Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Shoes Match My Shirt!!

This was pretty much  Maddie and I's entire day:

I had the day off, my last day off until this time next week, then I have a three and a half day weekend so I will be journeying to Fairfield, which I haven't been to since I moved here, for my birthday! So since I have a few day stretch of work I decided I would actually take advantage of having a free day. Usually I do something productive like run errands, clean, something. Today? Nope. I talked on the phone on all with Grandma, Mom, Amber, among others. The only productive things I actually did today was run 7 miles (which sucked, by the way) and go to target to buy more foundation since mine was getting low. 

Other than that Maddie and I napped (as seen above) and caught up with all my TV shows on hulu

New Girl

Pan Am

and Hart of Dixie

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed today.  Plus I've been pretty smiley since last Friday. Thank you for that Amber and Kyle! You two are pretty genius. :)

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