Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'll Be Home Soon

"When you are getting to the end of a heartache,
And you are thinking it's a long way home,
When you are thinking that you're just plain crazy,
Because you're on your own,
Just think of me"
Another short and sweet one for y'all tonight. I really want to be a RN. I've been saying that since freshman year of college. I should have transferred when I was really close to doing it. I only didn't because the boyfriend at the time went to the same school as myself. HA! Good job, genius. Then maybe I wouldn't have absolutely hated my college years (minus Kelly and Kait, and the few other people I still talk to.) Plus, psychology was really interesting, so I don't really regret that either.  Really I guess I just regret spending so much money on an education I'll probably never use.

OH! Tomorrow Sulley will be back to new. Hopefully. Fingers crossed. 


  1. Go get your RN! YOU CAN DO IT! :)

  2. All I have left of us is a blurry photograph, all I can see is your smile as it fills your life with joy, oh how I miss the moments such as those, may my life never know what love is again, I shall travel to the ends of the earth searching for what I can never find. Always looking only to find myself lost again in the same cold forest. With my arms wrapped around you yet we seem so distant the memories of what we had is all I hold onto. My ears miss the voice they came accustom to. Oh how my lips linger for the subtle rush of energy through my body. My dear where have I wondered, the leaves aren’t the color you like, they are all dead love no longer visits. I watched how your heart poured out that rainy day, I watched a part of you die as she took her last breath, I could not take such a pain I started to run and never look back. As I ran it became colder and colder I was covered in fog from the steam of my body heating the night. Rain drops hitting my face in sequence with my tears as if the universe understood pain as well as I. The only voice I can hear is you calling out in such pain and struggle only for no one to answer you. The innocence in your voice chills my soul asking you to never forget you, oh my darling how you are with me everyday as the winds blows my senses explode knowing my nose can not be fooled, or am I not in the right mind why would I feel you if you were nowhere near? Forever engrained is the fragrance of our liking, among the many did we explore never did we ever find one that felt like home. The candy I eat today reminds me of you, only come in blue and don’t eat to many because they only make a few yes my puzzle piece I am thinking of you. How bitter sweet it is when such small things remind me of you, and 22408 will always be home to be no matter how far away it may be, for I fear my love death is coming for me. He whispers your name to me as I sleep, no longer do I dream my old friend, oh no, no, no please no do not let me sleep for if I do Im afraid the heavens’ will unleash with my tears. I do not dare close my eyes without you watching over me, where have you been your beginning to scare me. My god where are you taking me? We have not been down this road before I’m afraid I do not recognize these trees, these trees are not of that which we planted. Where have has our dream gone, no longer do we need space for fellow passengers. All I can hear is breath, breath……..breath, shhhh…. Listen my loml I am right here for you, shhh… nothing will harm you while I’m here…..WHERE ARE YOU. I can feel the pain sinking in, why is my heart caving in? Your face is fading, why are you leaving me here, please I am scared. He is coming for me..I see him, I fucking see him why is he coming for me? Shh… Breath Levi, listen to the wrods im about to say, let my voice penetrate you very being, let my voice be music to your ears, even though at times thoughts of my will bring about tears, just remember our glory days……“Breath let me go Loml remember me with you I shall stay, forever you will search for me, but my face you will never see, the sun will never shine on you and me. I will be all around you at once, and gone the next, just remember you gave me my necklace”.