Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pops...And Not The Soda Type

Happy Father's Day, Dad!!
I just got off the phone with my dad, who accused me of not calling him on father's day. Little does he know, I did. I even left a voicemail. He must be where I got the "Never Check My Voice Mails" gene from, because apparently he does not check his either. But just so we are clear, the whole world can now see that I did tell my dad happy father's day...on father's day.

My dad and I weren't exactly the closest when I was growing up. Actually, I don't think either one of us would disagree if you said we rarely got along. Probably because we are so different. I don't think we have much in common besides our last names. Some examples include, but are not limited to:
* Me being an absolute neat freak, and him not so much
* Me being a girly girl and not caring less about sports to my dad being obsessed with Vikings
* I love summer, he loves winter
* I drive too slow, he drives too fast
* He loves pepsi, i can't have caffeine
* I liked to surprise him by randomly painting rooms in our house (some neon polk-a-dotted) while he's at work, he wasn't too thrilled with my artwork

But now that I'm older, and not living under the same roof as him, we actually get along pretty dang well.

My dad does a great job keeping in touch with me. He calls me every week, usually on Sunday. He even has plans to come and visit me this summer, and is already looking at airplane tickets. I'm not sure if he's more excited to see me, or whatever fun adventures him and my sister have for their trip here. I'm going to assume me. Duh.

My dad is always there to help me especially when it comes to my car, and lately my FAFSA. Sometimes I get frustrated, ok most of the time, I get frustrated with the situation and get snappy with him. Yet my dad hardly ever snaps back. Even though my dad doesn't need a huge four bedroom house anymore with me and my sister all grown up and moved out, he doesn't want to move so that Julyn and I will have a place to stay when we come back to our own rooms.

I'm glad that I have him as my dad, and am sad I couldn't have went to go get Sunday ice cream with him today. Anyways, Dad, I hope you had a good day and I love you very much!

[This is where I'd put a picture of me and my dad if my hard drive wouldn't have crashed and left me pictureless.]

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