Monday, June 27, 2011

Scary Spice

Crisis Managment. It's what I'm learning during this week's orientation for work. There's a lot more to it than restraining people using yourself as the restraint, but lets be honest, its what makes me feel the most BA. Unfortunately for me, I learned a different kind of restraint when I worked at my job in Iowa. Same concept, different ways to get to the end result. It would be like learning how to ride a bike then somebody coming along and saying "nooo, you actually have to pedal like this now...and if you pedal your old way, well then we might stick a law suit on you". Oh, ok then. Not that I used restraints very often in Iowa, but it's in my mind well enough that sitting in this new class I think "Oh yeah, I do this in this situation. Wait, I can't do that now? But why? It worked well before...". And I'll be honest, the Iowa version makes a lot more sense than this one. Oh well, I'm sure I'll adapt.

I came home and practiced with the man. I'm now officially scared for my life. At least in Iowa we had seclusion rooms and always a big male on staff. Here? Nope. No seclusion room and two females on staff with me being the tallest. I know I will panic and I know I will forget everything I'm now learning/have learned.

Dear Boys,
Please be good.
Or else I may have to call 911.
Love, Me

Today Levi bought me a present. He traded in a lot of the video games he had and didn't play and used his credits to buy me Gettin Fit With Mel B (yes, the spice girl...Scary Spice in case you were trying to remember). I've been wanting that for awhile because the gym at our apartment isn't very big. The saying three's a crowd is true in this case. Teeny tiny. So now I'll get to work out with a spice girl, in the convenience of my own home, and I know you're all jealous. Maybe I'll even get her autograph, or at least download some spice girls jams to get myself in the mood.

Is it weird I like sleeping on this futon more than I like sleeping in the bed? It's comfier. I miss my bed. I like soft mooshy beds. Levi's is firm. Which is what he likes, so that's good. We need a sleep number bed. Ahhhh, I'm going to dreamland just thinking about how comfy that would be. Maybe a twin sized memory foam mattress pad. Just put it on my side of the bed? Hmmm...there's something to think about. Why is sleep number the only brand to sell a bed that's half soft and mooshy and half firm? There's no way Levi and I are the only people with this dilemma. He couldn't get a good nights sleep in my bed, and I can't get one in his. I wake up all sore and tired because I was tossing and turning all night trying to get comfy. So, get on that other bed brands!

Also, I love fudgesicles. That is all.

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  1. I slept in mom's bed last night, no FUN!! So I totally feel your pain =[