Saturday, July 9, 2011


Adam. He's the person outside of my family who I've known the longest. Actually, I met him before I even met my Aunt Vicki (I've been told, I don't actually know because, well, I don't remember). We've grown up together, a f1ew blocks away from each other. We went to the same babysitter, same school, and his family I call my second family (it was facebook official too before I deleted my account). So today I thought I'd post random memories I have about him.

1) Our high school had open lunch, and I'd go to his house for lunch with him everyday our junior year. His mom would be there on her lunch as well. I'd race his microwave to see who could get things done first.

2) Adam and I sucked at calculus. Everyday we'd have the same discussion "What time do you get off work tonight?" "8" "Ok, I don't work, so just come over and we'll do our homework from hell". Sometimes he'd understand it and teach it to me, sometimes it was the other way around. But most of the time it was us sitting at his table with our notes spread out all over, our graphing calculators out, and whining how much we hated that class. I think both of us were worried about passing.

3) He was a fast checker at Hy-Vee. He doesn't know this but whenever they put him on a register near me, I'd try to race him with our orders. He always won. Speedy hands, that one.

4) We shared a locker in middle school. It was a ghetto locker. Any combination would work to open it. But you had to turn it right, left, right before it decided it would open. Weirdest lock ever. We complained about it and got a new locker. The school had just added a new wing onto the building, and it opened the next week making it so that students no longer had to share lockers, so we got new lockers after that too.

5) We used to convince people we were twins. People believed us because we were always together. We even convinced this one idiot that we were born conjoined by a small flap of skin that could stretch about 60 miles so he could go to Iowa City and I could stay home. It was convenient for us and we didn't care about getting a surgery to unconjoin. But we did and that's why we were no longer conjoined.

6) We would go to the pool together everyday. Him, me, Julyn, his two little brothers, and any other friends who decided to go. We would ride all our bikes there in a long chair down the road. Then we'd play "Grandma & Grandpa" where we'd basically act out things old people do while jumping into the water. Haha.

7) Honking and waving the other direction.

8) Spending the night at a haunted hotel.

9) Sitting in the hallway before school started every morning, and complaining about the stupid gym teacher's arm full of bangle bracelets.

10) Him throwing away my shampoo and conditioner because as a hair stylist he couldn't have his best friend having "disgusting wal-mart bought shampoo and conditioner". He bought me new ones. They were grape favorite. Addicting. I need more, actually. Mmmm.

I have 23 years of memories with this boy, so obviously I could go on and on. Right now he's living with my cousin Kendra in Des Moines, and from what I hear they are having a great time! But how could you not with Adam as your roommate?


  1. D'awww I love Adam. I read him this. He said "when is this bitch coming to dsm?" lol

  2. I'm not sure, but I am sure it's not soon enough!