Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Ten Things You May Or May Not Have Known About Me:

1. My left foot is missing half of a toe. I hate it. I feel like my foot doesn't look like a foot. I hate wearing sandals because people can see it. I hate not being able to buy all the cute ballet flats I like because they pull that toe back since it lies higher up than the rest. I hate how it has no nail so it stands out even more when my toe nails are painted. It can't bend. People can be evil and give you toe socks for your birthday. True Story.

2. My favorite colors are pretty much all neutrals : grey, brown, and red. I like white/ off-white/cream on cars. I like to wear grey, black, white, and brown. It's weird because it's the exact opposite of what I liked when I was younger, which was bright obnoxious colors. My room at my Dad's house is even painted orange and lime green with pink accents.

3. I don't have any tattoos or piercings (besides my ears). I have no tolerance for pain so I'm scared to get anything done. The one time I did get brave and got my navel pierced I ended up in the urgent care facility, sent by the nurses at Cornell because I was light headed, sweating, and in so much pain I couldn't stand up straight. Turns out I'm allergic to certain metals. My body rejected that damn piercing and pushed it out through the skin. A lot of tears and pain and a nice scar came out of that piercing. And as for tattoos, if I were to ever get one I would get a teeny tiny paw print about a 1/2 tall in black with the word "Molly" in cursive under it on my ankle. I miss her. A lot.

4. I really like making "To-Do" lists. My favorite part is checking things off. Sometimes if I've already accomplished things, and then make my list, I'll add them just for the sole purpose of crossing them off. When I worked at Hy-Vee, we had a closing checklist of crap to do everynight. And I'd HATE it when a co-worker would see my doing something and check it off for me. Haha.

5. I want to wear sundresses every day. If I had enough money to redo my wardrobe it'd definitely include these:

Charlotte Russe Vanity Charlotte Russe

6. I have no problem falling asleep when I go to bed at night. I usually fall asleep within a few, like 3, minutes after I lay down. However, if Levi is not going to bed the same time as me, I must have some sort of light on. Just knowing a light is on helps. Like when I lived at Dad's and had to have the bathroom light on every night. Now I keep the closet light on. If he's not home I sleep with the TV on, because in that case I'd need a source of light and sound. I have a playlist on my iPod, titled "Hit The Lights" that I play for noise when I go to bed.

7. I suck at checkers. I don't think I've ever won a game.

8. I enjoy doing laundry. I like restocking my closet with clean clothes. I like having another thing to check off on my to do list by doing practically nothing. And most of all, I love the smell of clean clothes. I always use the Tide Acti-lift with febreeze. The purple one, not the black one. It gets my clothes super clean and stain free and smells delicious days later.

9. I like names. When I hear a name I like I write it down. I often visit www.babynames.com. I have our future children named already. No, you can't know them because I don't want your opinions of them. Not that they are weird names, like Apple or Jazzmynne or anything. I just don't want anybody thinking they have any say in what I name my children, because, no offense, you don't. (Unless you're Levi). Plus, I like unique names and don't want anybody stealing them.

10. I know why I was born a month premature. It's simple, really. I have no patience. Obviously I didn't have any then, and by george, I sure as heck don't have any now. I have no attention span for waiting around. I lose my concentration too easily, get bored, then get annoyed. I have to chew gum (especially at Cornell) because it lets me move around when I'm forced have to sit, which helps me stay focused, which in turn helps me to have more patience. Follow that?

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