Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You're The Only Ten I See

I'm slowly, and painfully, learning you honestly can't plan anything. Ever. Just when you think "WAM! BAM! This is all falling together perfectly...see, I told you everything happens for a reason!" life giggles in your face and tells you "Oh honey, life's not that easy" and throws you for a curve ball. Another one. Which is fine, because with all this practice I'm having with them eventually I'm going to hit one home. (You like my baseball reference, yes that's nice isn't it).

So the job search is still ongoing, and I must say I'm a little relieved to have not accepted the position at the nursing home. Call me crazy. I know I need a job...bad. I know that the job market sucks. But for some reason I have no interest in working in that type of setting again. I want something new. So I've been applying to other places, a lot of them being desk jobs. Like a receptionist. I'm so used to running around like my head is cut off at jobs that now I just want to try a desk job. Is that weird? I don't know, but it's what I'm looking for right now. When I stumble upon jobs in the mental health fields I still apply for them, I just am more focused on a desk job.

The apartment search...this is where the new life curve ball comes in. Me and the roomie had plenty of complexes picked out. It was going to be downtown in the city. That way we could walk to coffee shops during the days we didn't work. We could walk to the bars on the weekends and not have to worry about someone having to be a DD. We could people watch from our windows, and have plenty of other people our age in our same complex. Basically we wanted to be in the middle of our new hometown to meet and make new friends. Now, without getting too personal, all I will say is that sometimes life throws people in your life curve balls so big it affects your life as well. That's what happened in this situation. But roomie, I know you'll get better soon. Just take your time, follow what the doctor says, drive back to the home state and let mom and dad help you feel better (which always works for me), and then come back here! :) Love you!

So now I think I'm just going to rent a three bedroom with two other friends. It's not going to be downtown now, of course, so I'm starting to get a little nervous on how to meet people. But I don't think I really should be because I've already met about 10-15 new people. I'm just waiting for everything to click into place. Which it will, because it always does. I'm just not very patient and things usually fall into place a lot faster than 21 days and counting like it is this time. Guess you can't enjoy the sunny days unless you've experienced some rainy ones though.

But since I haven't done many blog posts recently, and my life is kinda a mess right now I thought I'd get back to doing some of those questions.

When was your last food craving, and what did you crave?

The other day the people who I've been staying with and I were craving brownies, real bad. So we piled into the car, rolled the windows down, turned the jams up, and enjoyed the absolutely beautiful weather out here on the way to the grocery store...at midnight. First of all, me craving brownies is never a good idea. You know, the whole being allergic to brownies thing. Second of all, I can't cook. It doesn't matter if it's a simple brownie mix...we are talking about a girl who messed up jell-o just a few weeks ago. Third of all, why are we needing caramel brownies at that late at night? Anyways, so we come back and I'm pretty sure half of the batter got ate instead of baked because by the time the brownies were done...we only had about three brownies. Ok, so they were pretty nice sized brownies, but just three nonetheless. They were delicious and gone 10 minutes after they came out of the oven. They were delicious. Maybe we'll make some more tonight when he gets off work. Yum.

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