Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Loves.

Tomorrow tickets for a concert I really want to go to are going on sale! Five bands! FIVE! Only for 20 dollars! One of them is JASON JONES!!! (he sings Ferris Wheel, by the way, my current addiction) I think me and Val and three girls from work (Amanda, Danielle, and Lisa) may go.  That'd be SO much fun. And I need fun. I get so stressed out and exhausted during the week. Until the concert, I think I'll be listening to a lot of their songs so I can sing along! But probably mostly Ferris Wheel, let's be honest.

Have you watched that video I linked you to yet? Because I'm obsessed. I love the girls' outfits. I love how they aren't slutty, but things I would actually wear. I like how it makes you just want to go to a carnival with your guy. I love Jason's dimples. I love his eyes. I love his blue plaid shirt.  I love the lighting in the video.  There's just something about the whole video and song. love LoVe LOVE it.

Today, just like every other day, I told one of my favorite ladies at the nursing home that I was in love with her dog. She told me she knew how much I loved her dog (sometimes I go to her apartment just to ask if I can give him a treat, haha) and she told me it meant a lot to her because that dog is her baby.  She told me she wanted to be sure that if anything ever happened to her, she wanted him to go to me. And she was going to even put it in her will.  Well, I doubt that'd ever happen because I'm sure there are laws or something against that considering I work at her assisted living facility. But I just wanted to find a picture similar to her puppy so you can all see what he looks like. He's so darn cute.

He's a yorkie. And those aren't particularly cute dogs. But this one is just sooo cute, you can't help but love him. She always keeps him well groomed and his fur cut relatively short. He never wears a leash and likes to run up and down the halls and say hello to all of the other residents. When I say run though, I don't really mean run. He trots. Like a show dog would. Raises his little paws off the ground funny, like he thinks he's a horse. He has so much energy he's always playing, chasing after things, and his favorite pulling the legs off of the stuffed squeaky octopuses she buys him. But he always listens to her so well. All she has to do is say his name and he comes running  and sits in front of her with a look like  "yes?". Then when she says the magic word "din-din" he gets all excited and jumps as high as she is tall and starts running in circles barking excitedly. It's so darn cute. Don't even get me started on what he does when she says the magic word "treat". Haha. SO CUTE. Love him!

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