Thursday, June 23, 2011

Disney Had It Wrong...It's A Big World After All

Today I had a pretty good day. Everybody that talked to me today should know why. I'll learn more this day next week, but for now I'll just keep my fingers crossed. I had the day off today, and made the most of it by doing...NOTHING! Sometimes, that's nice. I spent a lot of time on the phone with Kait. But that shouldn't be much of a surprise to anybody. Then I cooked some supper, yes I cooked supper. It was a five star meal, let me tell you. Levi and I had clams, chicken flavored noodles, buttery corn, and jello. Then Levi took me out to Coldstone because I've been craving ice cream. I got french vanilla with oreos and he got cotton candy mixed with french vanilla.

After that we came home and did something so rebellious the Tampa PD showed up. We went swimming after the pool was closed. Total badasses, I know. Ok, so maybe the police weren't there for us, maybe. But they were there. We went for a little swim before I got freaked out by the incoming thunderstorm. The lightening was getting too close for comfort.

I've had two songs stuck in my head lately. This one and this one. (Grandma, if you click on the words are that underlined, they take you to a link that play the songs). Obviously, one of those songs my Grandma will approve of more than the other. Luckily for her, the rest of this blog is mostly about the first song.

Living just a few, like 3, miles from an international airport, a lot of times I'll just be "sittin out here watchin' airplanes". Hence, why that song is stuck in my head. Some people say standing by the ocean makes them feel small. But watching how busy that airport is, all those people coming into and leaving that one place, constantly, is what makes me feel small. I'm in one small part of the world, and yet there's that many people out living their life. Sometimes I think about who may be on that plane. Somebody is probably flying for the first time by themselves. Someone is leaving the best vacation they've ever been on. Someone is flying back to their hometown for a funeral. Somebody else is terrified because their least favorite part of flying is taking off. So many thoughts and emotions on one tiny plane, in one town in this giant world, on just one of the many planes that I'll see take off today. That's what makes me feel small.

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  1. Adam says you're ghetto for listening to that "I'm on it" song