Friday, July 1, 2011


It's official. I live in Florida. I mean, I've been living here for a month now, but now it's with the government official. In other words, I got a new license. A Florida one. It has an ocean on it. It cost me a lot of money, and a lot of time. And finding the place to get it? Pshhh. Even Tom didn't know how to get there. He took me on a little detour. Through a housing development. I'm not really sure why. (He also got lost on my way home, poor Tom). Anyways, all these houses in the development were around a nice sized pond. But there were signs EVERYWHERE around it. They said:
No Fishing
No Swimming
Warning: Alligators

These signs were in an every other pattern with signs that said :

Do Not Feed Alligators

Kinda like this.

Today is the first day my legs haven't been killing me. Between all the lunges I had to do at work for restraining class and my workout routine, I haven't been able to go up and down our apartment stairs in 3 days. But today I woke up and felt ok.

As I was going up said stairs there was a little lizard on the stairs. I know this lizard because he's black colored and missing a big chunk of his tail. I understand why he's missing half his tail now. He probably got stepped on! I was going up the stairs, and usually these little critters just run out of your way. He just sat there and looked at me like "Yeah, um, I was here first". So I went back down the stairs (I didn't want to step over him and have him crawl up my jeans, hahaha) and poked him with it. He just kept looking at me like "Good try, human". So I ended up just stepping over him. And continued to sit there. What if I hadn't seen him there though? I would have stepped on him and maybe cut off the rest of his tail!

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