Friday, June 10, 2011

A Day of Memories, Part 2

We were swimming around in the low tide when we saw four women standing around, picking stuff up the ocean floor. So we went over to see what kind of treasures they were finding. Well, there were probably 100 sand dollars washed up in the low tide.
We picked them up and looked at them too, but like the other ladies there, put them back because they were still alive. I didn't want to feel guilty killing them just because "hey, they look cool".

An alive sand dollar

After swimming around awhile more, and laying out working on our tans, I'm TAN now, btw, we decided to go home. After we got cleaned up, and started a sand box in our bathtub from our showers, we were starving. I wanted chinese. So we googled "chinese restaurant in Tampa" and came up with the Crazy Buffet.
Oh my goodness! So glad we did! It was delicious. It was more expensive than we were hoping, but the buffet was huge! I'm talking a salad bar, two hot food bars, a fruit bar, and two sushi bars, a dessert bar with a fondue fountain, and an ice cream bar with 7 different kinds of ice cream! I tried so many new foods.