Friday, June 24, 2011

Why I love Lycra Jeans

Today I had yet another day of orientation for my job. Medical Administration. Which I already took in Iowa for my job, but whatevs. At least I got paid overtime to be there. I took my test and got 100%, duh. Like you'd expect anything less of me. Once Levi got home we watched The Voice, and before we started we guessed who would advance to the next level, and Levi got every single one right. Then we went to target because I ran out of shampoo and conditioner. Levi is not allowed to go shopping at target anymore. In their refrigerator section, the cooler lights aren't on until you walk past them, aka they are motion activated. So what does Levi do? He runs up and down the refrigerator aisles yelling "DO AS I SAY! TURN ON!" and "LET THERE BE LIGHT!". Then he yells "me want to touch the hiney!" and some chick must have given him a dirty look because then I hear "not yours...hers!" and then i feel a smack on my bottom. If that doesn't yell romance, you better read up on your trashy novels.

Florida weather is weird. It's been thundering all day. But we're in a drought, so obviously this thunder hasn't been accompanied by rain, except for the daily 2 minute downfall in the early afternoon. Other than that it's just been thundering, humid, oh and completely sunny. Because thunder and sunshine are completely normal down here?

Hopefully when I get off of work tomorrow Levi and I can make it to the beach. And hopefully my friend Joy, who went to Cornell with me and recently moved to Orlando, can go with us. Levi has a friend down here, and I'm craving some friend time. My attempts at getting Kait to move down here are proving to be a lost cause. Although I refuse to give up.

Here's another question for today: What's the most annoying noise?

I don't know why I chose this question as now somebody who will remain nameless will purposely try to do them just to annoy me. They think its funny. But I have two sounds that I find the most annoying.
1) The sound of Julyn running her fork on her teeth. I don't know why, but when she does it, it annoys me. She's the only one it annoys me with, and I don't know why. It just makes a sound that just instantly annoys me. And it's not like she does it on purpose, I think...I HOPE, but when she does it I just...errrrr! Don't get me started.

2) This second sound hasn't bothered me for quite some time because the way in which the product is made has been changed to different materials. But you know how some people hate the sound of scratching on a chalk board so bad that just thinking about it drives them crazy? Well, this is nails on a chalk board to me. Scratching on jeans perpendicular to the grain of the jeans. Back in the day before they started making jeans super tight to wear and flexible and soft they used to be a lot more thick. They had groves that ran the length of the leg. People would get an itch in their leg for whatever reason, and you know, itch it. Sideways. So that their nails scratched up against all the grains running down their jeans. I would hear that sound and it just hurt my ears. Even after they stopped scratching that sound would replay in my head and drive me absolutely insane. Nails on a chalk board? Yeah it sucks, but it doesn't drive me crazy. But if you were around me, you better not have gotten any itchy leg syndromes!

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