Sunday, October 2, 2011

"I'm staring at your pretty little eyes, girl - don't make me suffer"

There I was, minding my own business, driving down the street and jamming out to some tunes. I was driving to meet up with the guy and his friends to do some pre-drinking before we went out to the bars downtown. All of a sudden I hear a big BANG and next thing I knew my poor Sulley was way up on the curb and the tire pressure light on my dash was on. Honestly, I don't know what happened. (And, no, I hadn't been drinking before I started driving.) Luckily I wasn't far from my apartment complex so I was able to get my car back home and parked.

So I called him, pretty much in a frenzy. Less about my tire and more about getting caught up with him in time before they all left to go downtown. It  had been a long week, and I had picked up extra shifts over the weekend, so I was in dire need of socialization. Plus, I was kinda nervous because I hadn't ever met the friends, and it was a big group going out, we are talking probably around 12 guys (and some of their girlfriends), and that makes me even more nervous because I get all shy around a group of new people. He had already started drinking and so he couldn't come pick me up, so I called one of my good friends, who has a husband, and he took me over to meet up with him after checking out my car to make sure it was only my tire with a problem. Which it was.

Guy's friends? Awesome! I loved them. They were all extremely nice and very funny. I stopped being nervous around them probably, ohhhhh,  5 seconds after I met them. I literally walked in and got greeted by a bunch of people I had never met raising their beer and going "HEEEEYYY!!" and then a billion handshakes and introductions and teasing about poppping my tire. They had waited to go to the bar until I had gotten there because they knew Guy wouldn't want to leave until I got there.

We were walking to downtown and his friends are all giants like him. Well, not as tall as him, because he's 6'6, but they were all definitely a lot taller than me. Anyways, so my short legs were having a hard time keeping up with them. So one of his friends offered to carry me to the bar. And by that I mean he attempted to do it even after I said no, haha. Another friend, who was by far the quiet one and I really got along well. He picked some flowers off the side of the sidewalk and put one behind my ear and one behind his and called them "new best friend flowers". I knew it would be a really fun night already by just the walk to the bar.

Once we got to the bar and we each got a few drinks in us, they started dancing. I lost  Guy a few times, which I thought would make it awkward just standing around talking/dancing with his friends, but it wasn't. Not at all actually. It was a really good time.

Then this guy I don't know comes up to me and puts his arm around me and goes "JOELLA?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!"  I had no idea who this dude was. But he knew my name. So I said, I'm sorry I don't remember who you are. The guy goes on to tell me how we went to Cornell together and how he knew I was a pyschology major, and Julyn used to visit me, and how during the summer I stayed on campus and a bunch of other random stuff about me. I was a little creeped out to be honest. So he tells me he'll be right back, and leaves. Guy is still gone at this point, and his friends come up  to me after he leaves and asks if the random dude is bothering me and if they need to do anything about it. I'm flattered because I just met them an hour beforehand and they were already acting like we were good friends. Awww. Anyways, the creeper guy comes back over with another guy, who I recognize! "JOELLA! How the hell are you?" So we do the whole hug and catch up thing, and I learn he's living down here as well! The "creeper" friend looks at me and says "so you remember Don and not me? What the fuck! Every time you hung out with him, I was there!" I tell him sorry and he says "whatever" and leaves all pissed off.  I tell Don I'll get ahold of him over facebook and that we should catch up sometime. Small world! Crazy, huh?

The bar eventually closes after hours of us laughing and dancing and having a great time. We take the party back to where we had all met up. I think I walked the whole way home laughing. Partly because I was drunk and partly because we were having so much fun. Then some dude stopped at a red light yelled something at Guy about him thinking he was tough. (He says it happens a lot because he's so tall and dark complected (he's half native american)). So he yells at him to "get out of the car and show him what he's got". I was a little scared, won't lie. So shy guy, the one who gave me the "best friend flowers" (which we were both still wearing) comes and grabs my hand and pulls me away in case anything starts. Luckily, the light turned green and the douche in the car sped off squealing his tires.Then Guy fist bumps shy guy and tells him he couldve "whipped that asshole". Which was probably true, but I didn't really want to find out.

We end the night all passed out and wake up to an alarm going off at 730 because the guys all work together and had to be at work at 8. But I didn't have a car to get back his mom has to come and take me back home. Luckily for me I had met her before and she's pretty cool.

I get back home and remember the drama with my car. Vince comes over and helps me change my tire, and then goes with me to a bunch of different tire places. Turns out Kia likes to use the expensive as hell tires, which nobody keeps in stock. So that's awesome. I had to special order a tire, and it won't be here until probably the end of the week. I'll be driving on a doughnut all week. Let me tell you how excited I am for that. Very.

Annnnd now I'm doing laundry. And tomorrow starts my work week. 64 hours. Wish me luck!

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