Monday, June 6, 2011

Our First Weekend

My little sister and I

Levi, Grandpa, and Seth

After my Grandpa, my little sister and her boyfriend, and Levi's dad left Tampa to make the journey back to Iowa, Levi and I were on our own in this great big city.

So what did we do? What any two 23 year olds in our situation would do. We went to the beach and swam. I tanned, he dug a hole. A deep one. We're talking above my knees deep. We are almost tan enough to look like we fit in. We must be starting to look more like Floridians and less like tourists because a few days prior we got a "10% off" at an ice cream shoppe on the pier for being locals while Levi's father did not. After our time at the beach Levi bought me a raspberry-banana smoothie over losing a bet over whether or not there was a monster truck that was 8 feet tall...which there WAS! Then we came back to the apartment and did four loads of laundry. Hey, the stuff adds up when you are moving halfway across the country! All in all it was a good day!

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  1. "he dug a hole"
    oh my gosh love that! SUCH a good 23 year old!
    xoxo, kait