Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So I've been having this problem lately, and it's starting to really frustrate me.  I mean they are just downright mean to me in every aspect that I interact with them.  But I've never done anything to them so I'm not quite understanding why this whole situation is going on. Now, I'm not one to use names, usually. But I feel like nobody can help me out here unless they know the WHOLE here it goes.....

that's who it is. that's who's being rude to me! .
Let me share some examples.

My phone just kinda does what it wants. Like, when I plug it into the charger and it feels the need to call my boss...3 times. Or when I'm at unnamed dudes house and I'm not even touching it and it feels the need to call him. It also likes to send my text messages to people other than who I have selected for the inbox. Don't even get me started on how it likes to freeze 24/7, and never find satellite signal on Foursquare so I'm not checked into my friend's house for two weeks straight.

My computer likes to delete things that I've written. I'm pretty sure I write every blog post 3x at least because it decides "hey, that's a pretty poorly written paragraph...why dontchya try that one again?" and POOF it's gone! Or I'll be typing and it thinks to itself  "that sentence sounds better up here" and starts typing in random areas. So I do a lot of playing where's-the-cursor. My computer also does not like to recognize that it has a built in webcam. It's a Dell, which I've never had problems with until it got a virus (which Levi fixed way back in the day by buying me a new hard drive, so that's not the problem), but now it's a piece of shit and their customer service...horrible.

I feel bad about this one, because without my lovely TomTom, heavens knows I'd be lost in this city...and as for finding my way home, it would never happen! but when you have to add in 5 minutes to your travel time just for your GPS to find a satellite's  pathetic. I mean you are a GPS, it's pretty much your only job to find a signal and get me places. So don't take your sweet time looking for one. And then don't lose it halfway through getting to where I'm going so that I have to pull over and wait another five minutes for you to find it again. It makes me so frustrated!

It keeps kicking me off. And I have to keep resetting the router or whatever it is in the living room that gives us our internet. It's making me mad. Grrr. Then it will tell me "Limited Availability", whatever that means.

Ok, this one is a little far fetched, because I'm pretty sure it's more of a kitchen appliance and less of an electronic. But in general people like my horrible experiences in the kitchen. So here's another to add to our collection. The toaster ate my pop-tart. Not kidding. This can't even be considered my fault. Trust me, I'm a pro when it comes to toasting these suckers. I put it in and when it was supposed to pop got sucked under the metal thing that pushes it up. I had to turn the toaster upside down and try to shake it out. It still didn't come out...but a nickel did. So I'm assuming the toaster was paying me off to feed it.

And this folks is only the beginning! I'm only 23 and already this bad at technology? Oh god, what's going to happen when i'm officially old? I'll be that loser that has to page the nurse's aid because she can't figure out how to turn on the TV...oh waaaait. I remember a certain day when I lived in Cedar Rapids when this guy and I were going to watch this movie on TV, and neither one of us could figure out Kendra's confusing television. So we had to go to his apartment instead. It was pretty classy.

Anyways, I'm pretty sure technology and the gnomes that steal my stuff (and then place them in random places throughout the apartment) and teaming up against me. What did I ever do to them!? lol.

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