Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Life Is In Shambles

I ended up taking, ohhhhh, about 1000s of photos this weekend with Amber. Just kidding. I ended up taking...2. A grand total of 2. I'm really bad at this whole blogging thing.

So I get into town Friday afternoon. I ended up leaving my town and merged onto the interstate in front of this red pickup...who followed me for the whole trip. Me, that pickup truck, and another white pickup tuck did 85 the whole way so I  shaved quite a bit of time off my trip. So anyways, like I was saying I get into town and her mom and dad want to take me out to eat with them and my cousin Nate and his girlfriend. We go to Texas Roadhouse. I of course got a loaded sweet potato. Delicious. And green beans. And chicken nuggets, because I'm classy like that. I couldn't eat it all, so I got it to go and kept it in Amber's car overnight. (remember that). Then we went straight from there to this bar inside a casino.

I just realized how long this post will be if I write it all out, so I'll summarize it in bullet points.

*We barhopped to a lot of different bars: Amber, me, Kyle, Jacob, Joel, and a bunch of other of Kyle's friends.

*I actually danced at the bar. I'm not really sure how or why I did that considering I don't dance. But I did. I'm not sure how good they were...but I didn't care. I was having fun on a mini vacation!

*At 3:30 (when the bars close in that state) we took a cab home.

*We all get to Kyle's apartment and realize A) Amber doesn't have her phone and B) nobody has a key to Kyle's apartment. Sooo Amber breaks in through the window.

*The next morning Amber and I get up and have to go dress shopping because she needs a bridesmaids dress. The place is over an hour away. I find my chicken nuggets from the night before still in her car and decide they are ok to eat. Nope. Not at all actually. I'm sick for the rest of the day.

*We come home and took a nap because I still wasn't feeling well.

*We told Kyle, Joel, and Jacob we'd meet them at the city Halloween parade. We also met up with  another one of Amber's friends and her boyfriend.

* Amber and I dress up as ninjas for Halloween!! (badasses)

*We go out to the bars. I don't drink because I'm still feeling gross from eating bad chicken nuggets.

*We take a taxi cab home. Guess what we find there. Ambers phone!

*We wake up. Kyle's roommate takes Jacob and us home.  I pack up my stuff. Say goodbye to Nate, and my aunt and uncle. They encourage me to move to their city. I'm thinking about it. I have a few months to figure things out.

*I drive home, doing the speed limit. Kinda. 

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