attempted to build something of quality, and then it got destroyed in a bad storm. I repaired it, and then the next year another storm came and destroyed it beyond repair. I threw it away and gave up on it. I can't say I gave up on the project, I just gave up on that specific project. I knew I'd have to start the whole project over. New blueprint, new supplies, the whole works.  Even though the project was destroyed I knew the foundation to it was solid. But I began to think I was born in the wrong generation. Everybody has been thinking I'm crazy for wanting something that's good quality, something that may actually last. Then I met this builder and I told him the general gist about my previous project. And you know what? He wants to help me finish my project.It seriously happened just like that, too.  I wasn't even out looking for a builder, I was just sitting there, having a conversation with a girl I know, when out of the blue there he was. Better back back to the drawing board, I have some blueprints to draw up.

Before I do that, I should probably get to finishing my packing. I have a lot of people back in Iowa excited to see me tomorrow!

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