Friday, June 17, 2011


Today was my first day on the job, and I think I'm going to really like it. Then again, who ever thinks they are going to hate something on the first day? Quick, List-Version of what I got paid to do today:
* Do puzzles
* Play Catch With a Football
* Play In A Garden Hose
* Doodle Pictures
* Give High-5's
* Help With Summer School Homework

I'll go back tomorrow. When the newness of me wears off I'm sure the people I work with won't be as well behaved.

Today's question: What's special about your Grandmother, and why?

Well, Grandma Clark is probably the coolest grandma I know. And she's mine. Haha, sucks for you. Today I'm more in the mood for lists apparently because even though my job sounded like all fun and games, ok it was all fun and games, I'm worn out and don't feel like writing a billion.

Why Grandma Clark is special:

1) My Grandma makes sure she emails me everyday. Not only is that super thoughtful, but it's also very techno-savy of her. Every day I wake up and one of the first things I do is check my email to see what she's been doing. Every day this conversation happens between Levi and I, with the questioning and asking alternating on various days.
"Did Grandma email you today?" "Yeah, did she email you today?" "Yeah" "What'd she say?" "Well, if she wanted you to know what she told me, she'd have told you in YOUR email"
Hahaha. True.

2) She's funny. My favorite is when she ends her emails with "later". I'm not really sure why, but I think it's hilarious. I like when her and Grandpa pretend to fight, because it's funny that they aren't. Maybe you have to be there in person to understand why that ones funny.

3) I can always count on her. She adopted Marlo when I had to heart brokenly give him away. She will chit chat with me when I accidentally get to work 30 minutes early. She suggested that my Grandfather drive down to Florida to make our ride easier and our move cheaper. She helped us pack and load the truck.

4) The way she always has food on the mind. She'll always make sure I never leave her house without a package of fig newtons. She'll always make sure that if I want a big bowl of ice cream, she'll have two flavors to choose from. She'll start planning supper right after lunch (sorry Grandma, I mean dinner.)

5) She is teaching me what love is. How many couples still kiss each other goodbye when one leaves the house after 50+ years of marriage? For that case, how many couples are even still married that many years after?

6) The way she always keeps her house looking so clean. It's not easy to do that. I'm learning that. Yet somehow she never has her house looking sloppy, even if she says it does.

7) She tries to teach me how to cook. I call for advice when I'm cooking sometimes. She'll give me recipes. She always asks if I've been cooking for Levi, then tells me I need to practice when I answer with "pshhh, Grandma, of course not! Levi likes to cook and I'm scared of burning the apartment down"

8) She didn't judge me when I went through my hating to drive, panic attack when behind the driver's seat phase. In fact, she told me how she's pretty much always been in that same phase.

9) She doesn't dress like a Grandma. She wears cute clothes.

10) My Grandma is pretty. :)
Our "cheerleader" pose

Now, I know my Grandpa reads this too, and the last thing I'd want to do is make him feel left out. So Grandpa...
*Thank you for driving with us to Florida. I'm glad you went with us. I think it was fun and I especially liked our conversation at the restaurant here in Tampa

*Thank you for always letting me eat the last of your saltine crackers, even though I know if somebody ate the last of my crackers I'd be annoyed.

*Thank you for always being there for me. I know you don't like to talk on the phone, but when Grandma's not home, you always make sure to talk to me for longer.

*Thank you for always making those silly faces when Grandma tells her stories. It's like watching a narrator sometimes.

*I'm glad you have an inside joke with Seth and Levi. They both think it's hilarious, and I'm sure Levi can't wait until he gets those R's put on his truck soon. Next up, matching tattoos, right?

*Thanks for letting Marlo be your kitty. He's a brat. But you still let him sit on your lap. He is a pretty cute kitty though, you can't really deny that. :P

I call him for style advice...obviously

Happy Couple


  1. Thank God I can share grandparents with you =]
    We are uber blessed

  2. Joella, this is adorable. As someone who doesn't have grandparents anymore, I just want to let you know that I think it is SO cool that you cherish and love yours the way that you do. Nothing annoys me more than people who don't appreciate their grandparents, but clearly you have a close relationship with yours. Another reason why you're such a lovely lady :)