Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tales Of The Bathroom

Today I spent a chunk of my day doing one of my favorite things...talking to Kait! It has been incredibly far too long since our last phone chat, and it was so nice to catch up. We went from talking about an hour and a half every other day, to talking a few times a month. Both of our lives got crazy busy working way too many hours. She's one of the only people outside of my family that I trust 100%. I know I can always depend on, no matter what. She listens to what I have to say, no matter what the situation, and always gives me her opinion. Even if it's not what I want to hear. She's only a few months older than me, but we always joke she's an old soul because she's centuries older than me. Needless to say, I miss her.

Last night there was a pretty good thunderstorm. I didn't feel it but Levi said the low rumbling thunder was vibrating the apartment floor. I was in the bedroom writing yesterday's blog during the storm, and Levi was out in the den playing some video games when the storm started. Well, we both must have had the same idea because as I got up to turn off the light in the bedroom and open the blinds to watch the storm, I heard him opening the blinds in the den as well. Then a HUGE bolt of lightening came down, and I knew there was going to be a huge thunder. Levi's going to kill me for this (it was nice knowing you all and I love you very much...) but after that forementioned thunder happened he came running into the bedroom and said "SHIT! Did you hear that? It scared the shit out of me!" I laughed. You know, because it's usually me doing the screaming during thunderstorms, not my big manly man.

Now tonight we are under an "air pollution warning" until sunset tomorrow. Um, ok? So...what? don't breathe? Or what? I don't know. What's that even mean? Like...I don't even have an idea. Acid rain? Help me out here, folks.

I cannot wait until I start doing exciting things, so I can write about real stuff on here and stop doing all these questions. Maybe I'll just start making exciting stories up and telling you all they're true. Like, today Levi saved me from being attacked by a shark while at the beach. We now have shark teeth necklaces hanging from Sulley and the Ragin' Ranger's rear view mirrors. We will also be on Channel 8's News at 10 for an exclusive interview! Wish you were all here to check it out! Youtube it, maybe?

Or, I've been keeping this a secret but I've been training to swim across the Gulf of Mexico. And, well, today's the big day! Wish me luck!

But, unfortunately, not yet. So here's today's question: What is your favorite room in the house? Why?

Hm, well this is easy. Bathroom!

You see, the bathroom is where I destress. Whenever I'm stressed I take a too long, too hot shower. When I'm stressed I cry. (Actually I also cry when I'm happy, sad, mad, or watching a girly movie...) And when I'm in the shower it's hard to know if it's tears or drops of water running down my face, which makes it easier to just ball it out without feeling like a baby. Then the hot water numbs your body, which helps the stress feel numb too. It's kinda like taking a shower when you don't feel good. You get out of the shower and you feel like you washed away the sickness. Well, when I'm done with a stress shower I feel like I have washed away the stress.

Then after ever shower I get to use my bath and body works lotion! Everybody who knows me knows I have a slight obsession with bath and body works. So then I get to pick one of my scents for the day (today was the now discontinued Cherry Vanilla) and put it on. Sometimes I even get a little crazy and mix the smells. Livin' on the wild side!!

In the bathroom is also where I put on my makeup. There's something about putting on my makeup everyday that just makes me feel so pretty and ready to face the world. I like it. Call me shallow, don't care. I also like playing with my hair in front of the mirror and pretending like I won't choose the same hairdo as I do every other day. I like to keep my nails lookin fresh, clean, and painted and I always paint them in the bathroom too.

Basically, I'm a huge girly girl and do all my girly primping in the bathroom. I go in tired and stressed and come out B-E-uuuuutiful. Every day. What's not to love? (we'll go on and forget about what the bathroom is REALLY used for for the sake of this lovely post).

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  1. i love you so much it's crazy :)
    due to my centuries of extra experience, do you mind if i correct your grammar though?! [man i'm so sassy!]
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox, me