Friday, September 9, 2011

Iowa. (Pronounced: "I-O-WA" not "I-Wa")

Dear State of Iowa,

Tomorrow is practically a national holiday, but only for you. So I guess that makes it a state holiday. It's your Iowa vs. Iowa State game .So that means if google maps decides to take an aerial picture of you tomorrow all you'll see is black and gold and red because that's what every single one of your residents will be wearing. Now, I'm no big buff football fan and in fact, I hardly understand the rules. But as a born and raised Iowan, I must say that I am excited for tomorrow's game, and am legitimately upset I'll be missing it. Luckily for me, you have some of the nicest residents in all of the places I've ever lived, awww...midwest charm, so I have a few friends who have agreed to keep me updated on the score. Tomorrow is your day, Iowa!


Now for those of you not from Iowa...or have never been to Iowa, or don't know what a hawkeye or a cyclone are, I'll make this simple for you:

Black & Gold > Red & Gold

Now that's the spirit!

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