Sunday, October 23, 2011


My week since the last time I wrote? Awesome.  And this coming week? Even more awesome. I'm SO excited!!

Let's see, the other day I went out to lunch with Val and Chrissy. We went to this little sushi place and I got a tuna roll and a California roll. They were delicious. Chrissy tried to teach Val and I how to use chopsticks. That went over well. HA! just kidding. That was pretty embarassing and the Asian guy that works there was giving Val and I a hard time.

I worked 16 hours yesterday. I know, right? How does that qualify as a good time. Well, when everybody working that day is working  16 hours with you, you all start to get pretty loopy towards the end of the night. We were playing pranks on each other, we were sharing our food, we answer the few and far in between pages all together. It was just a lot of fun. Then we all got to come back together again this morning! My abs are probably lookin smokin' hot from all the laughing we did.

Today I was at the gym running on the elliptical when these two dudes walk in as I was 30 minutes into my workout. One got on the treadmill next to me and the other got on the elliptical on the other side of me. The guy on the other elliptical acted like he was trying to go faster than me. Well, 1. you are a dude. 2. you just started, and I've been going for 30 minutes longer than you and 3. your resistance is on 1 and mine is on 9. So yeah, duh, stop looking over at my screen that tells me my speed. Then he left before me too. So that made me feel good.

This week is the concert!! It's going to be me, Danielle, Val, and Sarah! I bought a cute outfit for it, but now a week after I bought it, I think I found one I like even more. Guess how much it's going to cost me! NOTHING! Because it was already in my closet. But hey, I'm always ok with expanding my wardrobe. But anyways, I'm completely excited for the concert!!

Then this weekend I'm going to a town a few hours away to spend some time with Amber! Amber wants to do the whole dress up for Halloween thing. I'm not sure. I think this guy might be going with me, but I'm not entirely sure of his weekend plans/work plans yet for a whole week away. If now, I'm sure I'll be ok spending QT with her!

So needless to say, hopefully I'll have lots of pictures to post and stories to tell!

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