Thursday, September 8, 2011

If You Sing To Your Dog They'll Do Your Hair For You

Today was a weird day. I had the day off, for one, but that's not why it was weird. Here's some reasons why it WAS weird.

1. I was dropping some applications off at one of the many malls around here. Nick came along for moral support, awww, what a sweetheart. Anywho, so I drop off two applications and life is all dandy. (and yes one was to bath and body works). Then we go to the third and have this actual conversation:

Worker Lady: (to Nick) And who are you?
Nick: I'm the roommate?
Worker Lady: ...She's a big girl. Or are you just moral support?
Nick: Umm, yeah
Worker Lady: Well, I need to talk to her. Alone. So go. *shoos him away*
Worker Lady: (to Me) Why are you working on this side of town?
What did you learn in your psychology classes?
Me: *Answers stupid random questions*
Worker Lady: Well, it doesn't really matter because you're pretty useless if you can't work every weekend. So good luck. *shoos me away*


2. Val and I are driving to another mall later that day to pick up some random stuff. (That we forgot to get, by the way). There's a bottle of soda in my car that Nick had left earlier.

Val: I'm really thirsty, can I take a swig of that coke (because in TN it's all coke even when it's a pepsi)
Me: Go for it
Val: Oh wait, is there alcohol in it?
Me: "...seriously?"
Val: "What!?"

Apparently my friends all think i'm an alcoholic. Ok, so if a random stranger looked in our fridge they'd also think that. But a spiked coke in my car? I may drink every other weekend or so...but I draw the line at drinking and driving. I just thought it was funny that that conversation actually took place, like every piece of coke around me is spiked.

3. Random friend of my sister's on facebook on a picture comment.

Random Chick: Wow! R u two twins?
Me: No
Random Chick: It's all in the eyes
Julyn: Nope, not twins.
Random Chick: Haha.

It's like she's trying to convince us that we were actually twins. Like we were just lying about it, or weren't aware that we were twins or something. Idk.

Tomorrow I have another day off and I have all intentions of making this:


Val, her boyfriend Vince, and I went to Vince's Aunt Carrie's house today and she made us supper, with this for dessert. And it was DELICIOUS! You can find the recipe here.

On another note, which I have been talking about a lot lately. I like how when you decide you are taking a break away from dudes to have some "me" time, they all decide to start talking to you. Except, of course, for the one that you may slightly be interested a month or so. In which case that particular guy will start a convo with you over text and call you and even drive a couple hours to visit you and then randomly stop texting you halfway through the day. Overthinking things? Yeah, probably. This whole being single thing sucks. Maybe not the actually being single part, that parts actually pretty awesome. But the whole having to deal with dudes and figure out that awkward "what's he thinking" shit again, well, it sucks. I'm not going to do it. I'm sorry, but I won't. Nope. Sure ain't. At least not until Oct. 1st, or Nov. 1st, or whatever other date I think I'm ready to start dealing with that bullshit again. Why can't some tall, dark, and handsome guy just be plopped into my life with no awkwardness involved? That'd be dreamy. :)

Oh P.S. - Things you need to youtube include: Jenna Marbles, Boys Will Be Girls, and Ultimate Dog Tease. In the words of Jenna Marbles herself "You're Welcome"


  1. Wooow. That lady was a majoooor betch! Like what the heck is her problem!?

    And that's funny about you and your sister. I kinda see it! But maybe if I meet her in person she won't look so much like you then??

    Luv ya hun!! <3 Lilly

  2. are you really looking for another job? call me, may have an idea!
    xx, kait