Thursday, June 9, 2011

A New Day, Kinda

Today has been a carbon copy of yesterday, and probably tomorrow as well. I woke up and went to orientation, and got out just in time to meet going home rush hour .

what Sulley's view looked like

I watched Pretty Little Liars.

Then went for a lovely walk with Levi.
One of the 3 pond fountains

The pond during the day

The mean and ugly ducks

One of the many cute and nice momma ducks with her babies

But tomorrow starts the weekend and, hopefully, a rain free one with new activities! Levi wants to go to the beach, if the weather permits (rain is forecasted all weekend) to collect seashells. He has a decorating idea for them and has been collecting them every time we go. Who knows what will happen if it rains the whole time. Maybe explore some malls, that could be dangerous as I need real summer wardrobe and not an Iowa summer wardrobe! I am in serious need of some shorts, jeans will just not be happening much longer!

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