Monday, April 9, 2012


Look at those deer, taking up the whole road like they own it! Bitches.

So Nate and I were making the two hour drive back to Nashville after having Easter supper with his parents, sister, and grandmother in his hometown. We decided to take my car there and back since it is bigger than his car and he wanted to bring his bike back to Nashville. Earlier in the day I had to be at work at 6 AM which had me waking up around 450 AM. By 730 PM that night I had already been up for almost 15 hours, had worked a full shift, came home and gotten dressed up, went on a two hour drive, and had supper with Nate's family. It was a long day and didn't want to risk falling asleep at the wheel. So I asked Nate to drive. I'm awake, singing in the car in between a game of 20 questions between us. That's when we noticed two deer crossing to the right side of the road ahead of us. Nate started slowing down in case they decided to turn around and run across the road again. Then a third deer popped out of the ditch and tried to run across the road. But SMACK! instead of being successful, the mother effer hit my car! 

Nate pulls over to the side of the road. I'm too scared to get out and look at the damage to my car. He does and tells me it's not too bad. I look back at the deer and notice he's laying in the middle of the street, struggling to get up. I tell Nate to go put the thing out of his misery. But we don't have anything worthy in the car to kill it with and I sure as hell am not letting him run over it, gross. I get on the phone with the insurance people. Eventually the deer does get up and stammers off like a drunk man into the ditch. I doubt he makes it.

The damage on my car could be a lot worse. And Nate and I were both ok. There's a dent above the driver side back tire, and the black siding on the drivers side door is slipping off. The glass in my side view mirror has fallen off and a reflector in my drivers side headlight has fallen off. Then there's a spot where we don't know what happened to my car. It looks like we either got a hoof or an antler or something but it's a pretty deep dent. The worst on the car. Finally, my car has a slight pull from the alignment being thrown off.

Tomorrow I go to get an estimate on my car to turn into my insurance company. I'm upset about my poor lil Sulley, but I know it could have been WAY worse and Nate and I could have gotten hurt as well. So thank you to my lucky stars!

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