Friday, June 10, 2011

A Day Of Memories

If I had to describe a perfect day, today wouldn't be too far off. The day started off like my last few days. My alarm went off a little too early for my liking and I opened my eyes up to find myself in the fetal position freezing cold while Levi was all cozied up with all the blankets wrapped around him like a human burrito. (I keep telling him to not keep the thermostat at 65, but that's an unwon battle). I crawled out of bed, jammed out to some old school Backstreet Boys while in the shower, and ate some Cinnamon Pecan cereal. Then I left for class, er, orientation. There I learned a lot more about the job I'll be doing and am getting more and more excited to start! So we took a test,100%, and left for the day...three hours early! SCORE!!

Once I got home Levi and I decided to spend the day at the beach. Clearwater beach. It's the best beach around, in our opinions.
The beach was a really low tide today. We could go 200 feet off the shore, and still be on our knees. Then the Sea Screamer boat went by. It's the world's largest speed boat, and they guarantee dolphin sightings.

Well, we were out past the "swim zone" signs because the tide was so low we pretty much had to be out far go be in water fun enough to swim in. Now don't freak out everybody was out there far too. Anyways, back to the sea screamer, we were probably closer to that boat than we were the shore, and let me tell you: they aren't joking about dolphin sightings. There were 5 dolphins following that boat, jumping high out of the water! They were so close, and it feel so...idk, how to describe it. There were these wild animals swimming feet from us with nothing between us. I was in awe and may or may not have yelled at Levi when he wanted to go back to swimming and I was still watching them.