Sunday, July 3, 2011

What's Confusing About Ice Cream

It's Sunday. You know what that means! Ice cream supper! Levi had a rough day at work, so I made sure he had a supper perfect for his day. An ice cold beer, a homemade brownie, and ice cream. It was my turn to buy, so I chose to go to Baskin Robbins. They asked if we wanted a sample, and I said no, even though I was stuck between flavors. Levi on the other hand said he wanted to sample the Butter Pecan. He sampled it then goes "Yep. Bingo" as if he doesn't get that same flavor almost every single time. But you know what's a confusing concept?

That's right. Firehouse #31 ice cream flavor from Baskin Robins. It's what I got. It's cinnamon flavored, with cinnamon chunks in it, swirled with vanilla ice cream. It was burning my mouth. It was making me cold. Both at the same time. Who eats ice cream and then says "Whew! I need a break. My mouth is burnin' up!"? Apparently, me.

Then we drove around to the ritzy part of Tampa while chowing down. And let me tell you what, the people that live there are living my dream. Jealous. Beauuuutiful houses.

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